Wednesday, December 16, 2009

The most wonderful time of the year...

is also the busiest time of the year! Man, I feel like I've hardly sat down in the last 2 weeks...all the shopping, baking, cleaning, crafting, Christmas concerts! Phew! Santa, could you please bring me a day of doing NOTHING this year? I'm nearing the end of things though and should be able to relax next week with the kids (yes, relax with the you think it's possible? I sure hope so!...OK, Santa, if you can't bring me a day of doing nothing, can you please bring me a case of wine? heehee!).

The boys both had Christmas concerts this week. Kieran's was yesterday and he's been rehearsing stuff on his own at home, but once it was show time, he pretty much just stood there taking it all in. I don't think he really knew what to expect. (He later told me that he couldn't sing because his leg was sore, lol!). Santa also made an appearance and all the kids got to sit on his lap and got candy canes. Kieran was hesitant (as were many of the kids in his class, I was surprised), but I told him that we needed a picture to show Daddy what happened at school...worked like a charm :) Bridget also got to sit on Santa's lap, but it was only for the candy once she saw what all the other kids were getting. I didn't get a great picture of her and there was no way she was getting on his lap again once she already had the goods, lol!

Riley's concert was today and it was so, so cute. He was pretty much like Kieran in preschool...not much participation. But not this year! He was singing along and so cute! Apparently, his teacher asked if I was excited to go to the concert and he said, "she's' sooooo excited!!" Heehee!

Kieran is really getting into drawing and trying to write his letters. He's getting so good at it! But, since he's been focusing so much on such things, we've noticed his left eye turning in. Took him to have it checked out and looks like he's going to need glasses. The sight in his left eye is apparently pretty bad but he's 20/20 in his right. So, after Christmas he'll have another exam and find out what prescription he needs and get glasses. Not sure he really gets what's going on, but hopefully it will all go well.

Bridget gets funnier by the day! There isn't a single day she doesn't make me laugh out loud! Her looks just crack me up. She kept pointing out Santa today at Riley's concert, even to the point of turning to the people behind us and pointing him out to them, lol. She was probably just wondering when the candy was coming!

And a funny Riley/Kevin converstaion:

R: "Daddy, I want to go away for Christmas some year, like Franklin does to see his Grammie and Grampie."
K: "When Mommy was little she used to go away every year to Fredericton to visit her Grammie and Grampie."
R: "No, Mommy's Grammie and Grampie live in Cape Breton."
K: "No, Mommy's Nana lives in Cape Breton."
R: "I know that, we went to visit her twice. She lives in a churchy, lunchy kind of place." (My grandmother is in a nursing home and when we went to visit her once she was sitting outside the chapel and she has a tray on her wheel chair which is where I assume the 'lunchy' came from).
R: "We went to visit another an too...."
K: "Uncle Neil?"
R: "No..."
K: "Uncle Ross?"
R: "Yes!! I like him! I love his chips!" (My Uncle Ross gave each boy their very own bag of chips and they were in heaven, lol...they usually only get a couple at a time. Uncle Ross sure knows the way to Riley's heart, haha!).

Riley also now says, "I know" every time you compliment him. So humble, that child :) Wonder which parent that comes from...I think it's an engineering thing...shhh (every once in awhile I like to see if Kevin reads the blog. Really, anyone who made it this far is a saint!).

December reveals at Treasured Scrapbooking were yesterday. Here are my creations:

And a sketch based on this layout:

This is my last month as a designer for Treasured. They are welcoming a new team in January. I have enjoyed my time there sooo much...the girls are all fabulous and the kits totally rock. I'm looking forward to getting to participated in more challenges there each month with some of my free time :) To check out some more creations from the design team, check out the gallery here.

Here's our Christmas card. Every year I try to get a good picture of the kids and end up with tons of hilarious outtakes. I can't resist doing up a collage that just makes me giggle. Hope you all appreciate it too!

Tired of reading yet? Well, I'm tired of typing so that's it for now. 9 days...are you ready? Ho, ho, ho!


Bella said...

Hehe! I love kid conversations, they are so cute!

emilysue said...

i hope you have a relaxing Christmas, and if Santa can't bring you any wine, come over here, we have lots :)