Tuesday, October 20, 2009

Where does time go?

October has been so busy and I've been neglecting my blog big time! Today my first baby turned 5!!! I can't believe it! And he's just so big and gorgeous and smart and funny! He drives me nuts sometimes, but he also makes me laugh and smile. I'm so proud of him and am so happy to be his Mommy!

We had his friend birthday party on the weekend. This year it was a rocket ship cake that almost made me insane on Saturday. Icing was sliding off, cones were falling out. Ugh! No more rocket ships. I know it doesn't look much like one, but that's what it is folks! At least he loved it. He kept saying, "I can't stop looking at my cake!"...made it all worth it! Then 12 kids proceeded to devour and destroy it...sigh. He had a blast at his party though and we made it through with only minor bloodshed (one little boy had a minor nosebleed), but even he had fun!

Here's the cake:

Today he had a great day at school. I think they sang Happy Birthday to him and he got to 'move his ring from the 4 year olds to the 5 year olds' whatever the heck that means, lol! Tonight we had supper with some of the grandparents...pizza and ice cream sundaes (I only do one cake a birthday, people!). He got some more really nice gifts and had fun with his microscope that daddy picked out for him. He also loved the card I made for him...he really likes when I make layouts of him or cards for him. I think he's my biggest fan! So cute!

We still have one more party to look forward to on Sunday. The family party with all the cousins. We're also combining it with our annual pumpkin carving party. I think apple cider, roasted pumpkin seeds and chili are in order! Yay, fall!

I've been doing some scrapping lately, but not as much as usual. Basically just trying to get what needs to be done finished. It's been too busy for anything else! But here's a layout I did recently that was featured in the Treasured Scrapbooking newsletter. It's a scraplift of a layout by LisaNRoxy...if you're a scrapper, you should definitely check out her work here. This one fits the season too :) And, and...it was my first time making one of those big pretty bows! Turned out pretty nicely if I do say so myself!
Most of the supplies for this layout were from the Treasured Scrapbooking October Kit #2. Gorgeous kit! Check out kits here.

Last, but CERTAINLY not least, LCOM has a big crop coming up this weekend and I am SO excited to go! Tanya is going above and beyond organizing this do! I've been lucky enough to see some of the behind the scenes goings on and I can just say is that the girls will not be disappointed. I can't wait to hang with my scrappy friends!!

Well, I'm off to bed. Bridget has been getting up between 5:30 and 6 the past bunch of days so I think I need to start heading to bed a bit earlier. I am totally zonked at the end of the day! Hope to update you more often now that things are slowing down a bit!


Amanda Muirhead said...

wow girl!! AMAZING cake and AMAZING layout!!! Can't wait to see you this weekend!!!!!!!!! :D

TraceyT said...

Happy Birthday, R! FAB job with the everything... the cake, the page and the blog design.

emilysue said...


crop time, love your cake, and Layout, and how you love to be R's mom

can't wait to see you this weekend!