Saturday, August 21, 2010

Back from vacation!

Ok, since this would be a VERY long blog post if I were to tell you about our whole vacation all at once, I'll go a day at a time. I know you are all SO interested in our lives and need to know every detail ;) Today I'll recap last Friday and Saturday since Friday was just a driving day really.

Last Friday we were up bright and early to leave. I think we left here around 7ish. The kids had some cereal in the car so we were all ready to do some driving before we had breakfast somewhere. Of course, as soon as we're 10 min from home I realize that the kids hadn't peed before we left and that Bridget, in fact, had not peed since going to bed the night before. How she held it that long and never even said anything, I still don't know. So, we stopped to pee (for one of 6 or 7 times she would have to go on the way down). Not long after that...about another 5 min down the road, Bridget asks if we're still in Canada, haha. It seemed like it would be a long drive! But they ended up being really good. They only watched one movie on the way down but kept busy with books and toys and snacks and naps (for Kieran and Bridget anyway, oh, and Mommy :)).

The only bad part was the breakfast at Burger King. I'm not sure I'll be able to go in one again for as long as I live. First of all, their coffee maker was BROKEN (hello people, I have an 8 hour drive with 3 kids, I need caffeine!) and the food was so gross and heavy. Blech. Kevin assures me the BK breakfast in Canada is different but I may never find out, lol!

We got to our condo and it was perfect for us. A room with a couple of beds that we put Bridget in (we moved a mattress to the floor for her like at home) and a space for the boys with 2 beds. The only part that took a little getting used to was sleeping on a different floor from the kids since the master was on the main floor. We didn't take the monitor so I worried about being able to hear them if they woke up. Luckily they didn't do that often but I did hear them the times they did so it was ok. We went for a quick swim in the pool before bed that night. The kids were thrilled to be able to go to a pool everyday!

On Saturday we visited the Polar Caves. Here's a quick description I grabbed from the website:

The Polar Caves were formed about fifty thousand years ago as the third continental glacier descended over New Hampshire's White Mountains. When the ice retreated, it left behind an amazing series of caves and passageways for visitors to explore. Self-guided tours take you to the rock garden and nature trails and through the caves.

It was so cool and fun! A little difficult at times getting the kids (and ourselves!) through the caves, but very fun. One of my favourite outings for sure. If you're in the area you must check it out! There's also an area with some animals and a sugar shack to look through. The kids also panned for gems and fossils and found some neat treasures!

Here are some favourite pictures from the day:

Looks like fun, eh? :) I can say 'eh' now that I'm back in Canada. Stay tuned for more Winchester adventures.

While I was gone Stuck?! Sketches had it's August 15th reveal. Check out all the gorgeous work here. Here are the sketch and my take on it :)

Be sure the participate in the Stuck?! blog hop too. It's still going on :)

See you tomorrow!

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Bella said...

Great pics, and love the layout! Glad ur home!