Sunday, July 24, 2011

Summer and the living is easy....

...hahaha!!! I think easy is probably not the most accurate word to use with 3 crazy kids and a slightly less crazy dog. But it's been fun. We've done swimming lessons, Bible camp, Magic Mountain, the Ganong chocolate museum, bowling, campfires, barbecues, beach trips, feeding the animals at the nursery, running for Mommy, birthday parties, pool visits, library trips, soccer, soccer, soccer, bubble blowing, squirt gun fights, trampoline jumping, late nights, early mornings, dirty kids. Phew!! Is it September yet? Just kidding, I really do love having them home and I'm sure I will seriously miss the company come school time. Ok, maybe the first week will be nice, but after that I will miss it :)

So, my pictures aren't that many. I hate to take a camera around water, so that rules out a bunch of photo ops right away. I did take it to the beach once. On that trip I lost a running skirt but thankfully the camera came back in one, happy piece. But here are a few cute shots of the kiddos

Ready, set....



Ready, set....





Jump!!! (a sploosh ensued :)).

Oz and his girlfriend, Sophie. She lives next door :)

Cute how he lets her have the upper-hand :)


Oz and his cousin, Tanner :)

A fairer fight.

Watching them play from across the room.


So cute :)

A race to put the chocolates in their proper place in the box at the chocolate museum. The workers can do it in 17seconds!!! Took us a bit longer :)

Getting a little help from his sister :)

Cracking the code. What's behind the door? A chocolate treasure?

"Hey, Mom!"


Just having a chat...

Asleep in pink boots, fruit roll-up in hand :)

Eating chocolate is exhausting!


Feeding the 'greedy goat'.

Crazy brothers! Can't get a semi-serious, normal picture of my kids lately.

Again, CRAZY!!

The 'cheese' picture.

The silly face picture!!

There, my summer thus far, in pictures (minus some water related pictures :)).

What really reminded me that I should blog tonight was Bridget's bedtime song. My kids do and say lots of cute things and I forget to write it down. I've been kind of slack lately and I can't afford to do that because they are growing up way, way too fast! Tonight, asked me for a "Mommy" song at bedtime. I said I didn't know a Mommy song so she said she'd sing to me. Her song went something like this:

Mommies love Daddies
And they love kids too, like Riley, Kieran and Bridget
And I love her too
And her flower is pretty and she is pretty
And I hug her

She went for a run and I missed her
Then she came back
Then she was crying and then she stopped (I asked when I was crying and she said, "it's just in the song...)
And there are flowers on my wall but they're not real
And there are words on my wall
Mommy's hair is black, her hair is black ("Mommy is your hair black?" Then I had to convince her that it was brown...)

She is so cute. She also likes to prolong bedtime and know that she can do that by being cute, lol. She also makes me bring her a sippy cup with water and 'icicles' in it every night :) I will try to be better at writing these cute things down!

Well, I should finish watching my mediocre movie. Just so you know, the previews of 'Limitless' are better than the actual movie! Be warned :)

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