Tuesday, August 26, 2008

Another milestone, another LO

Yes, I know, my life is not that exciting. Kids and scrapbooking, it's all I have, LOL! Bridget tried cereal for the first time on Sunday and seemed to take to it pretty well. I don't think she goes after it with the same enthusiasm that the boys used to (especially Riley), but she seems to like it and it seems to agree with her, so we're all good. Here are a few pics of her experience:

This is the anticipation!


More, Mommy!!

All done...time for the hose!!

So, that was our fun for Sunday :) She's growing so fast! I think I see a second tooth almost broken through too!

We had the reveal of our sketch DT LOs yesterday at Paws so I can finally share this LO. I am really pleased with it, which is good since that sun too forever to stitch :)

We had a fun playdate yesterday with our American friends :) A good friend was here with her little girls...they seem so calm compared to my crazy boys, lol! It was nice to have a chat with a grown up.

I think Riley has his last soccer practice tonight. The last two were cancelled because of rain so he'll be happy to go tonight. The school will start and swimming...hard to believe we're already so busy when our kids are so young! Guess it will never end. Sigh...I need a nap!

Well, off to watch Super Why with the kids (love, love that show!). Happy Tuesday!!

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