Wednesday, March 17, 2010

Bridget's TWO!!

Yup, she's two and I think those terrible two's will be hitting soon. She likes to just scream at me sometimes for no apparent reason. No idea where she would learn to scream like that in a house with two perfectly behaved, calm boys...ha!

So, here are a few pics from her party. It was low key (well, as low key as it gets with 8 kids 6 and under....but that's just the cousins and that's how we roll pretty much all the time :)).

Here's her butterfly cake. Hands down the easiest cake I've done. No standing up pieces to come crashing down and have me cursing. Only two colours of frosting. So stress free. And the boys had fun helping me sort (and sample) the candy.

Here's the pony that Daddy bought for her on her b-day when they went to the store for groceries. She loves him...he's napping with her now :)

Playing outside before supper.


I also made a sweet little banner for her birthday (and Riley did one too :)) but I still have to take some decent pictures of them.

Her personality is so cute and totally showing through now! She is sweet and sometimes saucy. The other day she was saying something and Kevin said, "What Bridget?" and she yelled, "I'm talking to Kieran!!!" And one day she wasn't going to sleep for her nap and when I went in she said, "I'm so sick of this!" Haha. I'm sure she never hears anyone say that... :)

Ok, so that was a Bridget heavy post :) I promise I'll be back next time with some cute boy stories. Riley said something really funny the other day but it's slipped my mind right now. Should really write those things down when they happen! Enjoy your Wednesday!


emilysue said...

wish i could have stopped by, looks like a fab cake

she's so cute, !!!!!!!!

just lisa said...

awww...happy birthday to her! How adorable and that cake looks delish! So pretty!!

becca said...

this cake is awesome! Im taking a few minutes to blog hop from Scrap That. I love your pages, especially the one you did for Lily Bee...darling! good luck with that BTW. :)