Tuesday, January 20, 2009

Totally Tuesday...

Ok, so I stink at thinking of titles for my blog posts, lol! I also have a hard time with titles for my LOs so I guess it's not surprising. I'm beat today...feels like it should be Friday, not Tuesday. Why do my kids get up so darn early. Bridget was up at 4:45 yesterday and 5:30 today. Plus she still gets up once through the night. Yawn. AND, I had no cream for my coffee :( It's just not the same with milk. So, I'm trying not to be cranky.

We have new flooring for our kitchen sitting in boxes and Kevin has begun demolition. We're ripping off the wainscoting and we'll paint the walls and hopefully the cabinets before the floor goes in. I expect that this whole process with small children will take several weeks. Anyone have any ideas on what colour we should paint the kitchen. I want something different. I get so tired of paint colours. It seems everything is just different shades of blue/green/brown. Riley wants to paint it purple (ok, his first suggestion was rainbow). I just may take him up on the purple.

Where does time go? I have to register Kieran for preschool tonight. He'll start the three year old class in the fall. And Riley will go to 'big' school. I put Bridget in overalls yesterday that the boys used to wear ALL the time. So strange that they were small enough to fit in them once!

I took Bridget to the doctor yesterday for a rash she's had for awhile. The doctor doesn't think it's an allergy, thank goodness. Probably just the result of a virus. It's already starting to clear up. But, I had to take her with her hand all bandaged up. Why you ask? Because my kids for some reason are attracted to baseboard heaters. They love to stick their fingers in them. Thank goodness they are never hot because we have the woodstove. She did cut her fingers though. Just like Riley did when he was a baby. I don't think Kieran ever did cut himself, but I know he used to crawl toward them too! And, fingers just bleed a lot. I didn't notice until I put her in her chair for lunch (it must not have hurt because she never cried once during the whole ordeal). Anyway, I notice that she has blood all over her shirt and her sock (because she always rips them off). I couldn't put a band aid on a tiny baby finger and I'm sure if I could have she would have just eaten it anyway. Sooo...I put a cotton pad on it, wrapped masking tap around it, then put a mitten on her and put masking tape around that so she wouldn't rip it off. I know this all sounds extreme, but it really wouldn't stop bleeding...I had to put pressure on it somehow. Of course, this all happens at lunch while the boys are crying for food. Fun stuff. Here's a pic of the cutie covered in blood and food (I didn't bother with the bib since her shirt was already so stained!).

Bridget seems to be just growing so fast. Her first b-day is in less than 2 months (must get on picking a cake!). She is sitting up from lying on her belly now, has pulled herself up, gives us kisses and shakes her head NO! (yay, another kid telling me no :)).

Here's another LO from a challenge I issued for the Paws cyber crop last weekend. The challenge was based on Ali Edwards' idea of having a word in mind for the year. My word is 'enjoy'.

Sorry the pic isn't the greatest...it was taken at night and I'm too lazy to take it again now :)

The Paws Sketch Design Team is holding a winter "sketchfest" for the next 10 weeks. There will be a post a week accompanied by a specific challenge to go along with it. Feel free to join in the fun! Check it out here.

Have a great Tuesday!!


Gloria said...

I loved your post today it was just so real. lol lol Hey just to let ya know I have my kitchen painted in a beautiful yellow with lots of black and red accents. I even chalkboarded one wall of the kitchen for the kids, they love it. above my cabinets I chalked and I put saying up for different seasons. have a great day.

Laurajean said...

Awww, your kids are so cute...Love your blog header of them ;) I can't wait to see the pics of your new kitchen floor ;)

Michelle Lanning said...

ohh love that layout -- and boy I remember those days of getting up early -- wait I still do LOL!

Shirley said...

Love your word for the year lo! I also can relate to having a hard time with titles!

just lisa said...

Love that layout and your word for the year!! I need to do that too - pick a word for the year and scrapbook it!!