Monday, April 25, 2011

Happy Easter!!

Easter weekend festivities...visits with good friends, egg dying, plying ourselves with chocolate, birthday party and playing at the indoor play place, youth group reunion, Easter Sunday church, more chocolate, Easter afternoon nap, turkey dinner at my Mom and Dad's, more chocolate, move night with my sisters-in-law (Lincoln Lawyer was so, so good!), a long walk to the playground with the kids and Oz (and an even longer, much longer, walk home). A very fun, happy weekend!!

I didn't snap any pictures of the egg hunt. I do have some video on my ipod, but it was all so chaotic and over in about 20 min that I didn't really get much of a chance. Heck, I was still half asleep. The hunt began and 6:30! And the kids, for whatever reason, were up numerous times the night before. Yawn. But here are some other pictures I took over the weekend:

(Sorry, watching tv at the same time and had to add, that I really, really dislike the commercials where they make on person turn into another. Heads all melding into each other. *Shudder* I find it very disturbing).

Dying eggs. I'm sorry to say, some eggs were harmed in the process.

Playing dress up and eating a 'chweese stwing' :)

They clean up pretty good. Though Kieran needs a hair cut and Bridget repositioned her own barrette in a crazy place :)

Riley's bouquet of flowers was made in church on Easter Sunday. Cute :)

So, it's been awhile since I've blogged. I haven't really been doing much scrapbooking. I've discovered crocheting and have taken a scrapbooking hiatus. I suppose it also doesn't help that my scrapbooking area is still in renovation mode. Hopefully once everything is settled I'll be more into it. But the crocheting has been fun. I've been teaching myself and watching a lot of YouTube videos in the process. I think I've got it mostly down :) Here's a hat that I made for Bridget:

Pretty cute, I think :) Perfect for those still chilly spring days. And, in B's case, for wearing around the house, and to naps, lol.

For whatever reason, my camera didn't want to work properly (wouldn't focus or flash) when I was trying to get a picture of Bridget in her crazy outfit...crocheted hat, summer dress, tights and slippers :) And Oz's bum got in the way. But still captures a funny memory.
I was still trying to get the camera to work and took a picture of Oz. Yes, he always looks this pathetic :)

A few funny things my kids have said recently:

Kieran asked for a new Star Wars book Riley had gotten from the book fair for bedtime story. Riley says, "It's a family favourite!"

A couple of weekends ago we were at my sister-in-law's and my nephew was having some problems playing hockey with the other kids and crying quite a bit during their game. We were talking about hockey in the car and how my nephew would probably play hockey next year and we were telling the boys they could too if they wanted. Riley says, "I reckon he'll cry a lot for them too!" Reckon? Where'd that come from? LOL!

Kieran insists on calling it, 'James and the Ginormous Peach'. Sometimes he uses Humungous :)

Easter Sunday Kieran thanked Grammie, "for the candy we don't deserve." Heehee!

We were all playing a board game the other night and Riley said, "Riley's turn!" Bridget starts laughing hysterically and says, "Riley said his name!" Then she says, "Bridget!" More laughing. "I said my name!" At that point we both erupted into a fit of giggles :)

Riley, "Mom, Kieran was hitting me with bubbles!"

I'm sure there are many more, but they escape me now. Must be time for bed. Gotta start the sugar detox tomorrow, haha!