Monday, August 23, 2010

Vacation day #3

I actually have confirmation that a few of you ARE anxiously awaiting my posts! Imagine. So, here it is. Sorry, took a bit longer but I was out for a run...yay me! All I can say is running in a valley is rough. The hills are many and steep! So now I am more than happy to sit on my butt and write this post while watching Buffy. What better way to pass a Monday night? :)

Last Monday morning we spent the relaxing. Reading, puzzles (and keeping kids away from puzzles!), pool, crafts (which were put on at the resort for a small fee...the kids did a few and I did one too). In the afternoon we visited the Squam Lakes Natural Science Center. We got to see lots of wildlife and there were tons of hands on exhibits for the kids. Again, I wanted to read up on everything and tried to get at least Riley interested, but he just wanted to power through :) There were mountain lions, bobcats, bears, many birds of prey, otters, deer (cuz I never see those here!). It was very well done. We had fun jumping like a mountain lion, crawling into a bear cave and sliding like an otter.

The day in pictures:
Pretty berries with raindrops.

Kieran fits under a moose! :)

My dear and a deer (and a moose....).

C'mon, let's go!!!

Ready, set....


Daddy and Bridget coming out of the pitch black touch tunnel. You are supposed to crawl through and put your hands in holes brought to your attention by shining red arrows and identify what's in the hole. Only problem is that you never actually find out if you are least not that I could see. The kids just liked crawling through in the dark :)

A mushroom Kevin discovered. Even though the mushroom doesn't move or smile, I think that Kevin took more pictures of this than I took of the kids on that bench in Boston. And there's only one of it! :) Again, I have spared you the rest of those pictures. Maybe if you come for a visit you'll get the joy of a mushroom slideshow!

The boys coming out of the bear cave. They loved this part. At the end there is actually a window that looks into the real bear exhibit.

I'll spare you all the pictures we took of the animals. They are ok...but you could google your own much nicer ones :)

That night we ordered pizza from a random pizza joint. Luckily it turned out to be very good even if it took a very long time to get to us. Kevin was given directions that seemed a little iffy at the time and after a stop at a gas station to ask for directions and an hour later, :) Luckily he took Bridget with him so I just flaked out with the boys in front of the tv. I actually let them watch Gilmore Girls, haha. It's a pretty tame show that is mostly over their heads and I couldn't watch another animated tv show :) All in all a fun day!

There you go slave drivers (you know who you are!) :) See you on day #4!

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Bella said...

I love reading about your trip! I can live vicariously! LOL