Thursday, January 8, 2009

Happy New Year!! I'm just a little late! I hope you all had a wonderful holiday :) I know it was hard for us to adjust after having Kevin home for two weeks. I had almost forgotten how hard it is to get 3 kids dressed to go out in the cold to take Riley to preschool. Then to get groceries. Then to go home and put them away, potty break, snack. Then back to get Riley.'s exhausting!

I was thinking the other day that this is going to be a milestone year for us. Bridget will turn one, Kevin and I will both turn 30, Riley will start elementary school and Kieran will start preschool! Hard to believe how quickly time passes. Riley said, "this is the year Mommy cries a lot" (in his matter of fact voice) LOL! Yes, I'm kind of sap sometimes :)

The kids are good. Colds come and go continuously it seems, but no major afflictions. I was on an antibiotic but am feeling better now. Except for a rib muscle that I pulled the Monday before Christmas. It still really hurts at times. The doctor said they take a long time to heal. Guess she was right :) I'm sure it doesn't help that I'm picking kids up all day long. Oh...and that the Wii calls to me whether I'm hurt or not! Don't want my trainer to yell at me, heehee.

A cute Riley story (for all of you who look forward to such know who you are :)). We were talking about 911 the other day and when to call (please, Lord, don't let the police show up at my door for no reason). Riley said something about if there was an emergency at night. So I was explaining that the police and firefighters take turns and that some sleep in the day and are up at night so there will always be someone to help if we need it. He seemed to process that and accept it. Then he said something about if we had to call them when they were eating lunch. I told him that they would just leave their lunch if we needed them (which I'm sure is a concept that he cannot grasp...Riley would NEVER leave his lunch). Then he says, "but then a raccoon could climb in the window and eat their lunch!" "Yes, I *suppose* that *could* happen." He has quite an imagination :) I told him that even if there was a risk of a raccoon eating their lunch that they would still come and help us. Not sure whether he believed me, but we moved on to another topic of conversation. Never a dull day with Riley :)

Ok...a few cute pics from the holidays...

The kids in their Christmas jammies ready to go to church (where Kieran decided it was ok to talk to the minister from his pew at the BACK of the church...good times. He also interrupted the children's story a few times, though I'm sure the minister had no idea what he was saying :) He was very polite, "excuse me Ron...*something, something*, Jesus, *something*." He was also given a candy cane and when I asked him if he said thank you he said he forgot and ran back to the front of the church to tell Ron thank you. So cute :) But I know I tend to do that).

This is Bridget after the church service. She was pooped :) Good thing we had her jammies on!

Kieran opening his hockey stick. The only thing he REALLY wanted for Christmas. The first words out of his mouth Christmas morning were (in Kieran speak) "where my hockey dick?".

Riley and his Helmet Heroes toy that he asked Santa for.

Bridget and her first baby doll. I finally have a girl and she'd rather play with Kieran's hockey stick. Sigh.

The kids on Boxing Day in their matching jammies that Grammie and Grampie got them for Christmas.

Ok...enough of my cute kids :) I think I've only taken 3 or 4 pictures since Christmas. Must get snapping!

I have one LO to share that I did for a sketch challenge at CMK. I love the design of this sketch!

Phew...are you still with me? I must sign off now because there is a Turtle Oreo blizzard coming my way!

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