Sunday, July 15, 2012

Greenspace Run

Today Kevin and I ran the Greenspace run at Rockwood Park. It was the third and final year for the event. Each year participants received a medal and they kind of fit together as a set. This was the year to finish out my set. It was the Go Big Or Go Home year. The first 2 years I did the 2.5 miler. The first year I had probably only been running about 2 months. Last year the 2.5 was a bit easier. Somehow I convinced myself that I could do the 7.2 miler. Yikes is all I have to say. I tried to build up my distance in the weeks leading up to it, but nothing really prepared me for the crazy hills (and where I live is hilly...I thought I would be prepared). A lot of the downhills were also covered in loose rocks so you couldn't even burn it going down or you'd fall or turn an ankle. Thankfully, the weather was overcast and I had Kevin to keep me company. He stayed with me even though I'm sure he could have done much better on his own. For richer, for poor, in slow times and slower times... It was a pretty rough run but we did it! I'm pretty proud. I'm also pretty sure I'm going to be in agony tomorrow...

This is us about a minute after finishing the race. Look we can still smile. Well, I can at least ;)

Kevin grimacing trying to get us both in the picture with our medals and me with blue teeth from my Gatorade. Running is so glamorous.

Still standing, still smiling. Miraculously.

The medals! I tried to rotate the picture, but for some reason it's not working for me and I'm too tired to fight with it. They 'fit together' by stacking one on top of the other, but in order to do that you'd have to remove the ribbons and the loops. They had them in a nice frame on display at the race today. Might look into getting that done. 

So, in short, Yay Me! Now for some much deserved sleep!

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