Thursday, August 28, 2008

Mostly Riley

Aahh, Riley is such a funny little boy. He's so smart and grown up, which is cute (and frustrating at times). Tuesday night was his last night of soccer. He loves going to soccer and had missed it the previous 2 weeks because of rain. It did rain a bit on Tuesday but luckily they still held soccer. Grampie, Bridget and I all went too so Grampie and I could take some pictures (I guess I get this picture taking thing honestly enough). All the kids are just too cute in their little soccer shirts. Here, the younger kids each play with a parent. So, they do one on one soccer drills instead of having a pack of 3 year olds all chase one's nice and I'm sure they learn more that way. When it started to rain. Bridget and I went to hang out in the car. Grampie soon joined us. Well, at the end of soccer practice, Riley comes back to the car shirtless and with a medal, heehee. I was pretty sure they were going to get a medal, but forgot they'd have to give back their shirts :) It was just too priceless a sight. And, even more exciting for Riley since the Olympics just ended and he actually knows what medals are. Kevin said that they each got a little baggie with a Fundy soccer pin, a couple of fruit leathers, and a medal. When Riley found the medal I guess he was pretty surprised and said, "I was so good that I got a medal?!" How cute is that. Well, he's still wearing it :) And thankfully, he does share with Kieran once in awhile, much to his delight. It's all about the medals in the Winchester house nowadays!

Riley in his "ready" position. They actually had professional pictures taken at one point which we didn't have done. I think it's crazy that they now do pictures for EVERYTHING a kid does and really, I take enough pictures that I don't need professional ones too. This is pretty much the exact position they had them stand in for the professional one and really, I think my pic is just as good! Better even because I like my angle :) The only thing I might change is Riley's blue mouth (he had just had blueberry grunt at Grammie's house, lol), but I guess that's part of being a kid.

Bridget enjoying the game before we got rained out :)

Oh, another Riley story from earlier that day. Heehee, I'm horrible but I still laugh when I think about it. If you know Riley, you know how he can't be still, he just can't! And he's always squirming or climbing. Well, he was going up the stairs and was hanging on the railing and he got his knee stuck in it! It's kind of hard to explain...when you come in our front door there are stairs going down and stairs going up and stairs going down, so he got stuck kind of hanging over the ones that go down. I thought it would be no problem to get him out so I ran to finish what I was doing (ok...he was crying a bit, but really, they cry a lot! So, I didn't think too much of it). Then I tried to get him out and couldn't. Ok, then he really started freaking out. He thought I was going to leave him there forever. Actually, I think the biggest fear was that he was going to miss soccer. A couple of phone calls to Daddy, a lot of crying and screaming, much laughing on Mommy's part (ok...I knew he wasn't hurt and that I WASN'T going to leave him there forever...I'm sorry, I might be horrible, but I found it amusing) and we got him out. I had to bend his knee more and pull up on him. Thankfully, Kieran was running back and forth keeping Bridget happy. Through his sobs after I got him out, he told me he would NEVER do that again. He was pretty freaked. Hopefully, he learned a lesson. He also said he was going to tell his coach what happened (which, yes, he did. Though, he tells his coach...and everybody...everything! He's kind of a chatterbox....wonder where he gets that (as I notice this post getting longer and longer)). But he got out and got to soccer, so we're all good! Hey, Uncle Scott....bring back memories of Florida...heeheehee.

Ok, one last Riley funny that Daddy told me this morning. Kevin always sings the boys songs from the radio (i.e. the country station) before bed. I tell you, I don't think he knows ONE real bedtime song (there are a few I have banned..."cleaning my gun" is one that I can think of off the top of my head, lol). Anyway, I digress...shocking. Kevin sings a song to them called "Birmingham" and told me this morning that Riley thinks it's called "Burning Ham" (ok...I'm LOL as I type that). "Daddy, can I have the Burning Ham song?"

I'll end with a sketch that I posted on Paws last night for the one hour sketch challenge. Had to throw something scrappy in here....

And here's the LO that it's based on....

Ok...I'm done, for those of you who made it to the end! Yay, Thursday...I can see the weekend!!

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Uncle Scott said...

LOL. I had almost forgotten about that day watching the elephants at bush gardens. I got my leg stuck between two postsa and it took a half hour and a half bottle of sunlight to get me free. At least our little medal winner got out in time for soccer.