Sunday, March 7, 2010

End of March Break already?!

I must admit that having 3 kids home all day is a lot more work than 2, but it's also so nice to all be together. Kevin took Thursday and Friday off and we've been having fun hanging out together. I think the kids have had a fun time...we've had playdates, gone to the zoo and the movies and today we're going to the playground and to the Sea Dogs game! Fun, fun, fun! I think I'm going to need a vacation after this week is done!

Bridget will be 2 in 6 days! Eeek! I can't believe it and at the same time it's hard to believe she's not turning three. She's so grown up and smart. Guess the 3rd kid just soaks everything up. But part of her still seems so much like a baby. At this point both boys would have been in their big boy beds for awhile and she's still in her crib. I still rock her to sleep some nights, which is frustrating, but kinda nice all at the same time :) We're doing a butterfly cake and I think I'm going to make it purple...I've never had the chance to do purple icing before, heehee.

Kieran is already telling me who he wants to invite to his party and what kind of cake he wants. He wants a 'flying Superman' cake. Hmm...not sure how I'm gonna pull that one off!! I'll have to get Grampie to help since he feeds his Superman addiction :)

I know you are all dying to see some cute pictures of my kids so here you go! Here are the kids playing in their Superman tents. Uncle Adam will be happy so see they are still getting use out of it, no matter how many times the cats have climbed it!

And here are those layouts I've been meaning to take pictures of for so long. I did these at a crop about a month ago!

Ok, now I must try to get something productive done (I should do mountains of laundry folding but I might clean my scraproom instead :)) before we head to the playground. Have a great day! The sun is shining here, hope it's shining on you too!

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Michelle said...

cute kiddies!
Love the LO's, and love your take in the CS mag!!!! Great job