Tuesday, August 12, 2008

Hoping for a better Tuesday!

Yesterday was ROUGH in our house. Riley bit Kieran twice and peed his pants twice and Kieran peed his pants once :( Plus just the "boys being boys" thing of fighting. All that combined with the fact that I got very little sleep the day before made for a pretty rough day, so I'm praying today is better. I suppose there were some bright spots though. Bridget had two long naps (which apparently just results in her getting up more at night....so still trying to decide if that's good or not). I won a blog giveaway on Kathy Thompson's blog (one of the fun new decor elements from Stampin' Up) and my most recent LO that I did for the POS Sketch DT was accepted into the Basic Grey gallery! So, all was not lost because I did have those happy spots in my day.

So, today will be a better day...I've already decided! Riley has playschool so I'll take the other two to get groceries (yes, I know, not always the best plan, but it needs to be done!). And I definitely need to buy more night lights for this house. The boys' burnt out the other day so last night we had to leave the bathroom light on. I find it very hard to sleep with bright lights on so I definitely need to go buy night lights. I'll get one for the bathroom too in the hopes that Riley might actually use the bathroom in the middle of the night. Kieran is now going to bed in underwear and Riley still wears a pullup (I feel like he will wear it to university....some university students are pretty lazy. Maybe Pampers should make pullups and market them to teenagers).

So, Happy Tuesday to you all! Here's my LO that made it into the Basic Grey gallery!

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emily said...

i found you over at CMK...our lives are VERY similar!! i am a sahm of 3...my oldest JUST turned 4! my husband and i have been married for almost 6 years as well! crazy!
glad you've joined the crew at CMK!