Saturday, January 24, 2009

I miss my friend!

I used to have this great friend...sleep. We got along so well. Then I had a baby. And you lose touch with some of your friends when you have a baby. Sleep decided that we couldn't hang out as much anymore. That was four years ago. Sleep has visited me now and again since then, but only fleeting visits. I guess she doesn't like my kids. I really, really hope that we reconnect someday. Oh sleep, if you are reading this...I would like for us to be best friends again someday very, very soon.

The winter sketchfest continues at Paws! There was a Friday night sketch posted last night (that I hope to get done this evening). The lovely Tina is going to teach us how to make our very own 6x12 chipboard album from scratch and we'll be able to fill it up with all of the lovely weekend sketches we complete. Also, Paws on Scrapbooking is now on Facebook so feel free to join a great bunch of scrappy gals at our group!

Well, if my kids keep it up I'll have a brand new set of lamps soon. Last year Kieran pulled down our stand lamp and broke the shade (but thankfully didn't hurt himself). This morning, Bridget pulled down a matching table lamp down on herself :( I had put her down for a second to look in a laundry basket for clothes for the boys. I felt awful, but I think I cried more than she did. For those of you who don't know, my kids have VERY hard heads! She has a bump, but seems fine otherwise. But, that's another lampshade gone. I think I need to get rid of those unlucky lamps!!

Kevin and I went to see Inkheart last night. We went to the movies just to get out of the house and relax with no idea what we were going to see. We thought we were going to resort to Mall Cop (not really my thing) or Bride Wars (definitely not Kevin's thing, but he'd humour me). At the last minute we saw the poster for Inkheart and thought it looked good. I'm sooo glad we did, it was a really good movie. I hardly ever watch tv anymore so I never see previews for anything. I had never even heard of half of the movies. I did get to see a preview for the new Harry Potter too, so I was happy about that as well. All and all a great evening out. We even stopped at the dollar store and bought the boys magnifying glasses (they are obsessed with the one at Grammie and Grampie's). They've been playing with them all morning...too cute! Thanks for babysitting, Mom and Dad!!

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Dolores said...

OMG Amanda I think we both lost that friend, mine disappeared about 4 yrs ago too. Maybe they are hanging out. LOL.