Tuesday, August 24, 2010

Vacation day #4

Last Tuesday we decided to go play mini golf at Pirate's Cove. Ambitious with 3 small kids but fun nonetheless. The kids didn't play every hole, but they had fun. Especially at the hole with the pirate ship wheel and bell....they liked that :) Riley even got a hole in one! Hard to believe since on most holes he hit the ball so hard it bounced out of the green. He didn't get the whole hitting it gently thing no matter how many times he said it or how many holes we made him sit out because of it!

Then we stopped for ice cream. It was almost lunch time so this was pretty much our lunch...that and some left over pizza at the 'United States house' :) Vacation lunch of champions!

In the afternoon we visited the pool and then had a quick supper and movie night. The kids watched The Secret of Nimh and after they went to bed Kevin and I watched Valentine's Day. Both were cute. Valentine's Day was kind of Love Actually knock off. Kind of a poor knock off, but entertaining all the same.

Pictures :)


Can I get one of these with 3 holes for those days when the kids are driving me crazy?? Hmm...might be a market there :)


Look out!

Bridget taking her turn at the wheel :)

Ok, now you really have to look out! Riley at the wheel...scary!

Cooling down in the shade. It was HOT that day!

Isn't she just the prettiest little pirate ever?

Mr. Hole-in-One :)

Anyone have a napkin? Or 3?

I manged to stay pretty clean at least :) This little place had all home-made ice cream. So yummy. The vanilla that Kevin and I had was apparently featured in Yankee Magazine. We couldn't resist trying it and it was pretty fantastic! The chocolate that Kieran and Bridget had was yummy too...really cocoa-y. I got to try it because I kept having to help Kieran lick around his cone...still didn't help much. Riley had the strawberry and managed to actually keep himself clean...guess that's why we didn't get a dirty face picture :)

See you all tomorrow!


Wendy Crowe said...

If you decide to market those things, I want to be your first customer! lol
Great pics! Mini golf is my little guy's favorite sport. He's 3 and is happy if he hits the ball at all.

Monique said...

Lovely pics!! especially the one of your little girl who desparately needs a napkin, lol!!

Bella said...

Cute pics!! I could use one of those things for Isabelle, then she couldn't climb! Haha