Monday, November 24, 2008

Random snippets of our life

Oh my...I can't believe in one month we'll be sitting around waiting for Santa :)  Time is just flying this fall!  First off, I'll start with our Halloween since I haven't blogged about that yet.  We had a great time trick-or-treating with the cousins.  Nothing like 8 kids 5 and under coming to your doorstep (accompanied by 5 adults...yes, we were quite the pack :)).  Here are some pics of our little cuties...

(yes, it is impossible to get a good picture of my three kids together!  Doesn't Kieran just look like he's saying, "Aaarggh!"  He usually likes to add, "walk the plank, matey" to that :)).

(all 8 of them...and I thought it was hard to get a picture of 3!).

Riley is loving school as always!  He has two girl friends (ok, so he doesn't really know what a girl friend is...I think to him they are just boys with long hair, lol!  His preschool is over half girls so he plays with lots of girls).  He's always talking about them and one of them is just as crazy as he is so it works out well (or not so well for the teachers probably).  He also had his kick off to Kindergarten day last week.  It's one hour that the kids go and do different stations with the Kindergarten teachers to get them used to what school is going to be like.  He can't wait, of course and he came home with some fun goodies (magnetic numbers and letters, books, crayons, etc).  "Big" school is going to be such fun for him!  I took him last week for his four year check up and he's 41lbs (which means either their scale is weighing light or ours is weighing heavy since he's usually 42 or so here...Kevin and I choose to believe the latter!). and he's 3'8" tall.  Hard to believe he was just 6lbs, 13oz 4 years ago when I was pestering you with all the baby updates :)

Kieran seems to be learning new things everday.  His vocabulary has just exploded (though at times he's still hard to understand, especially if you aren't mommy or daddy!).  He's very stubborn (Kevin says he gets that from's hard to argue with I must admit).  He's learned to dress himself and always wants to "gubise" (surprise for all of you who don't speak Kieran) us when he does it all by himself.  Mommy is thrilled about this since it's one less kid to dress in the morning (even if he does wear his pants backwards all day).  

Bridget grows sweeter and cuter everyday.  She's just the best little baby, although she does seem to be becoming a mama's girl (which her mama is DEFINITELY ok with!).  She'll let people hold her but it's not long before she wants mama again.  She's trying to do an army crawl now and is usually successful in getting a toy that's a foot or two away.  I know I should be encouraging her, but it would be nice if she put off the crawling for a little while.  I've got my hands full as it is!  She just started playing peek-a-boo on her own yesterday too (putting the blanket over her head herself and moving it away when I say, "where's Bridget").  The boys are very good to her.  I took her and Kieran to get groceries today and he was constantly talking to her and kissing, so cute!

Hmmm...what else is new....

The boys like to "skate" down our hallway in their sock feet.  It's a morning ritual now.  Usually they also pretend they are superheroes (their faves are superman and batman).  We also enjoy kitchen dancing as a pass time with Love Story by Taylor Swift being my new fave!  Time to break out the Christmas music soon though!

We went to Uncle Adam's wedding in Halifax.  The highlight for Riley was the restaurants, lol! Man, that kid likes to eat!  I think we can all agree that if Kieran gets his stubborness from me, then Riley gets his appetite from Daddy (also his pacing...I wish they would both just sit down already!!!).   We had fun visiting old friends and playing in the pool at the hotel (including the water slide of death which the boys and daddy loved, but mommy was not such a fan since it caused me to put my tooth through my lip!  I'm not the only one who thought it was scary...Connie, Amy...I think you'll back me up here!).  I guess the wedding was nice too, but since I had to drag 2 kids out of it, I'll have to take everyone's word for it!  The couple looked beautiful, I know that much :)  The drive home in the pouring rain and wind was scary, but we made it and except some sleep deprivation the weekend went fairly well.  My pictures aren't great....lets see if I have a couple of decent ones...

(Brothers :) )
( least they're all looking at the camera...)

(the classic Stewart pose :)  Do they ever smile???)

(what a doll!)

(yes, I did buy my blouse to match Bridget's outfit!  And what's even more sad is that I'll buy scrapbooking paper to match them both!!)

Ok, that is seriously all the good pictures I got before everything went to pot (can I say that?  I guess, it's my blog...don't let the kids read it.  I guess you could just tell them it's a kitchen don't get sayings anyway...make something up! Oh right, they can't read yet...I guess they can't all be like Kevin reading at I won't believe it unless someone produces a video!). 

The kids and I had supper with our old neighbours in Halifax.  It was so nice to catch up with them again!!  Thanks so much for supper and the great visit Shelley and Bunty!!  Here are a couple of cute pics of the kids :)

We also had time for a very quick coffee before we hit the road on Sunday with an old friend of mine from way, way back (think 20 years back :)).  Was so nice to reconnect with her again.  Hope you don't mind if I post this pic Sarah, cause here goes!

We took the kids to the KV Santa Claus parade the other night.  I think they had more fun playing in the new snow.  It was fun and thankfully not as cold as last year.  Santa was a hit, but they may have been more excited to see Super Why!  They sent their letters to Santa.  Riley wants Helmet Heroes and a play-doh set that makes ice cream sundaes and Kieran wants a hockey stick (like Amrik's :)) and "big" markers (no, I'm not sure what that big is big???).  I'm sure Santa should be able to come through on these ones!  

We've done a couple of photo shoots of the kids now to try to get some decent ones for framing and Christmas cards and such.  I'm done paying money at the Superstore to get crappy pics...figure I can do at least as good as that on my own (not that the Superstore doesn't take nice's more that my kids are uncooperative.  Other people get LOVELY pictures there...please don't stop going there, lol!).  Once we're done editing the pics you'll all get to see them in all their beauty!!  (plus a few out takes!). 

On to my scrappy life :) We had the November reveal at Paws on the 15th.  Feel free to check out my gallery here. I've been working on some other top secret (i.e. Christmas) projects that I can't reveal ;)  Hopefully I'll have some more fun stuff to post soon.  If I wasn't so pressed for time I'd set up a slideshow of my work on here.  Maybe in the next few weeks.  I've already been doing this for an hour.  Must go clean and scrap some more now before a child wakes up needing Mommy.  

Have fun getting ready for Christmas!!! 

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Great blog. About that "stubbornness" thing - the apple doesn't fall far from the female tree!