Thursday, September 4, 2008

New LOs and some other stuff...

I just finished two LOs that I am really happy with.  So glad, because the other day I thought I was losing my touch...I could come up with nothing!  

Here's one of Riley's first year in preschool.  I can't believe how much he has changed...he looks so little :(  They're all growing way too fast! 

And one of little Bridget (guess I should do one of Kieran!!).

Another Riley funny...Yesterday at lunch he said, "I'm really enjoying my meal!" grown up.   Then he said, "Thanks for that yummy meal.  It sure was delicious."  :)

And I swear that short weeks always feel longer!  I can't believe that it isn't Friday yet.  Need to get the kids out to run around today.  We were all going shack wacky yesterday in the rain.  Then I crazily made muffins while getting supper ready with a crying baby.  Guess I was trying to keep myself busy and sane :)   Thankfully, it's nice out today so we can have some outdoor fun after quiet time (i.e. the most wonderful time of the day!).

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