Friday, August 27, 2010

Vacation days #5, 6 and 7

Sorry, between insomnia and running places with the kids and getting a puppy I've been slack with the blogging. Rest assured that the last couple of days of vacation were pretty slow :)

Last Wednesday we spent the day at Story Land. We had a big debate over Story Land or Santa's Village but thought this would be better for our kids ages. We had a fantastic time. Seven and a half hours later we still didn't see everything! We did most of the rides, saw a circus show (the magician was a BIG hit!) ate an overpriced lunch (what are you gonna do when you're stuck there?), played in the sprayground and played in a room full of foam balls shooting out of every tube and gun imaginable. So, so much fun. We loved the roller coaster and the bamboo chutes...a water ride where you fall down a big hill and make a big splash! Bridget was *just* tall enough to ride on all the rides. They even checked her at 4 or 5 of them which made me feel like a slightly bad mother (you sure you want to take your 2 year old on this ride, lady??? ok...if you're sure...).

Now, I know you are going to be disappointed that you don't get to look at hundreds of pictures of our amazing day, but I didn't carry my bulky camera around all day. We were very much in the moment having fun. I also didn't want it to get wet. Now, when a scrapbooker leaves her camera behind on a very fun day and all of a sudden is offered the opportunity to buy a picture of her family falling down the bamboo chute ride of course she is going to take it. Even if it costs $12. It helps that the picture is hilarious! The joy on Riley's face, the terror on Bridget's, me with a death grip around my barely tall enough daughter...ah, so, so good. I know, you're dying to see it right. Ok, coming right up. Now before you get all upset about my scanning this picture and posting it, I actually checked with Story Land and they said to go ahead and post it. Yay!

I LOVE it! It makes me laugh each and every time i look at it. See, my death grip on Bridget, haha. She looks scared but she would have been all for doing it again!

After our very long day we needed some supper before the hour long drive back to our United States house. We decided (bravely) to eat at a place called Joseph's Spaghetti Shed. I mean who passes up the opportunity to eat at a spaghetti shed? Heehee. Well, the sauces were all home-made and fantastic. If we had had room for dessert I'm sure that would have been amazing too. Actually, the white sauce wasn't as good at the red so if you are ever at the Spaghetti Shed, go red! I made Kevin share (it's a husband's duty, right?).

Our drive home was through the mountains at sunset. We stopped to take a couple of pictures. I think that if we had waited until the next rest stop the pictures would have been more spectacular, but oh well. It was late and we really had to get those kids in bed. As it was, Bridget woke up part of the way home and just kept saying, "Mommy, I want you." over and over and over. I think this is also the same night that we called 911 because the driver in front of us was clearly impaired. It was a slow drive home since there was no way we were passing him and I hope they actually got to him. We told them what exit he took but had to keep going since we had no idea where that exit would have taken us. Anyway, to a few more pictures...

Riley wanted to get out of the van and have his picture taken with me. Kieran didn't want out and Bridget was asleep.

Riley took this picture of us. Not bad!

It was a late night so I think the kids actually slept in the next morning until 6...maybe a little after. What a treat, haha!

Thursday we just hung out some more. Played at the pool, I did a craft and so did the kids while Kevin played in a pool tournament (and actually won! haha! we got a free movie rental...oooh. We watched 2010. Meh. There are better rentals so don't feel bad passing this one up!). Then we did a bit of shopping, well, as much as 3 overtired kids would let us do. I got a few back to school items for Riley and a hoodie for me. Big spenders that we are.

Pool fun:

This puddle jumper was worth every penny! Kieran even took turns with it in the deep end :)

Riley practicing his diving :)

Kieran apparently doing his side glide. He hasn't even learned that yet. Guess it helps to watch big brother in the pool :)

Bridget and I chased a butterfly for quite awhile outside. He kept just touching the outdoor pool and making cool water rings, but that's tough to catch on camera!

Next are Kevin's water acrobatics. Please, kids, don't try this at home. I was pretty afraid my kids were going to and I think Riley was trying a few things. Sigh, no wonder they're crazy!

My camera actually got wet on that last splash :)

Phew, ok, I think that's the whole trip. Friday was just the drive home which was pretty uneventful (thankfully, even given all the police we saw in Maine who had pulled over speeders). We had lunch at the Olive Garden in Bangor which was the only place I really wanted to eat in the States. It was so yummy! We had to wait a little for the Friday lunch crowd to settle but it was worth it (to me anyway, Kevin claims he never wants to eat out with kids again, haha. Really, they were pretty good but no meal out is ever relaxing with kids. I tried to ignore them and get lost in my pasta yumminess :).

Ok, and now it's time for bed. Our first night with Oz, our new boxer puppy. Wish us luck. We've had a pretty successful accidents, slept a little, played a little. Hope we get some sleep tonight. Pictures of that cutie to come soon ;)

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Bella said...

Love the Olive Garden! Sounds like your trip was a blast! Storyland sounds great I'll have to keep that in mind when Isabelle gets older. Great pics too love!