Thursday, August 12, 2010

Vacation time!!!!

I think we're almost ready to go. Bags packed, snacks packed, kids bookbags packed with enough stuff to do that we should be able to get 10 min from the house before they ask if we're there yet :) We're off to NH for a week. It will be so nice for just our little family to get away and spend some time together. Something we don't do nearly enough!

A few cute Riley stories, of course.

We had a movie night last week and watched Homeward Bound. It was a little intense for Kieran...I think he thought that the animals were toast at every turn. He spent 2/3 of the movie in my lap. They were all very into the movie the whole time and I swear they were all teary at the end. After it was over Riley said, "Mommy, I learned something from that movie. Well, I already kind of knew it...miracles really do happen." Awww, how cute is he?

I was noticing tonight that he had lots of scrapes and bruises and mentioned it to him. He said, "yeah, I get damaged a lot!" Heehee.

Bridget had her first pig tails a couple of days ago. Her hair is *just* long enough to do it and it is horrible trying to get those tiny elastics in, but worth it when you see this cute face:

Today, in the midst of packing we had a visit from our puppy, Oz. We brought him to our house for a couple of hours to hang with us and get to know the place. He is so cute and the kids love him so much already.

(finding a safe place to hang out :))


Well, I must get to bed soon. Kevin is making us get up bright and early to head out. He's so excited, it's like Christmas. We told the boys they could get up at 6:00 instead of 6:30 (yes, that's the latest they sleep and we have to MAKE them stay in bed that long). I told them it was just for this one day and Riley says at the same time I do, "except for Christmas" because we told them they could get up at 6:00 that time too. He doesn't forget a thing. Wish us luck! It's our first family vacation, ever really. Have a great week!

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