Tuesday, March 30, 2010

Star Wars (Winchester Style)

The boys love playing Star Wars. Do they know what it is? No, not really. Everything that Riley knows about Star Wars he learned from a preschool friend who was practically a full fledged Jedi, haha! So, they play with what little they know. Last week they were playing and Kieran was being Toyota (i.e. Yoda). Kevin explained to him that Toyota was a car and that he really wanted to be Yoda. Instead Kieran was still Toyota, "the man one, not the car one." Riley made up his own character called, "the Boss of All!" The he said, "well, that's not really my name, that's just what people call me." Heehee, they crack me up!!

Yesterday I was going through a lot of my old stuff at my parents' place and we unearthed all kinds of Star Wars toys for the boys to play with (if you don't know me, I'm kind of a fan :) at least of the old school Star Wars). The boys had a blast! Now they have Star Wars, Micro Machines and Lego to play with at Grammie and Grampie's. I swear they ask everyday if they can go there!

I was digging through all my stuff because I'm doing a 'retro' challenge for LCOM's 'scrap-ivor' (a 10 week long survivor-like challenge...yes, we are SO cool. I'm sure Kevin is rolling his eyes reading this, but it really is fun!!). I was looking for old pictures and such. I found my sticker book and believe it or not, the scratch n' sniff stickers still smell! And I had ones with google eyes and sparkly ones. I don't think they make stickers like they used to :) Ah, the 80s! So, look forward to a funky, cool retro layout soon!

Hmm...do I have any new pictures...let's see. Oh, I took some cute ones at the playground last week...here's a few of the good ones!

Must run and get to work on that layout :) Don't want to be voted out the first week, heehee!

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