Tuesday, November 10, 2009

Busy, Busy!

Life's been hectic! I've been doing kids' craft classes and card classes, taking kids to and from school, going to meetings, cleaning, laundry, DT work! Phew, I could use a vacation! Anyone have a palm tree for me to sit under and a drink with an umbrella? :)

Some funny Riley stories...it's been awhile. On the weekend Kevin was wearing his shorts (this was before this unusually warm weather). He was outside and I could see his breath. I commented that maybe he should have more clothes on and of course, he scoffed at me. Riley says, "That's how God made Daddy special, he made him able to wear shorts in the winter." Heehee.

We got the boys a digital clock for their room so Riley wouldn't yell, "is it time to get up yet?" from his bed every morning at whatever time he woke up. We told him it had to be 6:30 or later (I really don't think that's asking a lot!). Anyway, the night we set it up Riley kept checking the time. "Mommy, it's 6:08, is it time to get ready for bed yet?" I told him it wasn't time yet. Then a little later, he says, "Mommy, it's 6:14." Ok... Then, "Mommy, time is really moving fast because it was 6:14 and now it's 6:15!" Time may have been moving fast for him, but it was a long evening for me!

Kieran is loving preschool. There's one little boy that he plays with a lot that he says is his friend because "he's the same size as me." Haha. So cute. He's still my best sleeper and my pickiest eater :) And those dimples still manage to get him out of trouble sometimes!

Bridget is getting smarter everyday! We think she a genius, though we admit, we may be a bit biased. But she points out everyones clothes when I'm folding them, tells us that her belly hurts (which is pretty good to know at 20 months, and we know she meant it because she had just thrown up!), is able to tell us that her cousin hit her in her ear with his knee. Stuff that I would barely expect her to realize at this point let alone be able to tell us so clearly. She's been a Daddy's girl lately, which some days bothers me and other suits me just fine to hand at least one kid over! She's a funny, gorgeous little girl!

I have lots of scrappy stuff to post, but for now I'll just put up one thing. Be sure to head over to Treasured Scrapbooking for the ChaChaChanges Cyber Crop! TS has a new owner, our very own Erin! After much consideration, Leslie decided to sell her baby to concentrate more on family life. But her baby is in good hands with Erin...she's already rockin' the site and I know she'll continue to do so. So, in honour of this big change we're having a cyber crop! Head over to check out the challenges from the DT and drool over all the amazing work that is soon to hit the gallery. My challenge is to add some beading to a card or layout. Here are some examples...

Here I beaded a border:

Here I beaded the heart in the 'love':

And here, I beaded the swirls:

Have fun creating!!

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Tanya said...

WOW !! Amanda, your bead work is gorgeous!! I have so many beads and have been wanting to do this!!!!!!!

Ur such an awesome Mom! Meet you under the palm tree baby xo