Wednesday, September 15, 2010

Ok, Ok, I uploaded the pictures so here it is a picture H.E.A.V.Y. post!

I forgot to mention that I ran in a 5 mile race last weekend. The boys also did a kids 1K race. It was a lot of hard work, but I manged to finish in 55min 36sec. The boys had a blast doing their own race too, just like mom :) The day was pretty cold, took me awhile to warm up. I also learned that I cannot drink a cup of water while I'm running...I almost drowned twice, lol! Anyway, here are some pictures (I apologize, I look like a complete dork while running but I did it!).

Boys ready to run!

Kieran, a wee bit excited!

They had fun playing on the rocks waiting for the race to start. I'm just glad we didn't have to go get stitches! That may have put a damper on my run :)

Can you find them?

Heehee! He was pretty fast and was really tired :)

Kieran making his way to the finish.

Post race popsicles with their cute sister :) They were so excited to get medals but Riley actually gave his to a friend who didn't get one since they ran out! He was thanked with a big hug from her! So cute!

The running crew!

Woohoo!!! Almost done! Kieran actually started to run out into the road ahead of me. It was a good thing he got out of the way because I didn't have the energy to run around him!

So proud of us!

Shout out to my running girls! Don't they look amazing for just having run 8K?! We rock!

Ok, so here we go with first day of school take 2!

My cutie with his K'nex sword or blaster or whatever it was at the time :)

Two big boys!

All ready to go!

Got some cute pictures of Riley but he wasn't looking at the camera in any of them :)

Perfect pose!

So cute!!


Sneezes are funny!!!

Awww :)

And finally, the clipboards I altered for the preschool. I totally wanted to keep them ;) But was so happy to be asked to make them for note taking at the school! They'll be used to jot down quick stories about the kids during class. I thought the little boy and girl with the speech bubbles were just perfect!

Ok, now I'm really done :) My blizzard has been delivered by my oh-so-fabulous husband! It is much needed after my crazy day of knocking my daughter in the head with a car door, spilling coffee all over my car, almost being backed into by a truck (while walking to school) not to mention dealing with kids who cry, whine, throw rocks, hit each other and a pup who peed in my dining room. Sigh. Ice cream, here I come!


AMY said...

You so deserve that ice cream!
Love the pics. Not everyone can get a sneezing action shot. And "Woohoo!" for the run!

Colleen said...

Congrats on the race! Great job!!

Jasmine S said...

Great pics. Love the clip boards. I might have to use that great idea one day ..

SaturdayShiraz said...

I must know what flavor blizzard you enjoyed. This will solidify or abolish our new found "best friend" status.

Monique said...

Great photos!!! and how good of you to do that run!!!!!
Love the clipboards!