Friday, September 10, 2010

Mish Mash Blog Post

I do a lot of blogging. I know you might not know it, doesn't seem like it here does it? But I do. In my head while going to get the kids, brushing my teeth, folding laundry. If only I could find away to plug my computer into my brain there would be a lot more blog posts here! Finding the time to sit down and do it is tough. Even as I type there are bathrooms to be cleaned, a playroom to be vacuumed and laundry to be folded. Sigh. But, the kids and pup are asleep so I decided to steal a few quick minutes to do this.

I realized I have yet to show you my projects that I did with the September Crop Addict kit! Yikes, I am so behind. This kit was so much fun to work with. It had a lot of the Bo Bunny Mama-razzi line in it, which is one I didn't buy any of. I just didn't think it was for me. Umm...guess I was wrong! It is perfect for getting some boy pages done which is good because they tend to get neglected! And I got a couple of birthday cards done which were needed for the month of August.

Fun stuff, eh? And I still have lots of this kit left over. You can do so many projects with it. You can get your very own kit here. All of the kits of filled with tons of goodies to work with every month. I'm sure I could easily do another 3 layouts with the stuff I have left and then of course some more cards with the scraps :)

During August I was also asked to guest design for Let's Capture Our Memories. Tanya asked different girls to design each month and kept it a secret until the reveal. What a great idea! It was fun to see who got picked each month. Here is what I created with her beautiful kit! Again, lots of this one left too and I hope to get some more done with it. Our life was just so hectic in August and I feel like things might just be starting to settle into a routine now. I also have some scrappy dates set up in the near future, yay!

Gorgeous girly papers! I was lucky to get a girly kit and and boyish kit in August!

Here's a layout that I LOVE that I did awhile back but don't think I ever posted. It's one of my faves!

Ok, on to my kids. I know you are all dying to hear about them :) Playing hide and seek with little kids is never boring! I love listening to Bridget now, it's just so cute. She was on the stairs counting the other day and I overhear, "1, you ready? 1, 2, 3, 4, 2. Here my not, here I come! Kieran, where are you? Are you under the bucket?" Which he was, of course, because they had been hiding under it all morning. He wouldn't think of hiding somewhere different, that would be crazy! :) Then he counted and she hid under the bucket. Ah, minutes of entertainment! Her counting is always different too (and she TOTALLY knows how to count up to about 13, but not when playing hide and seek, apparently). Once she counted, 1, 2, 3, 40, 9, 10 :)

Riley started school on Tuesday (that's his first day picture on my header). He has an awesome teacher and is loving every minute already. He even had homework the first day (those grade 1 teachers are slave drivers!). He has about 5-10 minutes of it Mon-Thur and then the weekends are free. It's good because in kindergarten he was always disappointed that he didn't have homework. I'll have to remind him of all of this in middle school!

Kieran is anxiously awaiting his first day of preschool which is Monday. I think it's hard for him to wait so long after Riley goes. He's been counting days until he is in the 'big 4' class :) I can't believe we'll be registering him for kindergarten next month! Wow!

Oz (ok, I guess he's my 4th kid) is doing well. Sleeping through the night now and pretty well trained. Well, as long as Kevin isn't home. I swear the only times that dog pees or poops on the floor is when he's with Kevin. Kevin claims he can look after 3 kids OR a dog, but not both :) He can sit on command but isn't a fan of walking on a leash yet. That's my next thing to conquer since we walk a lot to get Riley from school.

I have one more 'in my head' blog, but maybe I'll save it for a bit. Don't want to type so much that all my tens of readers bail on me :) Have a great Friday, everyone!!


Bella said...

LOL you make me laugh! Love the layouts and cards you did, and thats a great pic of Riley! XO

Colleen said...

I am the same way, blogging in my head but not on my computer. So glad to know I'm not the only one. :)