Wednesday, September 15, 2010

Ok, Ok, I uploaded the pictures so here it is a picture H.E.A.V.Y. post!

I forgot to mention that I ran in a 5 mile race last weekend. The boys also did a kids 1K race. It was a lot of hard work, but I manged to finish in 55min 36sec. The boys had a blast doing their own race too, just like mom :) The day was pretty cold, took me awhile to warm up. I also learned that I cannot drink a cup of water while I'm running...I almost drowned twice, lol! Anyway, here are some pictures (I apologize, I look like a complete dork while running but I did it!).

Boys ready to run!

Kieran, a wee bit excited!

They had fun playing on the rocks waiting for the race to start. I'm just glad we didn't have to go get stitches! That may have put a damper on my run :)

Can you find them?

Heehee! He was pretty fast and was really tired :)

Kieran making his way to the finish.

Post race popsicles with their cute sister :) They were so excited to get medals but Riley actually gave his to a friend who didn't get one since they ran out! He was thanked with a big hug from her! So cute!

The running crew!

Woohoo!!! Almost done! Kieran actually started to run out into the road ahead of me. It was a good thing he got out of the way because I didn't have the energy to run around him!

So proud of us!

Shout out to my running girls! Don't they look amazing for just having run 8K?! We rock!

Ok, so here we go with first day of school take 2!

My cutie with his K'nex sword or blaster or whatever it was at the time :)

Two big boys!

All ready to go!

Got some cute pictures of Riley but he wasn't looking at the camera in any of them :)

Perfect pose!

So cute!!


Sneezes are funny!!!

Awww :)

And finally, the clipboards I altered for the preschool. I totally wanted to keep them ;) But was so happy to be asked to make them for note taking at the school! They'll be used to jot down quick stories about the kids during class. I thought the little boy and girl with the speech bubbles were just perfect!

Ok, now I'm really done :) My blizzard has been delivered by my oh-so-fabulous husband! It is much needed after my crazy day of knocking my daughter in the head with a car door, spilling coffee all over my car, almost being backed into by a truck (while walking to school) not to mention dealing with kids who cry, whine, throw rocks, hit each other and a pup who peed in my dining room. Sigh. Ice cream, here I come!

Stuck?! Sketches reveal and cute kid stories :)

You know what that means? Another Stuck?! Sketches reveal! I love looking at everyone's take on the sketch on reveal days. Lots of inspiration for sure! You can check it out here. This is the sketch we were working with:

And here is the layout I created with it. These pictures of Bridget crack me up :)

Kieran started preschool this week which made him a very happy boy and me a very happy mama to see him having so much fun and being down to 1 kid for a couple of hours. The first day was a hectic morning...we had to chase down Kevin's bus, take Riley to school, get groceries and then finally go to preschool. In all the chaos I forgot to take first day pictures!! Imagine, and a scrapbooker to boot! We recreated first day today and I also took some more pictures of Riley with his backpack this time and his new haircut (which he got gum in on the way home from the hairdressers I might add). I actually still have to put the pictures on my computer and I don't have my camera handy, but they are coming soon!

A couple of Riley stories :)

The other day I asked Riley if anyone had gotten in trouble in his class...if they had a time out or went to the principle's office. He said they don't have a bench to sit on this year, but they just have to sit at their desk if they aren't being quiet at circle time. I asked if anyone had to do that and if he did. He said that Noah did and he did. I asked if they were talking to each other. He said, " I was chatting more so I had to go sit at my desk first and then Noah did." I told him that in school he had to be good and follow the rules and not talk when the teacher was talking. He stops me and says, "It's in the past!" I said, "so..." He said, "So, we don't have to worry about it anymore, it's in the past!" Hmm...maybe he's seen that Lion King movie a few too many times :)

A couple of days ago he also declared that, "hummus is yummus!"

Yes, he makes me crazy sometimes, but ya gotta laugh at the kid! One more:

Kevin was feeding the kids breakfast this morning and told me that Kieran was saying that boys are tougher than girls. I think Kevin asked why he was saying it or something to that effect and Riley said that Sarah (his cousin) was tougher than him. Kevin said that someday he would probably be bigger than Sarah and would be tougher than her someday. Riley said, "yeah, when she's an old lady I'll be able to beat her down!" (Ok, I am literally laughing out loud while I type that!). He followed it up with, "but I wouldn't do that..."

I'll be back with pictures of my cuties, I promise. Funny how I think it's such a chore to upload them :) I also have pictures of some cool altered clipboards that I made for Kieran's preschool. I'm actually now in the process of making one for myself after having made 6 for other people. They are so fun to do!

Hope you all had a great Wednesday. Mine was not so great so I'm hoping for a better Thursday!! :)

Friday, September 10, 2010

Mish Mash Blog Post

I do a lot of blogging. I know you might not know it, doesn't seem like it here does it? But I do. In my head while going to get the kids, brushing my teeth, folding laundry. If only I could find away to plug my computer into my brain there would be a lot more blog posts here! Finding the time to sit down and do it is tough. Even as I type there are bathrooms to be cleaned, a playroom to be vacuumed and laundry to be folded. Sigh. But, the kids and pup are asleep so I decided to steal a few quick minutes to do this.

I realized I have yet to show you my projects that I did with the September Crop Addict kit! Yikes, I am so behind. This kit was so much fun to work with. It had a lot of the Bo Bunny Mama-razzi line in it, which is one I didn't buy any of. I just didn't think it was for me. Umm...guess I was wrong! It is perfect for getting some boy pages done which is good because they tend to get neglected! And I got a couple of birthday cards done which were needed for the month of August.

Fun stuff, eh? And I still have lots of this kit left over. You can do so many projects with it. You can get your very own kit here. All of the kits of filled with tons of goodies to work with every month. I'm sure I could easily do another 3 layouts with the stuff I have left and then of course some more cards with the scraps :)

During August I was also asked to guest design for Let's Capture Our Memories. Tanya asked different girls to design each month and kept it a secret until the reveal. What a great idea! It was fun to see who got picked each month. Here is what I created with her beautiful kit! Again, lots of this one left too and I hope to get some more done with it. Our life was just so hectic in August and I feel like things might just be starting to settle into a routine now. I also have some scrappy dates set up in the near future, yay!

Gorgeous girly papers! I was lucky to get a girly kit and and boyish kit in August!

Here's a layout that I LOVE that I did awhile back but don't think I ever posted. It's one of my faves!

Ok, on to my kids. I know you are all dying to hear about them :) Playing hide and seek with little kids is never boring! I love listening to Bridget now, it's just so cute. She was on the stairs counting the other day and I overhear, "1, you ready? 1, 2, 3, 4, 2. Here my not, here I come! Kieran, where are you? Are you under the bucket?" Which he was, of course, because they had been hiding under it all morning. He wouldn't think of hiding somewhere different, that would be crazy! :) Then he counted and she hid under the bucket. Ah, minutes of entertainment! Her counting is always different too (and she TOTALLY knows how to count up to about 13, but not when playing hide and seek, apparently). Once she counted, 1, 2, 3, 40, 9, 10 :)

Riley started school on Tuesday (that's his first day picture on my header). He has an awesome teacher and is loving every minute already. He even had homework the first day (those grade 1 teachers are slave drivers!). He has about 5-10 minutes of it Mon-Thur and then the weekends are free. It's good because in kindergarten he was always disappointed that he didn't have homework. I'll have to remind him of all of this in middle school!

Kieran is anxiously awaiting his first day of preschool which is Monday. I think it's hard for him to wait so long after Riley goes. He's been counting days until he is in the 'big 4' class :) I can't believe we'll be registering him for kindergarten next month! Wow!

Oz (ok, I guess he's my 4th kid) is doing well. Sleeping through the night now and pretty well trained. Well, as long as Kevin isn't home. I swear the only times that dog pees or poops on the floor is when he's with Kevin. Kevin claims he can look after 3 kids OR a dog, but not both :) He can sit on command but isn't a fan of walking on a leash yet. That's my next thing to conquer since we walk a lot to get Riley from school.

I have one more 'in my head' blog, but maybe I'll save it for a bit. Don't want to type so much that all my tens of readers bail on me :) Have a great Friday, everyone!!