Tuesday, December 28, 2010

Cute conversations

On the way home from Grammie and Grampie's house tonight the kids were looking out the window and counting stars. I said something to Riley about how when you start counting stars it's hard because as you count more and more come out. He says...

"I count 4."

Ok...maybe it's not so hard. Then he asks Kieran how many he sees. Kieran says, "I saw a bunch when we turned the corner." Riley asks, "How many?"



LOL! It was too cute. They were counting stars the whole way home.

It's no secret that Kieran is our pickiest eater. It's pretty much a family joke. Tonight the kids were eating supper (quickly so they could keep watching Spy Kids :)). Kieran was actually eating supper and Bridget keeps telling us all, "Kieran LIKES it. Kieran LIKES it!!" It was too funny :)

I wish I could just tape them all the time. They are just too cute.

On an unrelated note, perhaps I live under a rock, but how come no one told us how funny 'How I Met Your Mother' is?? We've been watching reruns and I'm hooked! Watching it now as I type :)

We've been having fun on vacation. With all the snow yesterday we spent a couple of hours outside building giant snowmen and snow forts, having snowball fights and sliding down our hill. Oz loved it too! I haven't cleaned the house much but we've been having lots of fun :)

Another big thing we did today was put the boys' bunk beds together! They've had them for awhile but we were waiting until, well, I guess until they were big enough that if Riley falls off the top bunk it's ok. Writing that, it seems wrong, because it's not REALLY ok if anyone falls off the top bunk and I certainly don't want him to fall off the top bunk. The instructions said the kid had to be 6 to sleep in the top bunk. Maybe they pushed some 5 year olds off the top and they broke limbs, but the 6 year olds were ok. I dunno. Whatever the instructions say must be right, right??? Anyway, they're in bed and no crashes yet. They both seem to love it. I told Kieran his was like the Batcave :) He said I could be Batgirl and he could be Robin. I think Riley has him programmed to be Robin. I told him he could be Batman in his own Batcave :)

Looking at our Christmas morning pics, there aren't any fabulous ones, lol. Mostly kids ripping into presents, the standard, you know.

Finally, I leave you with a warning...

Hands off the gingerbread house!! :) I think I should have set up these little guys BEFORE Daddy and the kids ate half the candy off it, lol!

Saturday, December 25, 2010

Christmas 2010

Another Christmas has come and (almost) gone. Ah, all of that preparation for one fun-filled day of chaos, flying wrapping paper, woo-hoos, thank-yous, sugar highs. Now Kevin and I are watching the oh-so traditional Christmas movie, Transformers, lol! Guess CTV thought that was appropriate Christmas TV. That's ok, I can roll with that :)

I see that a lot of crazy people found the time in this busy day to post Christmas day pictures and videos to Facebook. I am so bad at uploading pictures, that I haven't yet done that, but I have a few cute ones from Christmas Eve and the lead up to Christmas.

A couple of funny quotes from today:

Bridget: "Bacon is SO yummy!"

Kieran: "Don't touch my herbivore!!" (regarding his Triceratops Dinosaur Train toy :)).

Hope you all had a wonderful Christmas Day! We are heading to visit more family tomorrow and then going to a gathering with friends on Monday. Lots more celebrating to be had! Enjoy!

Riley after earning his white belt in Judo :) Very proud moment for him!

Pretty girl in a fancy dress.

You can dress her up...

Bridget on a chair trimming the tree. She had to find just the right branch :)

What? You don't wear your Nerf protective gear when trimming your tree? You just never know what might be lurking in those branches!

A sick little girl at her brother's preschool Christmas concert. I hate it when she's sick but LOVE it when she's snuggly. I was very emotionally torn that day :)

Kieran was apparently feeling just fine!

Santa took time out of his busy schedule to visit the preschool. I love not having to stand in line or pay outrageous prices for pictures with Santa!

Bridget woke up just in time for a picture with Santa. Literally she woke up and was pretty much thrown into his arms, lol. I did ask her first and she said she wanted to sit with him, but I honestly don't even think she was awake yet.

All dressed up and ready for church Christmas Eve. Oh, and note Riley's mohawk. He had been asking for one for awhile and he and Kevin were getting their hair cut Christmas eve and I thought, "why not?". Kevin thinks he looks like a punk but it's kinda cute. We'll probably shave it off when school starts up again after Christmas, but it's fun for awhile.

Christmas jammies! Riley is sadly too big to find "cute" Christmas jammies that fit him :(

Christmas Day pictures will be up when I get around to it. Now I'm off to watch Transformers and scratch the lottery tickets from my stocking. Maybe in my next post you'll hear that I won big, lol! Merry Christmas!!!

Friday, December 3, 2010


Hello, December! Ok, I know I said I'd blog again on the first and now it's the 3rd, but I've been sitting around in my jammies watching tv and eating cake. I mean, what else would I possibly have to do??

Hello, Friday! Hello, almost weekend! I've missed you!

Hello, rain. Did you know it's December? You should technically be snow. I'm torn between wantin the warm temps but wanting the ground to be frozen so the dog doesn't come in with muddy feet...

Hello, laundry, you still hangin' around?

Hello, empty cupboards and fridge. I promise to fill you up today.

Hello, new flavour of DQ blizzard that I'm obsessed with trying. Tonight may be the night :)

Hello, bare living room. I think you need a Christmas tree, but I'm sure Kevin is going to tell me it's too early. And I'm sure once I got you up the three kids, 2 cats and a puppy would be trying to undo you.

Oh, hello, crying children. You were just playing so well.

Hello, blog readers, don't go away, I'll be right back ;)



The 'puppy' (giant puppy) knocked Bridget to the ground. I think they've made up :)

Hello Stuck?! Sketches reveal! Check us out here! Here's my layout of my cutie with her pigtails :) How cute is she?

Stuck?! is also having a CT call. If you are interested, check it out here.

Have a great weekend everyone!!