Tuesday, August 5, 2008

Busy, busy Tuesday

I'm exhausted! I took Riley to playschool this morning, then crazily took my other two kids to the grocery store. It was all good until we were going through the checkout and Bridget cried the whole time. She was so tired the poor thing (though the checkout lady insisted on telling me all the other things that could be wrong with her..."oh, look, she's hungry...probably wet too"....Thanks, lady!). Poor baby also cried all the way home. Then I had to carry groceries upstairs and put them away while carrying her. Needless to say, I made many, many trips up and down stairs. Then....Kieran decided he had to pee on the potty. I abandoned putting away groceries (all refrigerated stuff was away anyway), put him on the potty and went to change Bridget. When Kieran was ready to wash his hands he was saying he needed a cloth to wipe the stool (he had peed on it when he was on the potty...he likes to put his feet on it). So, then I cleaned up pee, changed a baby and was back out the door to get Riley. Then home for lunch and finally naps. Phew!!!

Then we had a very fun, but very sticky afternoon making Rice Krispie squares. You know the commericals where making Rice Krispie squares is all blissful and clean...yeah, not in my house!! I swear I have Rice Krispies from one end of my hosue to the other. The boys were eating them off their clothes. But at least it keeps them busy for awhile. Oh, I neglected to mention that they aren't actually squares, but those molds that you get in the cereal boxes...boats and flowers today :) So, we actually have to dig into the bowl and make shapes. This also involves a lot of spraying their hands with cooking spray which they take great delight in :) Simple things! Here are some pics after the process!

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