Tuesday, November 30, 2010

Is it wrong...

Is it wrong that I'm sitting here in my yoga pants and sweatshirt sipping coffee postponing all the many things I have to do today?

Is it wrong that my kids are still in their jammies? Kieran and Bridget are wearing matching candy cane jammies and love that they match. They are calling themselves best buddies and it's just cute. I told them they could stay like that until lunch.

Is it wrong that I really hope the doctor is running behind for my appointment so that I can sit and read in peace? I may even grab a coffee. Sorry mom and dad...hope the kids are good for you :) Yes, stay at home mom's do get excited about doctor's appointments alone! Our lives are so glamourous!

Is it wrong that I'm glad there isn't enough snow outside to make me feel like I should take my kids out to play in it? I hate winter, but suffer for them. I know my days of suffering are coming! :)

Is it wrong that I may not get Bridget's hair cut until she starts school? I love it, it's cute and she IS my only girl!

Is it wrong that there are fingerprints all over my window but I just look at it and shrug instead of cleaning it? Really, they'll just be back half an hour after I do!

Is it wrong that my laundry hamper is always overflowing? I really do try to conquer it but it almost always wins!

Is it wrong that I'm more excited to watch Empire Strikes Back with Riley than he is? Maybe he is a bit more excited, but I think it's pretty even :)

Is it wrong that 2 years ago I made a December Daily album but have yet to fill it? This will be the year!

Is it wrong that I have a sewing machine and I'm afraid of it? My New Year's resolution is to learn to use it! Anyone want to hold my hand?

Is it wrong that I just want to bake everyday in December? I may even start a day early ;)

Is it wrong that I haven't blogged in so long?! Yes! :) My kids say so many cute things that need to be recorded. Kevin said I should get a twitter account to just put those in :)

The other day Riley said, "Lego people don't know they're Lego. They just think they're people." When we asked how do we know if we're Lego, he said that we don't live in a Lego house. We asked how do we know we don't live in a Lego house and Riley kicked the cupboard and said, "if this was a Lego house it would fall down!" I hope all the Lego people all over the world aren't buried under a pile of Lego rubble because they tried the same trick. Maybe it's best to not know :)

When Riley was soundly beating me at Monopoly Jr. he said, "I'm EXPLODING with houses!"

The other day I took off Bridget's dress because she had accidentally gotten the tie in the toilet. She asked why I was taking it off and I told her. She said, "not because I wiped my nose on it?" I said, "did you?" "Yes." Sigh.

She was reading a book to me one day and she turned a page and all of a sudden kind of laughed and said, "I can't read!" LOL! This was of course when she was supposed to be settling down to bed. So hard to get her to do that when I'm constantly laughing at her!

Kieran does say cute things, I promise, but I honestly can't remember any. He's more my empathetic kid. He made us say a prayer in the van last night while we were waiting for Kevin and Bridget to pick up supper. He wanted to pray for a little girl in his class who was recently diagnosed with cancer. He really is so sweet it breaks my heart a lot of the time. He wants to be best buds with Riley and Bridget and is always giving them his most favourite toys to play with! Combine that with his killer dimple and I could just squeeze him all day long!

Is it wrong that I've been sitting her blogging so long? Is it wrong that the kids have actually been playing together all that time without fighting? Something about it feels wrong...there's probably writing all over my walls, lol! And the dog, how come he's been quiet so long... Maybe I should see what's going on...

Is it wrong that I haven't blogged anything scrappy in so long? Yes! But tomorrow is a Stuck?! Sketches reveal so I will be back with that as soon as it's up on their blog :)

Well, coffee cup is empty, guess I should face the day. I'll leave you with some funny pics though :)

Ok, that one's not funny, it's just cute :)

Hmm...not sure why the colour in this one is so bad, but Riley cracks me up :)

Kieran desperately wanted his picture taken too, but then doesn't really smile or look at the camera. I tried. He's saying cheese but his heart isn't in it, lol!

Nevertheless, the pictures make me laugh. It's classic Kieran! Oh, the other day I said, "do you have Middle Child Syndrome? MCS?" He was being REALLY whiny! He went into the living room and told his grandparents, "I know how you spell Middle Child Syndrome...MCS!" LOL!

Ok, really gonna do something productive now (as I type this Lego is flying past my head...never a dull day!).


Bella said...

You always make me laugh! Love your kids and you!! XO

Gigga said...

What a great read.. I have a new sewing machine and I am too afraid to use it too.LOL.
Thanks for sharing...

Sar said...

AWESOME POST!! love it. xx