Friday, August 22, 2008

A milestone and a LO

Bridget is growing like a weed! You know, one of the really pretty a daisy or a buttercup!! She is a great joy to this family and is one of the most pleasant babies around :) And she hit another milestone today...a tooth!! It's barely poking through, but I can feel it. I'm sure this is earlier than the boys had theirs. She is just growing too quickly. I told Kevin I was going to push it back in because it was too soon (please don't call social services...I was only joking...kind of). I think we're going to start her on cereal this weekend. She's a big girl and she's really grabbing for our food now. I think she'll go right from cereal to pizza with the way she wants to eat!!

I finished a LO last night of two of my gorgeous nieces :) I just love this picture of them and am extremely happy with the way the LO turned out! Thanks to Cindy for the great sketch. This was a Wednesday night challenge over on the BB at Paws!

Can I also just say that I ventured out to Indigo and Michaels today with all 3 of my children. Yes, I am brave (or is that...insane??). To my delight they were very well behaved (Indigo rocks with lots of toys to keep them busy). I picked up a couple of Christmas gifts (yes, I am on the ball..only a little over 4 months!!) and a birthday gift. And now...they are ALL napping!! Yes, I am wonder woman today, LOL!

I am currently typing without one of my shift keys. Bridget ripped it off this morning. It has actually come off many times before so it was an easy task. But it is very annoying so I think this post is done :) Happy Friday!!

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