Wednesday, December 24, 2008

One more sleep!!

Not sure about you, but the excitement is sure mounting in this house while we patiently wait for Santa :)  Have a few last minute things to do today, going to make a chili for supper, bake cookies at the McHarg house, have supper with Grammie, Grampie and Uncle Scott, then get the kiddos in their jammies for church tonight.  Then Kevin and I will watch a Christmas Carol which I have yet to see this Christmas!  Can't let the day come without seeing it!

Ok, so I totally did pull the flower off that LO.  I haven't decided what I'm going to do in that space yet so it's waiting for me until after the holidays :)

Here are the promised pics of the gingerbread house (which I might add, no longer exists.  You try keeping 3 boys away from an edible house...yes, I said THREE...have you all met Kevin???).  

Aren't they cute???

I just love the concentration on his face.  He took his task very seriously!

Ok, so those are in bckwards order but I'm typing with one hand while holding a squirmy baby so I'm not fixing them, lol!

And, a few pics of Bridget in her Christmas dress...

Look at that face! Haha!  Yes, quite the little lady!

(Ok, so we relaxed on our strict no touching the tree rule :)).

That's pretty much as good as a picture of the three of them gets! :)

I'm not sure I ever posted this LO.  We played scrap lift tag at Paws.  So, one person created a LO then the next person lifted it, then the next person lifted that lift and so on.  We didn't see all of the LOs until the end, just the one we were lifting.  So, it's kind of like playing telephone tag when you were little and the message gets all change.  It was neat to see the progression of LOs. Anyway, here is mine.  Totally not my normal style, but the girl that I was lifting does a lot of distressing so I tried to bring that though in my LO.

And I have some more exciting scrappy news!  I've been asked to be a Guest Designer at Scraplovers for the month of February.  I'm very excited to get to work with the talented girls on that site.  And my good friend Cindy made their DT!  Congrats, Cindy!!! 

Ok, one last cute Riley story.  Kevin and Riley went out the other day to get lunch at McDonald's and I gather that the conversation went something like this:

Riley: Maybe I can wear gloves to eat so that I don't have to wash my hands after I'm done.  
Kevin: But then you'd just have to wash the gloves.
Riley: If they were magic gloves then we wouldn't have to wash them and they would just clean themselves each night so that they would be clean in the morning.
Kevin: Are there any magic gloves like that?
Riley: No, I guess there's no gloves like that in the whole world.  
Kevin: No, I guess not
Riley: Maybe I could use a bag.
Kevin: But then you'd have to wash the bag
Riley: Unless it was a MAGIC bag.
Kevin: Yes, unless it was a magic bag.
(Ok, I'm literally LOL as I type that).

There, Uncle Adam, that story was for you.  Merry Christmas!! I know you love Riley's stories :)

Merry Christmas everyone!!!


Cin Cin said...

OK, THAT made me LOL!
('magic bag!')

Congrats on your GDT at SL! SO happy for you!

Merry Christmas, W Family!
I hope Santa finds you and treats you well!


Adam said...

Thanks Amanda! I do love those stories.... Merry Christmas Winchesters, I miss you all!