Monday, September 22, 2008

Lots of exciting news!!

I'm finally allowed to say it out loud!  I made the Paws on Scrapbooking design team and I'm so excited!  It's a 6 month stint and I already have my first kit to work with :)  Some awesome paper and embellies from Jenni Bowlin and Pink Paislee.  Fun stuff!  I already have my first LO done.  The reveals are on the 15th of each month so stay tuned :)  For those of you non-scrappers (hmmm...I should come up with a term for Muggles, only different, lol), I will get a kit each month from Paws with which I am required to make a few LOs and a couple of cards or and altered item (like a mini album for instance).  Then, each month the design team reveals its creations on the bulletin board as inspiration for others.  I'm totally honoured to be a member of this awesome team!

Yesterday we had Bridget baptized.  I'd say it was a nice service, but to be completely honest, I have no idea if it was or not.  I had too many kids to keep track of!  I hope that I was saying the right thing at the right time, lol.  She was cute in her (my) white dress and she didn't cry for Rev. Ron, so I guess all was good.  We'll just ignore the squirmy kids who were at the front.  We had everyone over to the house afterwards for sandwiches and cake.  Thanks to all the grandparents who pitched in with the food!  It was a long, but very fun morning :)  Thanks you all for all the very lovely gifts too.  I know most of you didn't see them opened, but we very much appreciate them all and can't wait to display some of the lovely things in Bridget's room (assuming we ever get shelves up!).  

Bridget with her parents and all her godparents :)

Ok, so I cropped everyone else out of this pic because it was only a good one of B and me, lol :)  I just think it's too cute though! I have any new LOs since my last post?  I think I have one....let me see :)

I have scrapped this pics before, but I love them so much (and I need to get new prints made..) that I scrapped them again :)

Hmm...what else?  Bridget tried her first real food today!  Pieces of Cheerios broken into thirds :)  She seemed to really like them, but can't pick them up for herself yet.  Such a big girl!  Her top 2 teeth have also broken through.  She went to the doctor for her 6 month check up last week.  She weighed 18lbs 14oz and was 69cm long.  She's in the 90th percentile for both weight and height.  Guess she won't have any trouble keeping up with her brothers!  She'll need all the help she can get!!  She had three needles but she was a trooper.  She cried quite a bit at the time but was all smiles again by the time we left the office.  Such a happy baby!

The boys are great...crazy but great.  Kieran gets into his "moods"...he's developed quite the temper when he wants.  The he will tell you, "I want NOTHING!"  It's kinda funny actually.  He's cute though and he knows it and totally uses it to his advantage.  I've never seen a kid who more reminds me of Calvin (Calvin and Hobbes).  Riley is loving preschool and is actually singing the songs and rhymes at home. He's also started to draw a lot more lately...people, houses.  So fun to watch him learning new things.  Oh, and he reads The Spooky Old Tree (a Berenstain Bears book) to Kieran (which means, he has it memorized).  It's too cute...he even pauses for Kieran to say some of the words like we do for them.  So, so cute.  Here's a pic (ok, 2 pics): 

Ok, enough for now!  I'm off to watch Heroes ( TV!! Now if I could only remember what happened last season, lol).

Monday, September 15, 2008

I'm still here...

Ok, so Kevin pointed out that I've been neglecting the blog, which is surprising since I didn't think he even read it.  I'm still not sure that he does, he probably just guessed.  Either way, here I am with another exciting update on our lives!

Hmmm...not much coming to mind.  Guess we're not that exciting!  Haha.

Ok, I must have something.  Today at supper Kieran was babbling...something about ducks.  The only part that I could figure out was "a duck goes quack, quack, quack and a big duck goes BIG quack, quack!"  That I found very funny!  

Another couple of cute kid things....  The other day Riley was talking about seeing chicks at a farm (I'm still not sure what he was talking about.  I think he only saw chicks once and that was in Halifax, possibly before Kieran was even born).  I was asking him when he saw them and he said, "it was a long, long time ago.  Well, not as long ago as the dinosaurs, but a long time."  

Kiearn apparently thinks that a chicken goes "buck, buck" and a rooster goes "buck-a-doodle-doo".  Heehee.  He is cute (especially when he's not crying constantly, which sadly is often these days).

Bridget is doing great.  She can sit up for short periods of time now and is desperately trying to crawl to catch up with those brothers!  She's had all kinds of baby cereal and squash and sweet potatoes.  She's eaten it all...not with quite the vigor that her brothers did, but she seems to like it well enough.  She's a very big girl.  We'll see just how big at her 6 month (I know!  where does time go???) on Thursday.  All I know is that a couple of the moms at Riley's preschool have daughters who are 1 or 2 months older than her and they are much smaller!  Believe it or not I am still lugging around the bucket seat, but I won't be able to do that for much longer or I'm going to put my back out!!  

Oh, speaking of preschool, I guess Riley started the 4 year old class since I last blogged.  He's loving it, of course, and leaves everyday without a backwards glance.  Until I make him come back for a hug, which he does obediently, but without much care whether he got one or not!   He comes home talking about the stories they read (one with a scaredy squirrel and killer bees that he can't stop talking about, lol) or things they did (an experiment today where they put raisins in a cup of pop and watched them float around).  It's a fantastic school and I'm so glad he enjoys it!  Guess I'll be there for the next 5 years since I'll never have a kid in it in the same year :)  Here are some first day of school pics: 

Cute stuff, eh? Oh, and I'll throw in one more of Bridget because who can resist a baby??

Now for some scrappy stuff.  Last week was my week at Paws on Scrapbooking to do the sketch for the sketch DT.  So....this was my sketch: 

And here is my LO based on that sketch (which you may not believe when I post it, but I DID start with this sketch in mind and then it took on a life of it's own :) ). 

Oh, and I just checked and the LOs for this weeks sketch have been posted so I can post it here as well now :)  The sketch was by Tina McDonald  and it was so much fun to do.  I've had these pics hanging around for awhile so it was nice to get them on a LO finally.

Ok, I should really end this now, if you're all still with me that is!  Time to move on to my newest addiction...the Brain Age game on Amy's Nintendo DS.  I'm at 32 years right now (the "ideal" is 20).  I won't dare tell you where I started!  I blame it all on lack of sleep :)  I think that my next addiction should be does one get addicted to that???  Sigh, it doesn't matter because as soon as I have something clean, tiny, sticky fingers mess it up again!  Oh well, I'll still with Brain Age for now.  

Thursday, September 4, 2008

New LOs and some other stuff...

I just finished two LOs that I am really happy with.  So glad, because the other day I thought I was losing my touch...I could come up with nothing!  

Here's one of Riley's first year in preschool.  I can't believe how much he has changed...he looks so little :(  They're all growing way too fast! 

And one of little Bridget (guess I should do one of Kieran!!).

Another Riley funny...Yesterday at lunch he said, "I'm really enjoying my meal!" grown up.   Then he said, "Thanks for that yummy meal.  It sure was delicious."  :)

And I swear that short weeks always feel longer!  I can't believe that it isn't Friday yet.  Need to get the kids out to run around today.  We were all going shack wacky yesterday in the rain.  Then I crazily made muffins while getting supper ready with a crying baby.  Guess I was trying to keep myself busy and sane :)   Thankfully, it's nice out today so we can have some outdoor fun after quiet time (i.e. the most wonderful time of the day!).

Monday, September 1, 2008

A birthday weekend

We had two birthdays in our extended family this weekend. On Saturday we had a big BBQ at our house for Nana's birthday. Thankfully it was a nice day so the kids could play outside and run some of their energy off (and all the sugar from the Kool-Aid jammers...thanks Uncle Ben!! lol). It was a really fun day. We attempted to take a picture of Nana with all the kids. Here's our best attempt...

That evening Riley went for a sleepover at Aunt Amy and Uncle Ben's house. Apparently it was 10ish before the kids finally settled down and went to sleep!!! Then, Riley was up at 5:30 talking to his cousins to wake them up. Hmmm...wonder if he'll be invited back anytime soon?? Needless to say, yesterday was a nap day for Riley!

Yesterday was Grampie's birthday. We asked Kieran what he wanted to get Grampie for his's how the conversation went:

Me: "Kieran, what do you want to get Grampie for his birthday?"
Kieran: "A present."
Me: "What kind of present?"
Kieran: "A birthday present."
Me: "What kind of birthday present?"
Kiearn: (pause) "A candy present!"

So, Kieran got Grampie a few different types of candy for his birthday. Riley wanted to get Grampie (and himself) a water gun, so we bought 3 water guns (one for Kieran too). So, yesterday all the boys had a water gun fight at Grammie and Grampie's house. The hose was involved too. Apparently Kieran takes great delight in squirting others, but is severely opposed to being the target! At least the kids were good and tuckered out for bed last night (except for Bridget, but that's another story). And, some pics of water gun fun:

Daddy's birthday is next week. He and Riley have decided they should have a robot cake :) We'll see if that's exhausting enough making them for the kids parties! Kieran has also decided that Daddy needs a candy present (I'm sure Daddy wouldn't argue with that!!).

Hope everyone had a great holiday weekend! Back to reality (i.e. chaos) tomorrow!