Friday, November 28, 2008

Yes, another update

Wow, I'm on the ball this week :)  I forgot a few cute things.  

Like....the fact that we had to have hamburgers the other day because Riley couldn't stop thinking about them.  We were in the car going to preschool last week and he says, "Mommy, I just can't stop thinking about hamburgers.  They're so good that I just can't stop thinking about them."  Then a couple nights later he was up in the evening (and I think even woke Bridget up) all concerned that we might have forgotten how to make hamburgers.  Well, the next night we had them and he hasn't mentioned them since!

Riley JUST as I'm typing ran to the window to see the sunrise.  LOL!  Glad it's still exciting for him.  I feel like I've seen every sunrise for the past four years!

I have a couple of new LOs to show.  I had fun with some brandy new papers I just opened :)

Since my last post, Bridget has really taken off in the crawling department!  Man she can motor (army crawlin') if she sees something she wants!

Well, I must be off to get the kids ready to take Riley to school.  Today they're making gingerbread man cookies and he's terribly excited.  Yay, sugar rush for Mommy at the most hectic time of day!


Anonymous said...

Wow - you Rock!

Danielle said...

aww...too cute! I love the funny things they say when they are little! =) You should definitely scrap it. Beautiful layouts!