Monday, April 19, 2010

Another Monday night post

Here I am, blogging during House again. Forgive me if I make a few typos along the way since I'm only half paying attention.

Funny/sweet things my kids do:

Bridget: "I so naked!" (told to Mommy while getting undressed for bedtime)
Mommy: Laughs
Bridget: "I so funny!"

Kieran: sneezes
Mommy: "Bless you."
Kieran: Laughs. "I coughed and blessed you'ed at the same time!"

Kieran had a Superman punching toy that he got at the dollar store last week. In case you didn't know, he's a big Superman fan! Well, today when the cousins were over, it got broken with all the rough play. He was heartbroken. Riley said, "Don't worry, Kieran, I'll buy you another one with my money." Well, what a way to melt a Mommy's heart! He was even trying to figure out how we could get it home and get Kevin to set it all up so it would be a surprise for him. It was too sweet! Turns out, Kevin might be able to patch Superman, but I'm tempted to just let Riley go through with it anyway. He was so proud and caring for his little brother. Let's hope they're as good tomorrow!

Bridget took forever to get to sleep tonight. She just kept saying, "I so upset!" and trying to tell me she was bleeding. Meanwhile, I was trying to tell her she was irrational! After much crying I finally rocked her to sleep. Then I didn't want to leave because it's so nice to hold a sleeping child :)

And here's my most recent Scrap-ivor layout. We had to scraplift the style of one of our competitors and my team chose to imitate Natalie. Her style is so fun to copy!

Monday, April 12, 2010

The Empire Strikes Back...

Today Riley informed me that a friend of his is training him to be a Jedi. Who knew they did that kind of thing in kindergarten?! He told me that we have to go and buy bagels because that's what Jedi's eat. Again...who knew?!

Kieran informed me today that Grampie is silly because he has no hair. Guess Daddy is well on his way to being silly, hahaha! I can't really picture Kevin being silly...maybe it only works for Grampies.

Another recent exciting event in our house is Riley learning to ride a two-wheeler!! It is so cool and we are so proud of him. We got him a bike a few weeks ago and it didn't come with training wheels so we decided to go ahead and teach him without them and he's doing so well. He still needs a little work on starting and stopping (he's going to need a new pair of sneakers soon!).

My other biker babes :)

Scrap-ivor continues on LCOM and I'm still on the island :) Here are my first two layouts...


Inspiration challenge:

Ok, off to watch House now. Happy that it's actually new for a change! May the Force be with you!