Sunday, November 14, 2010

Hello Again!

Yes, shocking, I'm actually updating. Seems I don't get here as often as I'd like. I've been busy crafting. I recently made some altered frames, clipboards, journal jars and cards for a craft fair. It was my first time selling some of my things. It started out slow, but the day turned out well in the end. I've even started a FB page (Everyday Art...go like me, it, haha!). I have some orders on the go and may try another fair in early December. I also held a card class at my house last night with a really fun bunch of girls! A little wine + a lot of creating = FUN in my books!!! I'm doing another one at my sister-in-law's place on Saturday. So, I've been very busy creatively! In addition to all that I'm running kids places, volunteering at schools, walking a dog and cleaning the house (ok, that one may suffer a bit here and I look at the piles of laundry around me!).

In other big Winchester news, Riley recently lost his first tooth!! It was so wiggly for awhile, so much so that he didn't want to eat (if you know Riley at all, you know that is NOT normal!! lol). One morning he was complaining that he didn't want to eat breakfast so we told him to just pull it out. He didn't want to but he was playing with it a bit and then it just fell out. The look of shock on his face was too funny!

The tooth fairy visited our house that night in her green dress (we know because we caught some of her fairy dust in a glass of water :)) and she left Riley a toonie. He asked in the morning how much it was and we told him $2 and he thought, "oh, I thought I'd just get a penny." LOL! I should have let the tooth fairy know :)

Some more cute Riley-isms:

This morning he was telling Kieran he could see things out of his 'side eyes' LOL! I may start referring to my peripheral vision that way :)

The other night the kids were looking at the moon. They are thrilled that it gets dark early now. Makes them feel like they are staying up late every night, lol! We were looking at the moon and talking about the phases and Kevin told them that when you can't see the moon it's called a new moon, but he said he didn't know why. Riley said, "I would call it a goner moon." Heehee!

And one for Bridget, she said today, "I want to drink coffee in my bed all day." Umm, yeah, me too!

Riley also had his first viewing of Star Wars. It was a special night just for him. I think Kieran would have been a little afraid anyway. He LOVED it and I loved watching it with him because I love it too :) Too cute to see his reactions to everything!

Well, we are off to Judo. I'll be back soon, promise :)

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