Wednesday, September 15, 2010

Stuck?! Sketches reveal and cute kid stories :)

You know what that means? Another Stuck?! Sketches reveal! I love looking at everyone's take on the sketch on reveal days. Lots of inspiration for sure! You can check it out here. This is the sketch we were working with:

And here is the layout I created with it. These pictures of Bridget crack me up :)

Kieran started preschool this week which made him a very happy boy and me a very happy mama to see him having so much fun and being down to 1 kid for a couple of hours. The first day was a hectic morning...we had to chase down Kevin's bus, take Riley to school, get groceries and then finally go to preschool. In all the chaos I forgot to take first day pictures!! Imagine, and a scrapbooker to boot! We recreated first day today and I also took some more pictures of Riley with his backpack this time and his new haircut (which he got gum in on the way home from the hairdressers I might add). I actually still have to put the pictures on my computer and I don't have my camera handy, but they are coming soon!

A couple of Riley stories :)

The other day I asked Riley if anyone had gotten in trouble in his class...if they had a time out or went to the principle's office. He said they don't have a bench to sit on this year, but they just have to sit at their desk if they aren't being quiet at circle time. I asked if anyone had to do that and if he did. He said that Noah did and he did. I asked if they were talking to each other. He said, " I was chatting more so I had to go sit at my desk first and then Noah did." I told him that in school he had to be good and follow the rules and not talk when the teacher was talking. He stops me and says, "It's in the past!" I said, "so..." He said, "So, we don't have to worry about it anymore, it's in the past!" Hmm...maybe he's seen that Lion King movie a few too many times :)

A couple of days ago he also declared that, "hummus is yummus!"

Yes, he makes me crazy sometimes, but ya gotta laugh at the kid! One more:

Kevin was feeding the kids breakfast this morning and told me that Kieran was saying that boys are tougher than girls. I think Kevin asked why he was saying it or something to that effect and Riley said that Sarah (his cousin) was tougher than him. Kevin said that someday he would probably be bigger than Sarah and would be tougher than her someday. Riley said, "yeah, when she's an old lady I'll be able to beat her down!" (Ok, I am literally laughing out loud while I type that!). He followed it up with, "but I wouldn't do that..."

I'll be back with pictures of my cuties, I promise. Funny how I think it's such a chore to upload them :) I also have pictures of some cool altered clipboards that I made for Kieran's preschool. I'm actually now in the process of making one for myself after having made 6 for other people. They are so fun to do!

Hope you all had a great Wednesday. Mine was not so great so I'm hoping for a better Thursday!! :)


Jasmine S said...

Love how you have used the ruled paper. I have so many sheets and I just never know what to do with it as it is so plain. Gorgeous work. Love your funky new background (well I think it is new as it caught my eye as I dont think I have seen it before). Fab action photos too.

Colleen said...

This layout is so fun. Those pictures are too cute. What a fun day that must have been.