Monday, November 16, 2009

As promised...

Some cute kids pics :) Here's Bridget in her 'new to her' car.

Beep! Beep! Get out of my way!

She LOVES it!

How to keep a baby busy while you clean your scraproom...let her play with one of your ribbon jars (yes, I have multiple ribbon jars...shocking for the non scrappers, I know :)).

Candy Canes!!

Watching TV :)

Hmm...looks like I need more pics of Kieran and Riley, lol! Kieran is in a 'don't take my picture phase', lol! Oh wait, I have a few more good ones of Riley I just remembered...

I was just playing with Riley having him do different faces for the camera (please excuse my messy counter in the background :)).



Sad (at least trying to hide the smile):

Silly (yeah, cuz he has NO practice with that):

Ok, so, more pictures of Kieran in the future (note to self). I'll also have to post some Christmas cards soon...I have a little stash going now :) Hope you had a happy Monday (I find lots of coffee helps accomplish that).


Bella said...

Hehe!! They are sooo cute! Little monkeys :)

emilysue said...

those are great pictures!!

Tanya said...

awwwww ... man it sure makes me feel normal nice to see someone else lives my life too! ;) love you