Wednesday, September 9, 2009

A BIG day!!

09-09-09. Was it a big day in your house? It was in ours! Today was Riley's first day of kindergarten and Kevin's 30th birthday. Riley was so excited. When I went in to his room and told him to go say Happy Birthday to Daddy he said, "ooooh, I'm so excited, it's my first day of kindergarten!" Daddy did get a happy birthday eventually :) So, it was a busy day of taking Riley to school, making a chocolate cake with minty frosting, making a picture frame for Kevin with the kids handprints on it (yes, paint in the midst of my busy day, heehee...I meant to have this done earlier, but Kevin's been home for the past 4 days!), making supper. I don't think I sat down all day so it sure is good to sit now!

Riley had such fun today. He was very excited to eat his lunch at school (hey, the kid likes to eat!). He knows some kids in his class already. He told me all about the books they read and the games they played. He especially liked music class when they played 'Who Stole the Cookie'. He told me there's no running in the halls and you have to walk on the gray lines :) At least he was listening, heehee. He wants left over butter chicken for lunch tomorrow. Bet he'll be the only kindergartner with butter chicken...glad he's not picky.

Kevin had a nice birthday supper and now he's at a church meeting. Fun way to spend a birthday, heehee, but you all benefit by getting a blog post :)

Here are some pics from the day:

Bridget will be ready for kindergarten soon too, lol. We were counting to 10 the other day with the boys and I swear she said at least half the numbers. And she'd say the next one when we paused. My little smarty pants. She also a bit beat up...a couple of bruises on her head and a burn on her wrist...she figured out the 'child proofing' on the water cooler. So, that's shut off now! She's still super cute though :)

No, it wasn't that cold...she just really, really likes hats :)

Kieran can't wait to start preschool next week. He's very excited to actually get to stay after 2 years of dropping Riley off! And then it will be his morning. This was his reaction today to us taking so many pictures of Riley and not him...
Which kind of reminds me of this picture when Riley was so annoyed that we were taking Kieran's picture (even though we promised Riley we would take his too after we took some of Kieran :)).

And one scrappy thing (because what's a blog post without something scrappy). I got my layout done for Treasured Scrapbooking's September 1st reveal. I sometimes feel like I should add more to my layouts but then I decide that I really like them how they are and I'm afraid if I add more I'll ruin it. I really love the layered look but never seem to pull it off. Guess I'm just a simple scrapper :)
Hope you had a great 09-09-09! :)


Cin Cin said...

OMGosh! Happy 30th B-day Kevin!! It's crazy how everything fell on 09/09! I Hope Little Man had a great first day too! your pics are FAB! Happy 09/09/09!

teacher jessy said...

Such a lovely layout!!