Tuesday, August 2, 2011

That's it, I need a smart phone

I keep telling Kevin I need a smart phone. I used to just say it because I wanted to be 'cool' like the rest of the world. Really, what does a SAHM need a smart phone for? Nothing. Heck, I barely use my cell phone ever...it stays in my purse dead for days at a time. I know...if I'm out and need knowledge (and by knowledge, I mean directions, a telephone number, or the keen desire to imdb an actor right away to find out what tv shows or movies they've been in before it drives me crazy because I'm sure I've seen them somewhere before!! You know, important things...) I either have to find a kind friend with a smart phone, or, God forbid, use a map, read a phone book or wait until I get home to use my precious internet. I know, it's a tragic life I lead. So, I tried to convince myself that I could get along without one.

However, the other day my kids were all playing a game of pretend. They were getting along. I know, I hardly believed it myself. I tried to make myself invisible as I quietly drank my coffee and surfed Pinterest. It worked for awhile. Until I heard that their pretend mother was lost. So, I walk out to see what their up to because my curiosity got the better of me (and my coffee was almost gone). I asked what happened and Riley told me that their 'mother' was lost and so they got to keep all her money. Me: "Aren't you going to go look for her?" Riley: "No, it's ok, we still have a dad." Nice. Really nice. So, I figure...I should probably get a smart phone for it's GPS capabilities. It's clear my children aren't going to come looking for me and they're going to try to convince everyone that I'm either dead or never coming back so they can inherit my fortune. My cell would probably be dead so I couldn't call for help. I figure if I had a smart phone I'd always keep it charged up for all it's other cool capabilities. You know, so I could play Angry Birds while someone came to my rescue.

The joke may be on them though because later in the game Riley came into the kitchen and said to me, "I'm old enough to hunt now so I do the hunting because our Dad doesn't like to. We have to hunt because we're poor. We only have $100. We like deer meat." Ha, take that. I only had $100 to my name apparently. At least if they'd come looking for me they'd have someone to clean their hunting clothes and cook their meat.

Yes, my kids are quite hilarious. I laughed a lot that day. I was on the phone trying to tell Kevin about their game and at the time Riley was telling me that they also lost their dad. Then he said they were like Moses and would have to be put in a river to go live with another family. Hahaha!!! Hey, I don't care what they're playing as long as they are getting along and not getting hurt. I'm still pretty certain once snack time rolled around they'd come looking for me.

Other funny things my kids do:

Sometimes, in our house, balls are balls and sometimes, they are 'bobs'. Example: Baseball, basketball, meatbob, eyebob. I can't explain it, but Kieran and Bridget both do it. Cracks me up so I don't bother to correct it. In fact, I now also call them meatbobs :)

Bridget likes icicles in her water at night. Not cubes. Maybe we have a geometry problem...

Roar like lions:

Riley did his hair in the bathroom forever like he's 16 instead of six :)

A lot of this:

Yeah, that last one pretty much sums up my life. Never a dull moment. Now where'd I put that map?

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