Thursday, December 18, 2008

Having fun...

You've probably noticed that I'm having fun playing with my blog :)  Trying to make it a little spiffier, a little cheerier for Christmas!  I'm also typing without my left shift key which is very annoying.  It's broken and tends to fall off (especially when little fingers get at it!).  

Are you all ready for Christmas?  I'm almost there I think.  I did some wrapping last night and should be doing some more now. Especially since Kevin is at the hockey game and all the kiddies are in bed.  But here I sit, playing with my blog instead.  I still can't get the slideshow to work properly with picasa so that's why all of my pics are still old ones.  I might just remove it and put it back in later.  I think I need more technical help from Kevin :)

Riley had his preschool Christmas concert yesterday morning (luckily before the storm hit and they cancelled school at noon).  It was cute.  And, and...he actually did some singing and actions (he's usually adamantly against such things.  He's not shy either so I'm not sure why.  Guess he didn't get that Winchester gene for performing...sorry to let that side of the family down, lol).  It was chaotic with all the parents/grandparents/siblings, but it was a pretty pleasant morning.  The kids had a little party after the concert and Santa even made an appearance.  All the kids got to sit on his lap so that was nice.  No waiting in line for a lousy mall Santa for us!  Bridget wasn't such a fan, but Riley and Kieran went right up to sit with him (I'm sure the bag of candy canes had nothing to do with it...).  I got pics of the boys but our camera died when Bridget sat with Santa.  Another mom took a pic, but I don't have it yet.  You aren't missing out on much's not much of a picture (no fault on the mom's part...just Bridget crying).  But really, I was thinking about it and chatting about it with my friend, Cindy, and what other time of year would you ever just plunk your baby into some strange man's lap???  Umm...NEVER!  So really, I don't blame the poor kid.  Maybe next year we can bribe her with candy!

Ok...I am literally laughing.  This is the first time I've looked at the pics myself and we took FOUR of Riley and this is the best one, believe it or not!  Santa was telling him to wave though.  Next year he should tell him to put his hands down and smile or no presents...then maybe we'd finally get a decent picture.  Now off to look at Kieran's.  LOL, literally...wait til you see this one....

Hmm...maybe I can photoshop him a shirt.  Got a little Britney action going on there, lol!!  It's actually a nice picture other than the belly button.  Probably still the best pic of the three of them.  How sad is that?!

So, preschool is over and the wait for Santa is going strong.  We have a gingerbread house to make on the weekend and I have a few more things I would like to bake.  A bit more wrapping, possibly a teeny bit more shopping and then we're done.  I still can't believe that it's only a week away.  It really doesn't feel like it, though the snow helps a bit. 

We had the DT reveal at Paws on the 15th.  Here are the projects that I made with this month's kit.  

It was a fun kit to work with.  I really loved the Pink Paislee silver rubons!  I still had a couple more things I had wanted to do with it, but life and colds got in the way! 

I also altered a Basic Grey (I laugh when I write this because I know that most of you reading my blog are NOT scrappers...Basic Grey is the name of the manufacturer, though, coincidentally, the tin is ACTUALLY grey as well...ok, I digress) tin that I've had for a couple of years.  I made it to hold handmade cards.  I love the way that it turned out!

Ok, you are probably tired of reading this so I should get off my butt and go do something productive.  Or I can sit here and be lazy and see what Christmas special is on CBC tonight.  Oh, hockey, well that's festive...  Guess I really will have to go find something to do :)  Or maybe I'll just play some more with my blog (yes, I am having too much fun!).

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melw said...

Great work Amanda!! Love that card tin!!