Friday, December 3, 2010


Hello, December! Ok, I know I said I'd blog again on the first and now it's the 3rd, but I've been sitting around in my jammies watching tv and eating cake. I mean, what else would I possibly have to do??

Hello, Friday! Hello, almost weekend! I've missed you!

Hello, rain. Did you know it's December? You should technically be snow. I'm torn between wantin the warm temps but wanting the ground to be frozen so the dog doesn't come in with muddy feet...

Hello, laundry, you still hangin' around?

Hello, empty cupboards and fridge. I promise to fill you up today.

Hello, new flavour of DQ blizzard that I'm obsessed with trying. Tonight may be the night :)

Hello, bare living room. I think you need a Christmas tree, but I'm sure Kevin is going to tell me it's too early. And I'm sure once I got you up the three kids, 2 cats and a puppy would be trying to undo you.

Oh, hello, crying children. You were just playing so well.

Hello, blog readers, don't go away, I'll be right back ;)



The 'puppy' (giant puppy) knocked Bridget to the ground. I think they've made up :)

Hello Stuck?! Sketches reveal! Check us out here! Here's my layout of my cutie with her pigtails :) How cute is she?

Stuck?! is also having a CT call. If you are interested, check it out here.

Have a great weekend everyone!!


Sarah Mullanix said...

such a pretty colorful page and super cute photo!! :)

Jasmine S said...

Love the doily and how you used the sketch to the right!! does that make sense?? Anyway, great LO and I just love your new header. That is a gorgeous pic.