Monday, May 30, 2011

Preschool Graduate

Kieran's preschool graduation was last week. Hard to believe another Winchester is all done preschool. He is so looking forward to kindergarten and Bridget simply cannot wait to start preschool in the fall!

Kieran had been counting down the days to his concert. I'm sure he was excited for the concert part but a big part of the day was the ice cream party afterward. Give a kid a bowl of ice cream and about 10 toppings to pile on himself and he's a pretty happy boy :) He did well with the concert too...singing and doing the actions. Much better than Riley, who, I think took his shoe off and began inspecting it along with the girl beside him. Maybe that was when he was in the 3 year old class... Either way, Riley was never really into performing but Kieran loves it.

The songs and poems all went really well, the kids did an awesome job! The last 'surprise' song was slippery fish. If you care to know the song you can click here. At the end of the song a whale burps, which was part of the surprise for parents. The kids, of course, all think it's hilarious and are laughing hysterically when the whale uses his manners and says, "pardon me". Funny how they don't catch that part. Anywhoo...when the teacher says to listen for the surprise at the end, Kieran's best friend starts yelling, "he burps! he burps! he burps!!!!!" LOL! It was too funny. I think I caught it on my ipod, but the battery is dead and I can't check for sure :) Kieran then, in the middle of the song, starts explaining that his mommy knows what happens because I've done duty when they've sung the song. It was all quite funny. But we made it through, he officially graduated, diploma and all and proceeded to stuff himself with ice cream.

No idea why he insisted on crossing his arms all day, but at least I got him to lose the serious look :) Btw, that orange shirt was a fave all year...he wore it the first day, picture day and now for his last day.

The best teachers EVER!!

Diploma time! This was the best picture I could get before he ran away, lol. Guess he was afraid they'd change their mind and he'd be held back :)

Performing takes a lot out of you...time to recharge :)

It's also exhausting pretending you are in preschool...Bridget needed a recharge as well!

Best friends!

After preschool Grammie and Grampie took Bridget to their place so Kieran could have Mommy and Daddy time. We took him to Indigo to spend a gift card he had. He bought some armour for his zhu zhu pet (yes, boy zhu zhus have armour and weapons and nice :)). He also bought a couple of books...Cars and Superman, Kieran favourites! Then we went to East Side Marios for lunch. Surprisingly enough, Kieran wasn't that hungry, but Mommy and Daddy were starving! Kieran's lunch came with 3 little ice cream cones too, haha. He shared with Kevin and me though so it wasn't too much more for him. This after eating only french fries for lunch. Not a stellar eating day for Kieran, but you only graduate from preschool once. Hopefully. At least you do when you run away with your diploma.

The day was rounded out with picking Riley and Kieran up and heading to a playground. Of course, about 5 minutes after we get there, Bridget has to go to the bathroom. No porta potties in sight so we head home because I feared a #2 situation and the woods wasn't an option. This is after making her go right before we left. Sigh. Then we finally do all that, get back to the playground and play for 5 minutes before boys are ready to head home. I think they were hot (this was on one of the precious few sunny days we've had this spring) and tired and Riley just wanted to read his new book (Percy Jackson...I'm reading it to him and we are LOVING it!). Grammie and Grampie fed us supper, so no cooking for me that day, woohoo! It was a really fun day! So nice to play hookie from chores and have the day with family. It's always fun too when we get to spend one on one time with the kids. Kieran loved his special day.

Ok, I'm very sleepy so I can't write anymore. I feel like this post is pretty boring to people who aren't me anyway. I will be back with more from this past weekend. It was our first family run all together :) I'll also have the first (and, hopefully, last) installment of the secret lives of cats, specifically the Winchester cats.

I know, I know, you can't wait! But you have to!

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