Monday, September 1, 2008

A birthday weekend

We had two birthdays in our extended family this weekend. On Saturday we had a big BBQ at our house for Nana's birthday. Thankfully it was a nice day so the kids could play outside and run some of their energy off (and all the sugar from the Kool-Aid jammers...thanks Uncle Ben!! lol). It was a really fun day. We attempted to take a picture of Nana with all the kids. Here's our best attempt...

That evening Riley went for a sleepover at Aunt Amy and Uncle Ben's house. Apparently it was 10ish before the kids finally settled down and went to sleep!!! Then, Riley was up at 5:30 talking to his cousins to wake them up. Hmmm...wonder if he'll be invited back anytime soon?? Needless to say, yesterday was a nap day for Riley!

Yesterday was Grampie's birthday. We asked Kieran what he wanted to get Grampie for his's how the conversation went:

Me: "Kieran, what do you want to get Grampie for his birthday?"
Kieran: "A present."
Me: "What kind of present?"
Kieran: "A birthday present."
Me: "What kind of birthday present?"
Kiearn: (pause) "A candy present!"

So, Kieran got Grampie a few different types of candy for his birthday. Riley wanted to get Grampie (and himself) a water gun, so we bought 3 water guns (one for Kieran too). So, yesterday all the boys had a water gun fight at Grammie and Grampie's house. The hose was involved too. Apparently Kieran takes great delight in squirting others, but is severely opposed to being the target! At least the kids were good and tuckered out for bed last night (except for Bridget, but that's another story). And, some pics of water gun fun:

Daddy's birthday is next week. He and Riley have decided they should have a robot cake :) We'll see if that's exhausting enough making them for the kids parties! Kieran has also decided that Daddy needs a candy present (I'm sure Daddy wouldn't argue with that!!).

Hope everyone had a great holiday weekend! Back to reality (i.e. chaos) tomorrow!

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