Tuesday, December 30, 2008


(Warning to my non-scrappy readers...feel free to skip this post...no kiddie updates here :)). 

Ok, here goes nothing.  I'm officially applying to the CMK DT Call.  I'm being brave and putting myself out there with all the other extremely talented ladies applying.  The assignment was to dig into your stash and create a kit and then, using the items you pulled together, create at least two projects.  Then post the kit and your creations to your blog.  I had a lot of fun with this.  I liked the challenge of pulling together product from different manufacturers and making it work together. So, (holding my breath)...here's my kit: 

Kit Contents: 

3 Cardstock (1 Prism (green), 2 Making Memories (1 black, 1 white))
6 Pattern Papers (4 Basic Grey (Urban Prairie), 1 Heidi Grace, 1 Heidi Swapp)
2 Die Cut Papers (1 Pink Paislee, 1 Creative Imaginations)
1 Transparency (Hambly)
2 Sticker Sheets (Basic Grey Urban Praire elements and alphas)
1 Alphas (Making Memories)
2 Rubons (Glitz and Scenic Route)
Journal spot (Jenni Bowlin)
Bling (Prima, Kaiser, unknown - clear studs)
Blooms (Heidi Grace, Fancy Pants)
Buttons (Fancy Pants)
Ribbon (Pink Paislee, Creative Cafe, unknown - black polka dot)
Chipboard (Maya Road)

And here are my LOs: 

I'm really please with how this LO turned out.  I love the way the rubon birdie peeks out from behind the pic and pattern paper and how the chiboard bird is layered on top.  I used periods from the alphas for my flower centres and did some handstitching in the corners.  I couldn't resist adding all the bling on this fun, girly LO.

I think this LO is really striking.  I love the way the pp circles pop against the neutral LO.  I was originally going to use squares, but I'm glad I decided on circle :) The picture flips up to reveal journaling underneath: 

The journaling reads: 

I am a mother, a wife, a daughter, a sister, an aunt, a cousin, a niece, a grandaughter, a godmother. 

I am a lover, a peacemaker, a negotiator, a referee, a chauffer, a nurse, a maid, a cook, a waitress, a singer, a story reader, a snuggler. 

I am a reader, a photographer, a videographer, a scrapbooker, a crafter, a baker. 

I am loving, funny, creative, sarcastic, energetic, honest, loyal, emotional, caring, beautiful, a homebody, sentimental, overly protective, a worrier (at times).

Most of all, I am happy to be living the life I am.  I am truly blessed with family, friends, a home, comfort and security.

This LO took on a life of it's own.  It seems I just couldn't stop adding to it.  I love the "miss personality" rubon on the pic!  The transparency was fun to work with and I really love it layered on black CS.  The little bird is just so fun and the touches of bling really finish it off.  The corner was a last minute touch...a  technique I'll probably incorporate into my LOs more :)

A fun LO of Bridget making her "I will NOT smile" face.  She's such a tease already!!  She makes this face a lot when we're trying to get her to laugh.  I really like the touches of bling and ribbon on this one.  And who could resist that cute little face? :)

That's it!  I had so much fun with this :)  Wish me luck!!

Wednesday, December 24, 2008

One more sleep!!

Not sure about you, but the excitement is sure mounting in this house while we patiently wait for Santa :)  Have a few last minute things to do today, going to make a chili for supper, bake cookies at the McHarg house, have supper with Grammie, Grampie and Uncle Scott, then get the kiddos in their jammies for church tonight.  Then Kevin and I will watch a Christmas Carol which I have yet to see this Christmas!  Can't let the day come without seeing it!

Ok, so I totally did pull the flower off that LO.  I haven't decided what I'm going to do in that space yet so it's waiting for me until after the holidays :)

Here are the promised pics of the gingerbread house (which I might add, no longer exists.  You try keeping 3 boys away from an edible house...yes, I said THREE...have you all met Kevin???).  

Aren't they cute???

I just love the concentration on his face.  He took his task very seriously!

Ok, so those are in bckwards order but I'm typing with one hand while holding a squirmy baby so I'm not fixing them, lol!

And, a few pics of Bridget in her Christmas dress...

Look at that face! Haha!  Yes, quite the little lady!

(Ok, so we relaxed on our strict no touching the tree rule :)).

That's pretty much as good as a picture of the three of them gets! :)

I'm not sure I ever posted this LO.  We played scrap lift tag at Paws.  So, one person created a LO then the next person lifted it, then the next person lifted that lift and so on.  We didn't see all of the LOs until the end, just the one we were lifting.  So, it's kind of like playing telephone tag when you were little and the message gets all change.  It was neat to see the progression of LOs. Anyway, here is mine.  Totally not my normal style, but the girl that I was lifting does a lot of distressing so I tried to bring that though in my LO.

And I have some more exciting scrappy news!  I've been asked to be a Guest Designer at Scraplovers for the month of February.  I'm very excited to get to work with the talented girls on that site.  And my good friend Cindy made their DT!  Congrats, Cindy!!! 

Ok, one last cute Riley story.  Kevin and Riley went out the other day to get lunch at McDonald's and I gather that the conversation went something like this:

Riley: Maybe I can wear gloves to eat so that I don't have to wash my hands after I'm done.  
Kevin: But then you'd just have to wash the gloves.
Riley: If they were magic gloves then we wouldn't have to wash them and they would just clean themselves each night so that they would be clean in the morning.
Kevin: Are there any magic gloves like that?
Riley: No, I guess there's no gloves like that in the whole world.  
Kevin: No, I guess not
Riley: Maybe I could use a bag.
Kevin: But then you'd have to wash the bag
Riley: Unless it was a MAGIC bag.
Kevin: Yes, unless it was a magic bag.
(Ok, I'm literally LOL as I type that).

There, Uncle Adam, that story was for you.  Merry Christmas!! I know you love Riley's stories :)

Merry Christmas everyone!!!

Saturday, December 20, 2008

A LO, a Santa pic, and a gingerbread house story

I'm very sleepy today due to being out late last night scrapping with some friends.  I know I shouldn't do it, but it's just too tempting and fun :)  Thanks for the fun time, girls!!  Here's what I managed to do (ok, so I finished it this morning, but I did most of it last night...).  

I'm still not overly happy with the white flower in the corner of the pic.  I may yet rip it off and try something else.

Here's Bridget's picture with Santa...and you thought the others were bad :)

Poor baby!! It does make me laugh a little though...heehee.  She really is a very happy baby generally for those of you who don't know her very well.  

Today we made a gingerbread house with the boys.  I'm too lazy to upload the pictures right now.  Maybe tomorrow.  But it was fun and the house managed to survive much longer than last year.  It's still together now even!  Imagine.  I mean, if it were a real house there would be large leaks in the roof, lol!  Poor soggy, gingerbread people.  The boys had great fun decorating it though.  Kieran took his task very seriously.  Riley was more concerned with when he would get to eat it (shocking...did I mention that he's his Daddy's boy?).  Pics soon, I promise!

5 more days as Kieran keeps reminding us!

Thursday, December 18, 2008

Having fun...

You've probably noticed that I'm having fun playing with my blog :)  Trying to make it a little spiffier, a little cheerier for Christmas!  I'm also typing without my left shift key which is very annoying.  It's broken and tends to fall off (especially when little fingers get at it!).  

Are you all ready for Christmas?  I'm almost there I think.  I did some wrapping last night and should be doing some more now. Especially since Kevin is at the hockey game and all the kiddies are in bed.  But here I sit, playing with my blog instead.  I still can't get the slideshow to work properly with picasa so that's why all of my pics are still old ones.  I might just remove it and put it back in later.  I think I need more technical help from Kevin :)

Riley had his preschool Christmas concert yesterday morning (luckily before the storm hit and they cancelled school at noon).  It was cute.  And, and...he actually did some singing and actions (he's usually adamantly against such things.  He's not shy either so I'm not sure why.  Guess he didn't get that Winchester gene for performing...sorry to let that side of the family down, lol).  It was chaotic with all the parents/grandparents/siblings, but it was a pretty pleasant morning.  The kids had a little party after the concert and Santa even made an appearance.  All the kids got to sit on his lap so that was nice.  No waiting in line for a lousy mall Santa for us!  Bridget wasn't such a fan, but Riley and Kieran went right up to sit with him (I'm sure the bag of candy canes had nothing to do with it...).  I got pics of the boys but our camera died when Bridget sat with Santa.  Another mom took a pic, but I don't have it yet.  You aren't missing out on much though...it's not much of a picture (no fault on the mom's part...just Bridget crying).  But really, I was thinking about it and chatting about it with my friend, Cindy, and what other time of year would you ever just plunk your baby into some strange man's lap???  Umm...NEVER!  So really, I don't blame the poor kid.  Maybe next year we can bribe her with candy!

Ok...I am literally laughing.  This is the first time I've looked at the pics myself and we took FOUR of Riley and this is the best one, believe it or not!  Santa was telling him to wave though.  Next year he should tell him to put his hands down and smile or no presents...then maybe we'd finally get a decent picture.  Now off to look at Kieran's.  LOL, literally...wait til you see this one....

Hmm...maybe I can photoshop him a shirt.  Got a little Britney action going on there, lol!!  It's actually a nice picture other than the belly button.  Probably still the best pic of the three of them.  How sad is that?!

So, preschool is over and the wait for Santa is going strong.  We have a gingerbread house to make on the weekend and I have a few more things I would like to bake.  A bit more wrapping, possibly a teeny bit more shopping and then we're done.  I still can't believe that it's only a week away.  It really doesn't feel like it, though the snow helps a bit. 

We had the DT reveal at Paws on the 15th.  Here are the projects that I made with this month's kit.  

It was a fun kit to work with.  I really loved the Pink Paislee silver rubons!  I still had a couple more things I had wanted to do with it, but life and colds got in the way! 

I also altered a Basic Grey (I laugh when I write this because I know that most of you reading my blog are NOT scrappers...Basic Grey is the name of the manufacturer, though, coincidentally, the tin is ACTUALLY grey as well...ok, I digress) tin that I've had for a couple of years.  I made it to hold handmade cards.  I love the way that it turned out!

Ok, you are probably tired of reading this so I should get off my butt and go do something productive.  Or I can sit here and be lazy and see what Christmas special is on CBC tonight.  Oh, hockey, well that's festive...  Guess I really will have to go find something to do :)  Or maybe I'll just play some more with my blog (yes, I am having too much fun!).

Thursday, December 11, 2008

2 weeks...

I can't believe it's only 2 weeks until Christmas.  Thankfully, I have most of the shopping done. Now, just to get the tree up and decorated (and have it stay that way with 3 kids and two cats), wrap the gifts and send out the cards.  I did our Christmas card myself this year.  I basically lifted the design of a fellow scrapper.  You can see Leigh's card here.  I really enjoyed the collage since I can never get a decent picture of my three kids together :)  Here is the card that you may be lucky enough to receive in the mail from us (if I have your address that is...feel free to send it to me if your card doesn't show up, lol).  

The photo shoot was interesting to say the least but I think that it actually went better than last year!

Riley...so many stories always with Riley :)  Today for instance he's been driving me crazy. Honestly, a lot of the time we are just like oil and water.  Well, I'm taking them to get their hair cut later and I told him that he wouldn't get a sucker at the hairdresser if he wasn't good.  He said he didn't want one.  I said, "fine, then no cookie (which we made the other day...oh, that was fun with 3...but I digress) after supper."  He says, "well, today I'm being healthy so I don't want any suckers or cookies or chocolate."  It never matters what I try to take away.  The kid is too "glass half full".  Sigh.  I guess that's a good thing but it makes it very difficult to punish him, lol.

He made up a song last night too.  Heehee.  After we turned on the Christmas lights I hear him singing, "Christmas lights, Christmas lights, I love Christmas lights (repeat)".  He runs into Bridget's room and tells me that he "learned up" a song.  

Me: "You made up a song?"
Riley: "Yup, about Christmas lights."
Me: "What's it called?"
Riley: "I love Christmas lights"
Me: "How does it go?"
Riley: "I don't remember.  Oh. It's not very long. Christmas lights, Christmas lights, I love Christmas lights."

Heehee.  Ok, sometimes he's cute :)  The song actually got longer as the night went on.  Something about all the colours and how he likes to turn them on, etc.  Usually to the tune of jingle bells. 

Kieran is his usual Jekyll and Hyde self.  LOL.  I swear sometimes that he's manic depressive. One minute he's happy as a clam and the next he'll just turn on you and, oh man, is it ever hard to get him out of that mood!  What does work sometimes is looking for his smile.  I'll tell him that he's lost it and then we'll look for it.  It can usually be found in his pocket :)  Well, that works for awhile until he remembers why he was angry and then we're back to square one.

The boys both got their letters from Santa and are getting more and more excited about Christmas.  I only threaten once or twice a day that I'm going to email Santa and tell him to keep their presents :)  It's funny to tell them that Santa is watching and watch Kieran look around for him, lol.   We've been doing lots of fun Christmas-y things like making paper chains and cards and cookies.  

Bridget is her usual happy self.  She's getting more and more mobile.  Still doing her army crawl but every once in awhile she'll get up on all fours and look like she's going to crawl before she drops to her belly again.  It's ok with me.  She can take her sweet time :)  I do enough running around!

A few cute pics: 

I know I have to update my slideshow.  Heck, I need to update the whole blog.  It never has been set up the way that I would like it to be, but I barely get time to write these posts, let alone play around with all the settings.  And, for those of you who can't leave comments, you're just doing it wrong, lol (and I mean that in the nicest possible way :)).  I've had other people do it successfully.  Let me know and I can explain what to do.

Hope you are all having a lovely holiday season!  The countdown is on (as we're reminded every morning when the boys scarf down their cereal so they can have their countdown chocolate!). 

Friday, November 28, 2008

Yes, another update

Wow, I'm on the ball this week :)  I forgot a few cute things.  

Like....the fact that we had to have hamburgers the other day because Riley couldn't stop thinking about them.  We were in the car going to preschool last week and he says, "Mommy, I just can't stop thinking about hamburgers.  They're so good that I just can't stop thinking about them."  Then a couple nights later he was up in the evening (and I think even woke Bridget up) all concerned that we might have forgotten how to make hamburgers.  Well, the next night we had them and he hasn't mentioned them since!

Riley JUST as I'm typing ran to the window to see the sunrise.  LOL!  Glad it's still exciting for him.  I feel like I've seen every sunrise for the past four years!

I have a couple of new LOs to show.  I had fun with some brandy new papers I just opened :)

Since my last post, Bridget has really taken off in the crawling department!  Man she can motor (army crawlin') if she sees something she wants!

Well, I must be off to get the kids ready to take Riley to school.  Today they're making gingerbread man cookies and he's terribly excited.  Yay, sugar rush for Mommy at the most hectic time of day!

Monday, November 24, 2008

Random snippets of our life

Oh my...I can't believe in one month we'll be sitting around waiting for Santa :)  Time is just flying this fall!  First off, I'll start with our Halloween since I haven't blogged about that yet.  We had a great time trick-or-treating with the cousins.  Nothing like 8 kids 5 and under coming to your doorstep (accompanied by 5 adults...yes, we were quite the pack :)).  Here are some pics of our little cuties...

(yes, it is impossible to get a good picture of my three kids together!  Doesn't Kieran just look like he's saying, "Aaarggh!"  He usually likes to add, "walk the plank, matey" to that :)).

(all 8 of them...and I thought it was hard to get a picture of 3!).

Riley is loving school as always!  He has two girl friends (ok, so he doesn't really know what a girl friend is...I think to him they are just boys with long hair, lol!  His preschool is over half girls so he plays with lots of girls).  He's always talking about them and one of them is just as crazy as he is so it works out well (or not so well for the teachers probably).  He also had his kick off to Kindergarten day last week.  It's one hour that the kids go and do different stations with the Kindergarten teachers to get them used to what school is going to be like.  He can't wait, of course and he came home with some fun goodies (magnetic numbers and letters, books, crayons, etc).  "Big" school is going to be such fun for him!  I took him last week for his four year check up and he's 41lbs (which means either their scale is weighing light or ours is weighing heavy since he's usually 42 or so here...Kevin and I choose to believe the latter!). and he's 3'8" tall.  Hard to believe he was just 6lbs, 13oz 4 years ago when I was pestering you with all the baby updates :)

Kieran seems to be learning new things everday.  His vocabulary has just exploded (though at times he's still hard to understand, especially if you aren't mommy or daddy!).  He's very stubborn (Kevin says he gets that from me...it's hard to argue with I must admit).  He's learned to dress himself and always wants to "gubise" (surprise for all of you who don't speak Kieran) us when he does it all by himself.  Mommy is thrilled about this since it's one less kid to dress in the morning (even if he does wear his pants backwards all day).  

Bridget grows sweeter and cuter everyday.  She's just the best little baby, although she does seem to be becoming a mama's girl (which her mama is DEFINITELY ok with!).  She'll let people hold her but it's not long before she wants mama again.  She's trying to do an army crawl now and is usually successful in getting a toy that's a foot or two away.  I know I should be encouraging her, but it would be nice if she put off the crawling for a little while.  I've got my hands full as it is!  She just started playing peek-a-boo on her own yesterday too (putting the blanket over her head herself and moving it away when I say, "where's Bridget").  The boys are very good to her.  I took her and Kieran to get groceries today and he was constantly talking to her and kissing her...so, so cute!

Hmmm...what else is new....

The boys like to "skate" down our hallway in their sock feet.  It's a morning ritual now.  Usually they also pretend they are superheroes (their faves are superman and batman).  We also enjoy kitchen dancing as a pass time with Love Story by Taylor Swift being my new fave!  Time to break out the Christmas music soon though!

We went to Uncle Adam's wedding in Halifax.  The highlight for Riley was the restaurants, lol! Man, that kid likes to eat!  I think we can all agree that if Kieran gets his stubborness from me, then Riley gets his appetite from Daddy (also his pacing...I wish they would both just sit down already!!!).   We had fun visiting old friends and playing in the pool at the hotel (including the water slide of death which the boys and daddy loved, but mommy was not such a fan since it caused me to put my tooth through my lip!  I'm not the only one who thought it was scary...Connie, Amy...I think you'll back me up here!).  I guess the wedding was nice too, but since I had to drag 2 kids out of it, I'll have to take everyone's word for it!  The couple looked beautiful, I know that much :)  The drive home in the pouring rain and wind was scary, but we made it and except some sleep deprivation the weekend went fairly well.  My pictures aren't great....lets see if I have a couple of decent ones...

(Brothers :) )
(sigh...at least they're all looking at the camera...)

(the classic Stewart pose :)  Do they ever smile???)

(what a doll!)

(yes, I did buy my blouse to match Bridget's outfit!  And what's even more sad is that I'll buy scrapbooking paper to match them both!!)

Ok, that is seriously all the good pictures I got before everything went to pot (can I say that?  I guess, it's my blog...don't let the kids read it.  I guess you could just tell them it's a kitchen pot...kids don't get sayings anyway...make something up! Oh right, they can't read yet...I guess they can't all be like Kevin reading at 2...no I won't believe it unless someone produces a video!). 

The kids and I had supper with our old neighbours in Halifax.  It was so nice to catch up with them again!!  Thanks so much for supper and the great visit Shelley and Bunty!!  Here are a couple of cute pics of the kids :)

We also had time for a very quick coffee before we hit the road on Sunday with an old friend of mine from way, way back (think 20 years back :)).  Was so nice to reconnect with her again.  Hope you don't mind if I post this pic Sarah, cause here goes!

We took the kids to the KV Santa Claus parade the other night.  I think they had more fun playing in the new snow.  It was fun and thankfully not as cold as last year.  Santa was a hit, but they may have been more excited to see Super Why!  They sent their letters to Santa.  Riley wants Helmet Heroes and a play-doh set that makes ice cream sundaes and Kieran wants a hockey stick (like Amrik's :)) and "big" markers (no, I'm not sure what that means...how big is big???).  I'm sure Santa should be able to come through on these ones!  

We've done a couple of photo shoots of the kids now to try to get some decent ones for framing and Christmas cards and such.  I'm done paying money at the Superstore to get crappy pics...figure I can do at least as good as that on my own (not that the Superstore doesn't take nice pics...it's more that my kids are uncooperative.  Other people get LOVELY pictures there...please don't stop going there, lol!).  Once we're done editing the pics you'll all get to see them in all their beauty!!  (plus a few out takes!). 

On to my scrappy life :) We had the November reveal at Paws on the 15th.  Feel free to check out my gallery here. I've been working on some other top secret (i.e. Christmas) projects that I can't reveal ;)  Hopefully I'll have some more fun stuff to post soon.  If I wasn't so pressed for time I'd set up a slideshow of my work on here.  Maybe in the next few weeks.  I've already been doing this for an hour.  Must go clean and scrap some more now before a child wakes up needing Mommy.  

Have fun getting ready for Christmas!!! 

Wednesday, October 29, 2008

October, where have you gone??

The month of October has been pretty crazy around here!  With our anniversary, meetings, the Paws on Scrapbooking crop, Riley's birthday party, plus just our everyday crazy life, I haven't had a chance to sit down and type.  In fact, I should probably be doing other things right now, but I thought you might all like an update :)

So, what have we done in October?  Well, we picked apples with the kids and mom and dad on our anniversary (which is mom and dad's anniversary as well for those who don't know).  It was a fun afternoon!  Oh wait, except Bridget cried the whole way there and back...right...well, at least she was good AT the orchard :)  And the boys had fun picking (and eating) lots of apples (which are still in our fridge...guess we got too many!).  Our big anniversary celebration was thai take-out and a movie, which we didn't even get to finish because Bridget kept waking up.  Good times.  Heehee. Some pics from our apple picking adventure...

Kieran became an inventor in October as well ;)  I swear he has seen t-ball stand once and that was months ago (and he didn't even play with it) yet he fashioned his own stand out of our toy ball popper and a paper towel roll. Then he got his ball and placed it on top and hit it with his bat.  He's a genius!  And he has some mad sporty skills as well!  This isn't the best pic, but you get the gist :)

The kids have all been sick, of course.  Bridget had a very high fever around Thanksgiving.  I waited it out but finally ended up giving her an antibiotic (which the doctor had given me before the long weekend in case the fever persisted).  Still not sure what was wrong with her but it seemed to do the trick.  She's just like the boys though, it never got her down.  She was still my happy, smiley baby!  This is at peek fever...

Let's see...Thanksgiving...we ate too much and had fun with family.  We also went bowling Thanksgiving Monday where I lost to not only Kevin, but Riley as well (sad, I know....I think my arms are just tired from carrying kids all day.  That's my story and I'm sticking to it!).

I had my first design team reveal for Paws on the 15th.  I was super excited to upload my very first projects.  I'm so lucky to be in the company of such talented ladies there!  You can visit my gallery if you want to take a peek at the projects :)

I also went to the Paws crop.  It was a fun event and a lot of money was raised for breast cancer. All the money raised went to a local mom with breast cancer to help pay for her meds.  So much fun and such a great cause.  I didn't get a lot done (too much chatting and eating going on, lol), but what I did get done is for a Christmas gift, so you can't see anyway!  I will however show you the nametag I made (remember....this was to raise money for breast cancer!)...

Riley also had his fourth birthday (time really goes by quickly doesn't it?  Doesn't it seem like just yesterday you all were being hounded with relentless pregnancy updates? heehee).  This year we went with the robot theme and he invited a few friends from school as well as a couple of family friends and cousins.  Yes, it was a little nuts, but they were pretty good overall.  I don't have pics since our battery was dead (don't worry, Grampie went home for his camera!), but I did get a pic of the cake earlier in the day...

We got Riley a playmobil castle that he had apparently wanted "for years" (he saw it at Indigo last month).  He LOVES it.  It has many small pieces, but he's really good at putting them away when he's done (we'll see how long that lasts).  

We had the second annual Winchester pumpkin carving party last Sunday (complete with pumpkin bread, apple cider and yummy roasted pumkin seeds...thanks for all your digging, Uncle Ben!).  The cousins had a great time getting their hands dirty and using sharp instruments, lol (ok...they were only the little saws, don't call social services on me!).  Their diseased pumkins ended up not looking too shabby (has anyone else noticed how gross the pumkins are this year...blech!  At least the ones in the valley....).  

Let's see....quick update on all the kids.  Riley is loving school again this year, of course.  He's writing most of his letters and know a lot of the sounds they make.  He still loves stories and will sit for hours on end if you just read to him.  He wants homework for Christmas, heehee.  We registered him for kindergarten already and he's excited to go to "big school".  

Kieran is finally learning to dress himself.  I'm sure he could have done it before but it was much easier to have mommy or daddy do it for him.  On Monday he put his sneakers on for the first time by himself and he tries everyday to put his underwear on (and everyday comes out with it on backwards!).  It's very exciting though.  He's developed quite and angry streak at times, but for the most part he's a pretty happy boy.  His two year molars are finally almost all through.   He's starting to identify some letters.  He had pasta and "meatbobs" for supper :)

Bridget is eating more and more solids.  She's on to full cheerios (instead of mommy paranoidly (yes, I know that's probably not a word) breaking them in half), and has had solid carrots and broccoli.  That girl loves to eat...wonder who she gets that from.  She's sitting pretty well now for long periods with no help (and even despite mauling brothers at times).  She's saying "ba ba ba" and clapping now.  She's so smiley that sometimes I fear she's going to pull muscles in her face, haha.  Here's a cute pic (this one's for Aunt Dawn)...

Well, I've been at this for almost an hour so it's probably time to sign off soon.  Anyone still with me? Anyone....?  I'll try to update more regularly so you don't have to spend your entire evening reading about my life (but you didn't have anything more important to do anyway, did you? heehee).  I'll just throw out a few scrappy things I did this month for those who are interested, so if that's not you, then you can get on with your life :)  These don't include the DT stuff I did...you can follow the link to my gallery for that.  Thanks for reading!

The cards were made for World Card Making Day (no, I am totally not making that up...it's real in the scrappy world! LOL!  Yes, Kevin mocks so you can too, if you must).  Paws sent the cards we made on that day to soldiers overseas.  They are blank so they can have them to send home to their families.  Ok...I'm seriously done now! :)