Wednesday, March 31, 2010

Bring It

LCOM's Scrap-ivor is underway!! Woohoo! Our team is the Paperpushers and we're ready to crush our competition (or cover them in glue and paper, haha!!).

I'm doing a retro layout as part of my team's challenge this week. It's well underway, but I can't show it yet...don't want to give the other team a head's up (because I'm sure they're all undercover stalking my blog, haha!).

Should be a fun competition. You know, if I don't get kicked out the first week...

So, I've decided to just never let Bridget look out her window at bedtime. The other night she saw the moon. All good. Looked at it a couple of times. Fun, educational. Well, that was followed by 3 nights of rain. No moon. The first night there was a lot of confusion and crying and looking for the moon. We finally calmed her down. Bedtime took a bit longer, but she finally went to sleep. Then tonight she saw a cat. Umm..we have cats, she can see them anytime. But no, she wanted to see that one cat again. "Where cat go?" Sigh. "He went home, to bed." " See him?" Repeat...followed by much crying. Then she wanted me to sing the 'girl' song? I had no idea what she was talking about. More crying. Thankfully Kevin saved me and knew that she wanted him to sing 'Don't take the girl'. Of course, how could I have not known? Bedtime is starting to wear me out...

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