Wednesday, December 16, 2009

The most wonderful time of the year...

is also the busiest time of the year! Man, I feel like I've hardly sat down in the last 2 weeks...all the shopping, baking, cleaning, crafting, Christmas concerts! Phew! Santa, could you please bring me a day of doing NOTHING this year? I'm nearing the end of things though and should be able to relax next week with the kids (yes, relax with the you think it's possible? I sure hope so!...OK, Santa, if you can't bring me a day of doing nothing, can you please bring me a case of wine? heehee!).

The boys both had Christmas concerts this week. Kieran's was yesterday and he's been rehearsing stuff on his own at home, but once it was show time, he pretty much just stood there taking it all in. I don't think he really knew what to expect. (He later told me that he couldn't sing because his leg was sore, lol!). Santa also made an appearance and all the kids got to sit on his lap and got candy canes. Kieran was hesitant (as were many of the kids in his class, I was surprised), but I told him that we needed a picture to show Daddy what happened at school...worked like a charm :) Bridget also got to sit on Santa's lap, but it was only for the candy once she saw what all the other kids were getting. I didn't get a great picture of her and there was no way she was getting on his lap again once she already had the goods, lol!

Riley's concert was today and it was so, so cute. He was pretty much like Kieran in preschool...not much participation. But not this year! He was singing along and so cute! Apparently, his teacher asked if I was excited to go to the concert and he said, "she's' sooooo excited!!" Heehee!

Kieran is really getting into drawing and trying to write his letters. He's getting so good at it! But, since he's been focusing so much on such things, we've noticed his left eye turning in. Took him to have it checked out and looks like he's going to need glasses. The sight in his left eye is apparently pretty bad but he's 20/20 in his right. So, after Christmas he'll have another exam and find out what prescription he needs and get glasses. Not sure he really gets what's going on, but hopefully it will all go well.

Bridget gets funnier by the day! There isn't a single day she doesn't make me laugh out loud! Her looks just crack me up. She kept pointing out Santa today at Riley's concert, even to the point of turning to the people behind us and pointing him out to them, lol. She was probably just wondering when the candy was coming!

And a funny Riley/Kevin converstaion:

R: "Daddy, I want to go away for Christmas some year, like Franklin does to see his Grammie and Grampie."
K: "When Mommy was little she used to go away every year to Fredericton to visit her Grammie and Grampie."
R: "No, Mommy's Grammie and Grampie live in Cape Breton."
K: "No, Mommy's Nana lives in Cape Breton."
R: "I know that, we went to visit her twice. She lives in a churchy, lunchy kind of place." (My grandmother is in a nursing home and when we went to visit her once she was sitting outside the chapel and she has a tray on her wheel chair which is where I assume the 'lunchy' came from).
R: "We went to visit another an too...."
K: "Uncle Neil?"
R: "No..."
K: "Uncle Ross?"
R: "Yes!! I like him! I love his chips!" (My Uncle Ross gave each boy their very own bag of chips and they were in heaven, lol...they usually only get a couple at a time. Uncle Ross sure knows the way to Riley's heart, haha!).

Riley also now says, "I know" every time you compliment him. So humble, that child :) Wonder which parent that comes from...I think it's an engineering thing...shhh (every once in awhile I like to see if Kevin reads the blog. Really, anyone who made it this far is a saint!).

December reveals at Treasured Scrapbooking were yesterday. Here are my creations:

And a sketch based on this layout:

This is my last month as a designer for Treasured. They are welcoming a new team in January. I have enjoyed my time there sooo much...the girls are all fabulous and the kits totally rock. I'm looking forward to getting to participated in more challenges there each month with some of my free time :) To check out some more creations from the design team, check out the gallery here.

Here's our Christmas card. Every year I try to get a good picture of the kids and end up with tons of hilarious outtakes. I can't resist doing up a collage that just makes me giggle. Hope you all appreciate it too!

Tired of reading yet? Well, I'm tired of typing so that's it for now. 9 days...are you ready? Ho, ho, ho!

Wednesday, December 2, 2009

12 Days of Christmas...

I have some great news...I'm guest designing for LCOM for the month of December!! Yay!! And more great news...the LCOM design team will be hosting 12 days of challenges. There will also be 12 days of prizes just for checking the forum and signing up in the right thread! And even more great news...there's something new on sale each day! So, please come join the festive fun!

And another fun Christmas gift for me...I was asked awhile ago by Canadian Scrapbooker to participate in their Cover challenge. Basically, they ask 10 people to try out for the cover layout (they send each the same photo and journaling) and they pick one to be on the cover and 2 or 3 to feature inside as different takes on the cover. I was FLOORED when they asked me. I had no idea that Canadian Scrapbooker really 'knew' who I was. I'm lucky enough to have been published with them this Fall and currently in the Winter edition as well, but didn't think that was enough to get noticed for an attempt at the cover. So exciting to even be asked. Anyway, I did my layout, sent it in, and was chosen as one of three to be featured as a take on the cover!! So excited!! So, you'll see me inside the cover in the Spring!!

And, because no blog post is complete without kid stuff....

Yesterday Kieran was playing with the Santa hat and told me that he wants to be Santa when he grows up :) He's so looking forward to his preschool concert...everyday he asks if it's concert day and he's been singing me songs and reciting poems. So different from Riley. He was never that into it.

Bridget is so cute, even when she's saucy...which she's getting to be now and then :) I think she's starting to take advantage of the whole, Bridget's a baby, she doesn't know thing. Which means, she's the baby and she totally knows she's got everyone wrapped around her finger, lol! She loves to run around the house naked before she gets her jammies on while yelling, 'naked, naked', haha! She loves to look at the Christmas lights...on the way home the other night she said, "wow, look at the Christmas lights!" (yup, that whole sentence...crazy how much she's talking). She had her flu boosters tonight and actually said, "needle...hurt, hurt." She so remembered the last ones she had. But now worries, a sucker takes all the hurt away :)

Riley got his first home report last week and he's doing very well at school. There are occasional problems with listening and following rules, but nothing too drastic for a 5 year old in their first year of school. Overall I get the impression that he's really well behaved and kind, which is nice to hear. Parent teacher is tomorrow so I guess I'll get the whole scoop. He totally loves learning and apparently making and reproducing patterns (he IS a little Kevin after all). It also said that he's 'confident in his own ability to learn', lol! How you really tell that at 5 I'm not sure, but he does now say, "I know" every time I tell him he's doing well at something...maybe that's what they're going on, heehee!

Don't think I have any new pictures, but hopefully some Christmas pictures coming very, very soon :) I'll be badgering people for addresses again soon...I know I say I'll put them in a safe place every year, but I'm sure none of you believe me by now anyway, haha!

Monday, November 16, 2009

As promised...

Some cute kids pics :) Here's Bridget in her 'new to her' car.

Beep! Beep! Get out of my way!

She LOVES it!

How to keep a baby busy while you clean your scraproom...let her play with one of your ribbon jars (yes, I have multiple ribbon jars...shocking for the non scrappers, I know :)).

Candy Canes!!

Watching TV :)

Hmm...looks like I need more pics of Kieran and Riley, lol! Kieran is in a 'don't take my picture phase', lol! Oh wait, I have a few more good ones of Riley I just remembered...

I was just playing with Riley having him do different faces for the camera (please excuse my messy counter in the background :)).



Sad (at least trying to hide the smile):

Silly (yeah, cuz he has NO practice with that):

Ok, so, more pictures of Kieran in the future (note to self). I'll also have to post some Christmas cards soon...I have a little stash going now :) Hope you had a happy Monday (I find lots of coffee helps accomplish that).

Did I mention....

That Treasured Scrapbooking is having a DT call? Yup, you could be a part of this awesome team! Check here for details! You have until the 20th to apply so get out there and do it!!

I had a fun weekend of shopping and scrapping with a couple of awesome friends (thanks Amy and Em!!). Kevin made a delicious stew for supper last night...think I'll let him do the cooking from now on! I have to run and get Riley from school now, but I hope to update with a few pictures of the kids soon.

Oh, and we had our second reveal at Treasured Scrapbooking yesterday, so here are my layout and a card I made :)

I know! My shortest blog post ever!! Don't worry though, I'll be back with something long and entertaining soon, heehee!

Tuesday, November 10, 2009

Busy, Busy!

Life's been hectic! I've been doing kids' craft classes and card classes, taking kids to and from school, going to meetings, cleaning, laundry, DT work! Phew, I could use a vacation! Anyone have a palm tree for me to sit under and a drink with an umbrella? :)

Some funny Riley's been awhile. On the weekend Kevin was wearing his shorts (this was before this unusually warm weather). He was outside and I could see his breath. I commented that maybe he should have more clothes on and of course, he scoffed at me. Riley says, "That's how God made Daddy special, he made him able to wear shorts in the winter." Heehee.

We got the boys a digital clock for their room so Riley wouldn't yell, "is it time to get up yet?" from his bed every morning at whatever time he woke up. We told him it had to be 6:30 or later (I really don't think that's asking a lot!). Anyway, the night we set it up Riley kept checking the time. "Mommy, it's 6:08, is it time to get ready for bed yet?" I told him it wasn't time yet. Then a little later, he says, "Mommy, it's 6:14." Ok... Then, "Mommy, time is really moving fast because it was 6:14 and now it's 6:15!" Time may have been moving fast for him, but it was a long evening for me!

Kieran is loving preschool. There's one little boy that he plays with a lot that he says is his friend because "he's the same size as me." Haha. So cute. He's still my best sleeper and my pickiest eater :) And those dimples still manage to get him out of trouble sometimes!

Bridget is getting smarter everyday! We think she a genius, though we admit, we may be a bit biased. But she points out everyones clothes when I'm folding them, tells us that her belly hurts (which is pretty good to know at 20 months, and we know she meant it because she had just thrown up!), is able to tell us that her cousin hit her in her ear with his knee. Stuff that I would barely expect her to realize at this point let alone be able to tell us so clearly. She's been a Daddy's girl lately, which some days bothers me and other suits me just fine to hand at least one kid over! She's a funny, gorgeous little girl!

I have lots of scrappy stuff to post, but for now I'll just put up one thing. Be sure to head over to Treasured Scrapbooking for the ChaChaChanges Cyber Crop! TS has a new owner, our very own Erin! After much consideration, Leslie decided to sell her baby to concentrate more on family life. But her baby is in good hands with Erin...she's already rockin' the site and I know she'll continue to do so. So, in honour of this big change we're having a cyber crop! Head over to check out the challenges from the DT and drool over all the amazing work that is soon to hit the gallery. My challenge is to add some beading to a card or layout. Here are some examples...

Here I beaded a border:

Here I beaded the heart in the 'love':

And here, I beaded the swirls:

Have fun creating!!

Monday, October 26, 2009

What a weekend!

I had one of the most fun weekends ever! It all started Friday night with LCOM's very first crop! Tanya put on such a wonderful event...YUMMY food (I should mention she catered it herself!! What a superwoman!!), fun prizes and goodie boxes, a little (or that's what I tell Kevin, heehee) shopping and lots and lots of chatting and laughs with my scrappy friends!! Emily and I were even the first ones there Saturday morning...bright and early at 7:30 (my kids get up really early, and Emily's just an addicted scrapper, haha!). It was hard to leave Saturday at 4:00! Can't wait for the next one!!

Yesterday we had Riley's family birthday party/our annual family pumpkin carving. It was nutty...13 kids, 12 adults, 11 carved pumpkins!! We also had a ginormous pot of chili (Kevin says his best ever :)) and birthday cake (thanks to Nana and Connie!). It was really chaotic, but lots of fun!!

Hard at work!

A few of our creations!
So, it's Monday and I am BEAT from our busy weekend! I've been taking it know, laundry, dishes, puzzles with the kids...that's easy for a mom :)

Today was also my day to post over at the Treasured Scrapbooking blog :) Check it out here!

Have a happy Monday everyone!

Tuesday, October 20, 2009

Where does time go?

October has been so busy and I've been neglecting my blog big time! Today my first baby turned 5!!! I can't believe it! And he's just so big and gorgeous and smart and funny! He drives me nuts sometimes, but he also makes me laugh and smile. I'm so proud of him and am so happy to be his Mommy!

We had his friend birthday party on the weekend. This year it was a rocket ship cake that almost made me insane on Saturday. Icing was sliding off, cones were falling out. Ugh! No more rocket ships. I know it doesn't look much like one, but that's what it is folks! At least he loved it. He kept saying, "I can't stop looking at my cake!"...made it all worth it! Then 12 kids proceeded to devour and destroy it...sigh. He had a blast at his party though and we made it through with only minor bloodshed (one little boy had a minor nosebleed), but even he had fun!

Here's the cake:

Today he had a great day at school. I think they sang Happy Birthday to him and he got to 'move his ring from the 4 year olds to the 5 year olds' whatever the heck that means, lol! Tonight we had supper with some of the and ice cream sundaes (I only do one cake a birthday, people!). He got some more really nice gifts and had fun with his microscope that daddy picked out for him. He also loved the card I made for him...he really likes when I make layouts of him or cards for him. I think he's my biggest fan! So cute!

We still have one more party to look forward to on Sunday. The family party with all the cousins. We're also combining it with our annual pumpkin carving party. I think apple cider, roasted pumpkin seeds and chili are in order! Yay, fall!

I've been doing some scrapping lately, but not as much as usual. Basically just trying to get what needs to be done finished. It's been too busy for anything else! But here's a layout I did recently that was featured in the Treasured Scrapbooking newsletter. It's a scraplift of a layout by LisaNRoxy...if you're a scrapper, you should definitely check out her work here. This one fits the season too :) And, was my first time making one of those big pretty bows! Turned out pretty nicely if I do say so myself!
Most of the supplies for this layout were from the Treasured Scrapbooking October Kit #2. Gorgeous kit! Check out kits here.

Last, but CERTAINLY not least, LCOM has a big crop coming up this weekend and I am SO excited to go! Tanya is going above and beyond organizing this do! I've been lucky enough to see some of the behind the scenes goings on and I can just say is that the girls will not be disappointed. I can't wait to hang with my scrappy friends!!

Well, I'm off to bed. Bridget has been getting up between 5:30 and 6 the past bunch of days so I think I need to start heading to bed a bit earlier. I am totally zonked at the end of the day! Hope to update you more often now that things are slowing down a bit!

Sunday, October 4, 2009

There's still time

Check out the challenges at Treasured Scrapbooking for our World Card Making Day crop! You have until tonight at 9EST to upload your cards for a chance to win an awesome card kit! My challenge was to go into the gallery and pick one of the DT layout sketches and adapt it for a card. Here's the card I created

October 1st was also reveal day for the DT over at TS. Here is my layout that I created with the amazing kit I received!

My challenge for October is to scrap a wedding photo. Guess I have weddings on the brain (well, my anniversary is tomorrow :) My parents' anniversary is tomorrow too...Happy Anniversary Mom and Dad!). Since it's not a really traditional time of year for this challenge I want everyone to add some traditional wedding elements to their layout...pearls, lace and sparkle. Here's my sample:

Thanks for stopping by! Hope you are all having a wonderful weekend!

Friday, October 2, 2009

Capture These Sketches Blog Hop

Hi and welcome to the Capture These Sketches blog hop!! Didn't know we were having one? No problem!! Check out the details here.
October's sponsor is My Stamp Box!! you have a chance to win a fabulous set of these stamps just my playing along!! So make sure to comment here and then move along to Allison's blog!!
Don't forget to pick up your "letter"!! Write down the letter "A" and at the end of the hop, we'll tell you what to do with it!!
Now here's the order again in case you got lost along the way!! :)

Start out at the Capture these Sketches Blog...

Back to the Sketch blog

Thanks for stopping by... and happy blog hopping!!

Wednesday, September 30, 2009

World Card Making Day

This Saturday is World Card Making Day and there's lots of fun to be had over at Treasured Scrapbooking! Fun challenges from all the DT members! I even have my card all done and ready to reveal. We all know how cards and I don't usually get along, but I'm kind of digging this one :) There'll be a chance to win an awesome card kit and lots of amazing inspiration! Please, join the fun!

Saturday, September 26, 2009

Some scrappiness

It's been awhile since I've posted some of my scrappy work. Here's what I've been working on.

This layout was for sketch design team work at LCOM. Our sponsor for the month of September is Gel-a-tins. I don't normally stamp a lot on my layouts, but I really like the look of it on this one. I wasn't sure how I felt about this layout at first, but it has really grown on me...I got to use pictures I love and use up some really old papers from my stash! Oh, and this was done from my sketch as well :)

These projects were both for the Sept. 15th reveal at Treasured Scrapbooking. I've since completed most of the pages for the mini album, but I still need to take pictures of them.

This is a frame I made for Kevin's birthday with the kids handprints. Because when you're having a hectic first day of school, the best thing to do is cover your kids in paint.... I lifted this idea from Jenn (she does the the most amazing work!).

Well, that's it for now. I have one more layout that I just finished that I LOVE, but it's for my October challenge at TS so I can't share it just yet.

Friday, September 25, 2009

Bad Blogger

It seems I have been so busy getting into the swing of the new school year and lugging our laundry from place to place to dry our clothes (thank goodness our dryer is fixed now, but we went for a few weeks without it) that I've hardly had any time to blog at all. I'm sure you've all missed me, haha!

We had another big day last week. It was Kieran's first day of preschool last Thursday. He was so excited. He had been counting down the days until he got to go to school. I think it was torturing him that Riley went so many days and he hadn't even started yet. As soon as I got him out of the car and his backpack off he was saying, "bye Mommy!" Like I was just going to leave him there in the parking lot to toddle off to preschool :) I'm sure he could have found his way since we did it for 2 years with Riley. So, I took him down and got him settled. He must have tried to get rid of me 3 or 4 times before I actually left. I can't believe how big he's gotten! He is loving every second of preschool and I'm kind of liking the time to spend with just Bridget. We're settling into a new routine and things are going reasonably well. Here are some pics of his first day:

Well, I'm off again! Wow, that was my shortest post ever! We have to run to get Riley at school so I have to go wake the other 2 from their naps. I try to get them down early enough to have decent naps, but they always seem to want to sleep longer. I'll be back later to post some more, hopefully a few scrappy things I haven't gotten up yet :)

Wednesday, September 9, 2009

A BIG day!!

09-09-09. Was it a big day in your house? It was in ours! Today was Riley's first day of kindergarten and Kevin's 30th birthday. Riley was so excited. When I went in to his room and told him to go say Happy Birthday to Daddy he said, "ooooh, I'm so excited, it's my first day of kindergarten!" Daddy did get a happy birthday eventually :) So, it was a busy day of taking Riley to school, making a chocolate cake with minty frosting, making a picture frame for Kevin with the kids handprints on it (yes, paint in the midst of my busy day, heehee...I meant to have this done earlier, but Kevin's been home for the past 4 days!), making supper. I don't think I sat down all day so it sure is good to sit now!

Riley had such fun today. He was very excited to eat his lunch at school (hey, the kid likes to eat!). He knows some kids in his class already. He told me all about the books they read and the games they played. He especially liked music class when they played 'Who Stole the Cookie'. He told me there's no running in the halls and you have to walk on the gray lines :) At least he was listening, heehee. He wants left over butter chicken for lunch tomorrow. Bet he'll be the only kindergartner with butter chicken...glad he's not picky.

Kevin had a nice birthday supper and now he's at a church meeting. Fun way to spend a birthday, heehee, but you all benefit by getting a blog post :)

Here are some pics from the day:

Bridget will be ready for kindergarten soon too, lol. We were counting to 10 the other day with the boys and I swear she said at least half the numbers. And she'd say the next one when we paused. My little smarty pants. She also a bit beat up...a couple of bruises on her head and a burn on her wrist...she figured out the 'child proofing' on the water cooler. So, that's shut off now! She's still super cute though :)

No, it wasn't that cold...she just really, really likes hats :)

Kieran can't wait to start preschool next week. He's very excited to actually get to stay after 2 years of dropping Riley off! And then it will be his morning. This was his reaction today to us taking so many pictures of Riley and not him...
Which kind of reminds me of this picture when Riley was so annoyed that we were taking Kieran's picture (even though we promised Riley we would take his too after we took some of Kieran :)).

And one scrappy thing (because what's a blog post without something scrappy). I got my layout done for Treasured Scrapbooking's September 1st reveal. I sometimes feel like I should add more to my layouts but then I decide that I really like them how they are and I'm afraid if I add more I'll ruin it. I really love the layered look but never seem to pull it off. Guess I'm just a simple scrapper :)
Hope you had a great 09-09-09! :)

Wednesday, September 2, 2009


It's here! Where did the summer go? Riley starts kindergarten next week and Kieran starts preschool the week after. They are both super excited. I'm looking forward to getting on to a normal schedule. I'm sure it will take some getting used to and I'm anxious to figure it all out!

September 1st was reveal/challenge day at Treasured Scrapbooking. I only just got my kit yesterday morning (it takes a lot longer to get to me here in Canada than it does to get to the other girls) so I don't have my first layout/sketch done yet. Hopefully by tomorrow. But I did get my September challenge up. Here it is :)

September is National Honey month! My kids could eat PB & honey everyday if I let them! We couldn't have honey without bees, so my challenge to you is to dig in your stash and find me some bees! Use some bees on your layout, or, if you don't have bees, use a black/yellow colour scheme or a monogram B on your layout/card/project. This challenge was perfect for me because I've been saving all of my bees for pics from my DD's 1st b-day party. I made her a beehive cake with little bee cookies :) (We also call her B for short, her name is Bridget :)). Get to work, my busy little bees :)

Have a great day everyone! It's another sunny one today. Off to get Kieran's haircut and a playground afternoon :)

Thursday, August 27, 2009

Where did August go??

I can hardly believe that this month has flown by so quickly! Riley starts kindergarten in 2 weeks less a day! Wow! He's so excited, and I must admit, I think it will be good for us all to get back into a set routine. I think we're all getting on one another's nerves, lol!

Last week the kids and I went to Cape Breton to visit family. We were there for 4 nights. It was so hot and the kids were a bit bored, but in the end, it was a nice little visit. I mean, I'm not hopping into my car to do it again (at least before next summer :)). But it was nice for a few days. I think it would have been a lot easier if Kevin had been able to come with us, but he had to work.

One funny story before I post some pics (and this is a Kieran story...imagine :)). We were talking about going to visit Nana while we were there (meaning my Nana, not Kieran's Nana (Kevin's mom)). My Dad said, "You can call her Nana, or NanaNana, or call her late for supper." We didn't think Kieran was really paying attention until later when I said something about going to visit Nana and he said, "I will call her 'late for supper Nana'." Haha! So funny!

We took several shots, and there is no good one of the boys, lol!
Bridget playing with Nana.

Again, hard to get a decent pic of all 3 of them!
B loves the waves!! No fear at all! They were crashing practically up to her neck and she loved it!
Riley loved the waves too!
Kieran decided to stay back from the waves! He loves water, but isn't a big fan of tides. The idea that the water comes in and goes out really freaks him out, lol! He's afraid it's going to come in and cover him up. He doesn't like Riley to go out in it either really. We've tried to explain that it all happens very slowly and you can see the water coming in and there's lots of time to back up, but he doesn't really get it. Guess it's the pool for him :)

Pretty girl :)

Riley Bruce, Uncle Ross, Grampie (Bruce) and Kieran Ross :)

Kieran decided he would rather sleep on the floor between the bed and the couch rather than being shoved out of the bed and have the blankets taken away by Riley. He didn't fall (which is what I thought when I found him), he decided to get down there.

Bridget AFTER I had already bathed her and gotten her dressed. This is where she put herself while I was dealing with Kieran.

Picking blackberries with Aunt Irma :)

We also took the boys to the exhibition and they loved it! Had fun looking at the animals and going on the rides. I took them on a couple...the tilt-a-whirl and the scrambler and I honestly thought I was going to be sick. Those rides never used to phase me. Guess I'm old. The kids absolutely loved it though. There was also a big obstacle course, fun house thing that they went through twice. We weren't sure how Kieran would handle it, but he climbed through it, no problem! It was pretty high at the highest point, but he ran across the bridge and down a big slide. He's a monkey...born to climb!

Bridget is getting so big! Kevin swears she grew while we were gone :) Her hair is getting longer and thicker (I know, it's still not a whole lot, but it's a lot to me :)). Her vocabulary is growing by the day. She'll say pretty much any word that you ask her to. She's a little hugger...must give me 1000 hugs a day...the wrap her arms around my neck and her legs around my waist and hang on kind of monkey hugs :) She loves playing with her brothers and thinks she's at least 3! She's so much fun!

The boys are great! They try my patience daily, but they are sweet and funny. We were in the grocery store the other night and passing the balloons. I told Riley, "Don't even THINK about it." He says, "Oh, I was thinking about it." Kevin and I both laughed and he says, "I knew I could still make you laugh." Too funny! Oh, they have their moments :) Kieran is just as excited for preschool to start as Riley is for kindergarten. I think he's excited that he finally gets to stay after 2 years of dropping Riley off!

Ok, on to some scrappy business. It's been awhile since I posted some stuff. Here are my mid-August reveals for Treasured Scrapbooking.

I should also mention that Treasured Scrapbooking is having a HUGE sale this week! Hurry, run and check it out here...first come, first serve ;)

Here is the last layout that I did for LCOM based on Becky's lovely sketch :)

Play along with the LCOM sketch team for a chance to win a HUGE Pink Paislee prize package!! Complete any or all of August's sketches and link on the sketch blog here for a chance to win!!

Finally, some Scrap That! DT work! I have had so much fun with the Basic Grey goodies they sent me for this month. At first, when I saw it online, I didn't think I would like the June Bug line at all. Well, I stand is lovely in real life. And the woolie stickers are just gorgeous!

This is based on a sketch by the fantastically talented LG Belarmino. This is one of my fave pics of me and Kieran :)

My little monkey boy :) This was done using a pagemaps sketch. It was actually for a contest, but I finished this way past the deadline, heehee!

Phew, I guess I've been busy since my last post! I also received my Fall issue of Canadian Scrapbooker in the mail with my first ever published layout! I was pretty excited!! They even put in a little blurb about Scrap That! since that layout was done for a DT challenge that I had issued :)

Ok, this post has taken me forever! If you are still with me, thank you!! I hope to update more regularly...maybe once we get in to a fall routine. I'm off to do some cleaning and pass the time until I go out tonight!! I'm going to see The Time Traveler's Wife with a friend and I'm excited! I just finished the book on Sunday and it was amazing! I realize the movie probably won't be as good, but hey, at least I'm getting out of the house :) Have a great (early) weekend everyone!!