Sunday, July 15, 2012

Greenspace Run

Today Kevin and I ran the Greenspace run at Rockwood Park. It was the third and final year for the event. Each year participants received a medal and they kind of fit together as a set. This was the year to finish out my set. It was the Go Big Or Go Home year. The first 2 years I did the 2.5 miler. The first year I had probably only been running about 2 months. Last year the 2.5 was a bit easier. Somehow I convinced myself that I could do the 7.2 miler. Yikes is all I have to say. I tried to build up my distance in the weeks leading up to it, but nothing really prepared me for the crazy hills (and where I live is hilly...I thought I would be prepared). A lot of the downhills were also covered in loose rocks so you couldn't even burn it going down or you'd fall or turn an ankle. Thankfully, the weather was overcast and I had Kevin to keep me company. He stayed with me even though I'm sure he could have done much better on his own. For richer, for poor, in slow times and slower times... It was a pretty rough run but we did it! I'm pretty proud. I'm also pretty sure I'm going to be in agony tomorrow...

This is us about a minute after finishing the race. Look we can still smile. Well, I can at least ;)

Kevin grimacing trying to get us both in the picture with our medals and me with blue teeth from my Gatorade. Running is so glamorous.

Still standing, still smiling. Miraculously.

The medals! I tried to rotate the picture, but for some reason it's not working for me and I'm too tired to fight with it. They 'fit together' by stacking one on top of the other, but in order to do that you'd have to remove the ribbons and the loops. They had them in a nice frame on display at the race today. Might look into getting that done. 

So, in short, Yay Me! Now for some much deserved sleep!

Tuesday, August 2, 2011

That's it, I need a smart phone

I keep telling Kevin I need a smart phone. I used to just say it because I wanted to be 'cool' like the rest of the world. Really, what does a SAHM need a smart phone for? Nothing. Heck, I barely use my cell phone stays in my purse dead for days at a time. I know...if I'm out and need knowledge (and by knowledge, I mean directions, a telephone number, or the keen desire to imdb an actor right away to find out what tv shows or movies they've been in before it drives me crazy because I'm sure I've seen them somewhere before!! You know, important things...) I either have to find a kind friend with a smart phone, or, God forbid, use a map, read a phone book or wait until I get home to use my precious internet. I know, it's a tragic life I lead. So, I tried to convince myself that I could get along without one.

However, the other day my kids were all playing a game of pretend. They were getting along. I know, I hardly believed it myself. I tried to make myself invisible as I quietly drank my coffee and surfed Pinterest. It worked for awhile. Until I heard that their pretend mother was lost. So, I walk out to see what their up to because my curiosity got the better of me (and my coffee was almost gone). I asked what happened and Riley told me that their 'mother' was lost and so they got to keep all her money. Me: "Aren't you going to go look for her?" Riley: "No, it's ok, we still have a dad." Nice. Really nice. So, I figure...I should probably get a smart phone for it's GPS capabilities. It's clear my children aren't going to come looking for me and they're going to try to convince everyone that I'm either dead or never coming back so they can inherit my fortune. My cell would probably be dead so I couldn't call for help. I figure if I had a smart phone I'd always keep it charged up for all it's other cool capabilities. You know, so I could play Angry Birds while someone came to my rescue.

The joke may be on them though because later in the game Riley came into the kitchen and said to me, "I'm old enough to hunt now so I do the hunting because our Dad doesn't like to. We have to hunt because we're poor. We only have $100. We like deer meat." Ha, take that. I only had $100 to my name apparently. At least if they'd come looking for me they'd have someone to clean their hunting clothes and cook their meat.

Yes, my kids are quite hilarious. I laughed a lot that day. I was on the phone trying to tell Kevin about their game and at the time Riley was telling me that they also lost their dad. Then he said they were like Moses and would have to be put in a river to go live with another family. Hahaha!!! Hey, I don't care what they're playing as long as they are getting along and not getting hurt. I'm still pretty certain once snack time rolled around they'd come looking for me.

Other funny things my kids do:

Sometimes, in our house, balls are balls and sometimes, they are 'bobs'. Example: Baseball, basketball, meatbob, eyebob. I can't explain it, but Kieran and Bridget both do it. Cracks me up so I don't bother to correct it. In fact, I now also call them meatbobs :)

Bridget likes icicles in her water at night. Not cubes. Maybe we have a geometry problem...

Roar like lions:

Riley did his hair in the bathroom forever like he's 16 instead of six :)

A lot of this:

Yeah, that last one pretty much sums up my life. Never a dull moment. Now where'd I put that map?

Sunday, July 24, 2011

Summer and the living is easy....

...hahaha!!! I think easy is probably not the most accurate word to use with 3 crazy kids and a slightly less crazy dog. But it's been fun. We've done swimming lessons, Bible camp, Magic Mountain, the Ganong chocolate museum, bowling, campfires, barbecues, beach trips, feeding the animals at the nursery, running for Mommy, birthday parties, pool visits, library trips, soccer, soccer, soccer, bubble blowing, squirt gun fights, trampoline jumping, late nights, early mornings, dirty kids. Phew!! Is it September yet? Just kidding, I really do love having them home and I'm sure I will seriously miss the company come school time. Ok, maybe the first week will be nice, but after that I will miss it :)

So, my pictures aren't that many. I hate to take a camera around water, so that rules out a bunch of photo ops right away. I did take it to the beach once. On that trip I lost a running skirt but thankfully the camera came back in one, happy piece. But here are a few cute shots of the kiddos

Ready, set....



Ready, set....





Jump!!! (a sploosh ensued :)).

Oz and his girlfriend, Sophie. She lives next door :)

Cute how he lets her have the upper-hand :)


Oz and his cousin, Tanner :)

A fairer fight.

Watching them play from across the room.


So cute :)

A race to put the chocolates in their proper place in the box at the chocolate museum. The workers can do it in 17seconds!!! Took us a bit longer :)

Getting a little help from his sister :)

Cracking the code. What's behind the door? A chocolate treasure?

"Hey, Mom!"


Just having a chat...

Asleep in pink boots, fruit roll-up in hand :)

Eating chocolate is exhausting!


Feeding the 'greedy goat'.

Crazy brothers! Can't get a semi-serious, normal picture of my kids lately.

Again, CRAZY!!

The 'cheese' picture.

The silly face picture!!

There, my summer thus far, in pictures (minus some water related pictures :)).

What really reminded me that I should blog tonight was Bridget's bedtime song. My kids do and say lots of cute things and I forget to write it down. I've been kind of slack lately and I can't afford to do that because they are growing up way, way too fast! Tonight, asked me for a "Mommy" song at bedtime. I said I didn't know a Mommy song so she said she'd sing to me. Her song went something like this:

Mommies love Daddies
And they love kids too, like Riley, Kieran and Bridget
And I love her too
And her flower is pretty and she is pretty
And I hug her

She went for a run and I missed her
Then she came back
Then she was crying and then she stopped (I asked when I was crying and she said, "it's just in the song...)
And there are flowers on my wall but they're not real
And there are words on my wall
Mommy's hair is black, her hair is black ("Mommy is your hair black?" Then I had to convince her that it was brown...)

She is so cute. She also likes to prolong bedtime and know that she can do that by being cute, lol. She also makes me bring her a sippy cup with water and 'icicles' in it every night :) I will try to be better at writing these cute things down!

Well, I should finish watching my mediocre movie. Just so you know, the previews of 'Limitless' are better than the actual movie! Be warned :)

Sunday, June 12, 2011

Secret Lives of Cats

Do your cats lead secret lives? Ours do! They've been very good at hiding it. I would never have suspected it if some of their friends hadn't given them away. I first heard about their secret identities a couple of years ago. I was chatting with one of our neighbours and she saw one of our cats and ask if it, indeed, belonged to us. I can't remember if it was Apollo or Artemis...if those are their real names... I said, yes, that both orange cats were ours. She then proceeded to tell me that they spent a lot of time around her house and that her grandkids had named them Peaches (Apollo) and Pumpkin (Artemis). Peaches at least used to go into their house and they'd give him treats sometimes. He was living the high life apparently. Then she told me that he used to even lay in bed with her husband who was very sick with, I think, MS. I can't remember exactly what disease it was now, but he was very ill. And Apollo, Peaches, would curl up and keep him company. I seriously got a lump in my throat as she was telling me. She seemed to really appreciate his company and her husband did pass away that same year. I've always thought it was nice that Apollo was able to give that family some comfort in a very difficult time.

Then, a few weeks ago, I was out at some yard sales with the kids. Trying to kill some time while Kevin was at a soccer workshop. We were at a house a street behind ours and their cat jumped up on one of the tables. I said that she looked familiar and told them that we had two orange cats. They said, "the big orange one? Apricot?" (ok, so I may be making Apricot up....I'm pretty sure it was a food name as well, but different from the previous ones...either way, they had renamed my cat). I said, "well, yes..Apollo and a smaller one, Artemis." They say, "oh, we call him (really a her...) Watson." Ok, crazy people... Riley did end up buying a toy there. I guess I didn't have the same soft heart since Apollo didn't curl up on someone's death bed there. They were also letting the cats into their house and feeding them. I mean, c'mon, that's just weird. I wouldn't let anybody else's cat into our house and start feeding it. And it's not just because I have enough on my hands with 3 kids, 2 cats and a's just plain weird. Who let's someone else's cat into their house and feeds them?

A couple of years ago Artemis was missing for a week... I thought she wasn't coming back then one day, poof, there she was in the backyard like nothing ever happened....I guess maybe she was hanging out with one of her other families. It's like Alias for cats around here! Maybe I should have named them Sydney and Vaughan :) I kind of like to think that maybe Apollo is some kind of good spirit or littlest hobo or something. Maybe it's his purpose in life to make people happy. I mean, not us, just our neighbours.

And yes, I know, I know...maybe they should have collars with their names. Honestly, they used to be indoor cats until I had Bridget. Before that they'd get a foot out the door and I could still catch them. Once I had 3 kids I think they realized that they could run and I couldn't spend my day chasing them. I gave them flea collars and wished them well. Our yard has been rodent free ever since! I did give them collars with bells for awhile but they did a pretty good job of destroying them before long. I mean, it's not like they're uncared for...they have at least three homes!

And, just for some more pet news...we have neighbours who picked up a beagle pup yesterday. Their girls had been looking forward to the pup for weeks. An exciting time as those of us with puppies all know! Well, this morning I'm checking up on Facebook and their status said that the pup got away from them on leash late last night and was still missing. We felt absolutely sick about the whole thing :( Kevin immediately took a drive around the neighbourhood looking but found nothing. This was one day that we didn't really have much on the go so we all got dressed and decided to take a walk around to look. At the end of our road there was a family who looked ready to head out on a walk too and we asked them if they'd seen her. Amazingly, she was in their bushes! She had been hanging out around their house apparently but they didn't know who she belonged too. We were thrilled! Oz was with us and was freaking out both at the pup and the couple's older lab. He wanted to play so badly and was about to take my arm off to do it so Kevin took him home and the kids and I took the puppy to her home.

Off we go down the road, me carrying the puppy because I'm terrified to put her down and the kids doddling along behind. We get to our friends' driveway and I tell the boys to run ahead and ring the bell. Bridget then falls in the driveway and skins her knee. Screaming commences. I talk her through getting up, dog still in arms and we manage our way to the door. I have never seen someone so relieved in my life as our neighbour this morning! The puppy thanked me by pooping on my arm :) I figure, it's not the first time I've been crapped on and it probably won't be the last! We stayed long enough to clean up my sweater and Bridget's knee and hear the story of how she got away. We were so, so happy to return that pup. I know I would have worried about her all day. What an awful first night! I hope that they had a fun day and a much more relaxing evening tonight!

Oh, also, while we were there Kieran noticed a picture on the fridge of their little girl, who went to preschool with him, and her best friend from preschool. He then promptly asked, "where's the picture of me??" Haha! I told him maybe there'll be one there next time now that we're pet heroes :)

When we were returning home Kevin was outside with Oz off leash and he saw us and came BOUNDING down our lawn, which is a pretty decent slope. He kind of splayed out on all fours at the bottom and got up limping. Luckily, he started walking after not long. I think he might have pulled a muscle or something because if he's been lying down for awhile he limps the first couple of steps after he gets up and then he's fine. Poor big galoot!

Thus ends the pet edition of Everyday Moments :)

Monday, May 30, 2011

Preschool Graduate

Kieran's preschool graduation was last week. Hard to believe another Winchester is all done preschool. He is so looking forward to kindergarten and Bridget simply cannot wait to start preschool in the fall!

Kieran had been counting down the days to his concert. I'm sure he was excited for the concert part but a big part of the day was the ice cream party afterward. Give a kid a bowl of ice cream and about 10 toppings to pile on himself and he's a pretty happy boy :) He did well with the concert too...singing and doing the actions. Much better than Riley, who, I think took his shoe off and began inspecting it along with the girl beside him. Maybe that was when he was in the 3 year old class... Either way, Riley was never really into performing but Kieran loves it.

The songs and poems all went really well, the kids did an awesome job! The last 'surprise' song was slippery fish. If you care to know the song you can click here. At the end of the song a whale burps, which was part of the surprise for parents. The kids, of course, all think it's hilarious and are laughing hysterically when the whale uses his manners and says, "pardon me". Funny how they don't catch that part. Anywhoo...when the teacher says to listen for the surprise at the end, Kieran's best friend starts yelling, "he burps! he burps! he burps!!!!!" LOL! It was too funny. I think I caught it on my ipod, but the battery is dead and I can't check for sure :) Kieran then, in the middle of the song, starts explaining that his mommy knows what happens because I've done duty when they've sung the song. It was all quite funny. But we made it through, he officially graduated, diploma and all and proceeded to stuff himself with ice cream.

No idea why he insisted on crossing his arms all day, but at least I got him to lose the serious look :) Btw, that orange shirt was a fave all year...he wore it the first day, picture day and now for his last day.

The best teachers EVER!!

Diploma time! This was the best picture I could get before he ran away, lol. Guess he was afraid they'd change their mind and he'd be held back :)

Performing takes a lot out of you...time to recharge :)

It's also exhausting pretending you are in preschool...Bridget needed a recharge as well!

Best friends!

After preschool Grammie and Grampie took Bridget to their place so Kieran could have Mommy and Daddy time. We took him to Indigo to spend a gift card he had. He bought some armour for his zhu zhu pet (yes, boy zhu zhus have armour and weapons and nice :)). He also bought a couple of books...Cars and Superman, Kieran favourites! Then we went to East Side Marios for lunch. Surprisingly enough, Kieran wasn't that hungry, but Mommy and Daddy were starving! Kieran's lunch came with 3 little ice cream cones too, haha. He shared with Kevin and me though so it wasn't too much more for him. This after eating only french fries for lunch. Not a stellar eating day for Kieran, but you only graduate from preschool once. Hopefully. At least you do when you run away with your diploma.

The day was rounded out with picking Riley and Kieran up and heading to a playground. Of course, about 5 minutes after we get there, Bridget has to go to the bathroom. No porta potties in sight so we head home because I feared a #2 situation and the woods wasn't an option. This is after making her go right before we left. Sigh. Then we finally do all that, get back to the playground and play for 5 minutes before boys are ready to head home. I think they were hot (this was on one of the precious few sunny days we've had this spring) and tired and Riley just wanted to read his new book (Percy Jackson...I'm reading it to him and we are LOVING it!). Grammie and Grampie fed us supper, so no cooking for me that day, woohoo! It was a really fun day! So nice to play hookie from chores and have the day with family. It's always fun too when we get to spend one on one time with the kids. Kieran loved his special day.

Ok, I'm very sleepy so I can't write anymore. I feel like this post is pretty boring to people who aren't me anyway. I will be back with more from this past weekend. It was our first family run all together :) I'll also have the first (and, hopefully, last) installment of the secret lives of cats, specifically the Winchester cats.

I know, I know, you can't wait! But you have to!

Tuesday, May 17, 2011

Kieran's Birthday...a couple of weeks late

My poor neglected blog. At the end of the day sometimes it's just not what I want to do. I'm spent. Wasted. I sit in front of the tv in a coma. Ok, sometimes I muster some energy to read or craft. But in general, my mind is not in a place of writing. At least not anything that anyone would want to read. But here I am. I may be in that place even now. If so, feel free to move on to another place. I recommend Pinterest...that's where I've been spending much of my time, haha.

Kieran's birthday this year was bug themed. Ok, ok, the kid wanted a penguin themed party, but I convinced him to do bugs. Where on earth was I going to find penguins in May?! The kid sure loves penguins though. In exchange for doing a bug party now I had to promise him that we could have a winter penguin party where they could each invite a couple of friends just for fun....with a penguin cake, sliding, hot chocolate, the whole shebang! He seemed ok with that and I'm sure he won't let me forget. SO, bugs it was!

The morning of Kieran's birthday was a preschool day. But not just any old preschool day, his 'special day' where he gets to pick and bring the snack and have everyone sing Happy Birthday. But, but, not just any special was field trip day! This was the morning of his birthday....

I am FIVE!!! And I'm going to....


Dude, this stuff is heavy!

Beep! Beep! Bridget liked it too :)

The kids had a blast and the firefighter who led the group was amazing! So friendly and funny. He welcomed all the kids to come back and visit anytime. He may regret that by the end of the summer...

Supper was a family party with hot dogs, what else?? That kid would live on hot dogs and pancakes... And bug cupcakes for dessert.


Tastes like chicken.

The following weekend was Kieran's friend party...this involved on kid crying half the time and one asking to go home many times, one that was sick and couldn't come and 2 that actually had fun (well, 3 if you count Kieran). I guess as long as he had fun it was ok. I think some kids were having an 'off' day. Who can blame them with all the rain we'd been having. Ah well, when they complained I just gave them some more treats and sent them on their way...sorry moms :)I was hoping to do the party outside and get to look for actual bugs but that was a no-go. So, we had a hunt for plastic bugs which they got to keep (I guess the moms probably preferred this to real bugs and dirt going home :)). We also played pin the spider on the web and Kevin made *ahem* *cough, cough* balloon animals. Ok, so it was our first ever attempt and he's braver than I am. I'm scared to twist balloons. So...feast your eyes upon...

Guesses, anyone? This is a bee. This is by far the best animal made that day I think. And, I still have 2 more pictures to go, haha. Seriously, I'm actually laughing as I type. Next...

Guesses on this one??? LOL! This is a, um...ladybug. I know, I know. Kevin had a little more practice and had it actually looking more like a ladybug by the end of the party. We didn't get any pics though because our dollar store balloons started breaking. Shocking.

And, last but not, well ok, I guess it IS least

The WORM! :) I think this was actually a bee that was formed and reformed and finally B decided she just wanted a worm. Smart girl :)

There were some other wild creations but alas, I didn't get any pictures. There go my hopes to start renting Kevin out as a clown!

I think the bees actually look better on the wall :)

The cake was a dirt cake. By far the easiest cake ever in life. I mean, it is SUPPOSED to look like DIRT. Easy peasy! So, some cake, some pudding some whip cream, cream cheese and cookie crumbs, mix them up, throw them on a platter with some bugs and a shovel and we are good to go! Love it! Kevin also said it was the best tasting cake I've ever made. I wasn't sure whether I should be happy or insulted. But, it WAS chocolate and Kevin loves chocolate so I guess that was why. I wouldn't let him take the leftovers to work though because I thought the dirt cake looked even worse all smooshed into a tupperware container. I mean, his co-workers don't know I could actually make a decent cake if I tried! I can! Maybe I should have sent him with the left overs and pictures of previous cakes to make me feel better :)

The party favours were cute but again, I don't think I got any pictures. Apparently I was slacking off that day. We got little bug catcher containers from the dollar store and little magnifying glasses. They were fun. Add some bug candies, a squirt gun, some stickers and it was a nice little treat box :)

So, another birthday down! Phew! Now I have until October :) Riley already wants to have his birthday party at the museum so we may do that. Seems totally up his alley.

In other news, yesterday, the sun came out!!! Woohooo!!! Man, it has been raining and cloudy and gross for weeks! But, the blackflies were so bad you could hardly stand outside. We can't win! Today was a bit better. Half a day of sun and fewer flies. Maybe a nice summer will come.

When we couldn't enjoy the weather outside I threw the kids outside with boots and umbrellas to play. I ran out, took some quick pics and then watched from my nice warm, dry house :) They had a blast though and then some warm baths!

Now, people were saying what a great mom I was for doing this. Umm, seriously people, I threw my kids out in the cold rain and shut the door! LOL! Yup, Mom of the Year here. Where's do I pick up my award?

And, the forecast for tomorrow...rain! Phew, good thing, I was starting to get heat stroke with all that sun. I think see the Cullens moving in across the street!