Friday, January 16, 2009

Yes, I am paranoid

(Amy, you should appreciate this're not the only one who worries :)).'s really cold out! I was kind of hoping school would be canceled so that Riley wouldn't have preschool, but no such luck. Probably for the best since I needed to get groceries anyway. So I bundled them all up really well, dropped Riley off at preschool (which involved getting poor sleeping Bridget out of the car...she was a dead weight in my arms the whole time) then took the other two to the store. We got a car cart so Kieran was happy. And he got to see the 'monsters' (aka...lobsters). I ended up getting more than the few things I thought I was getting. Funny how 5 things turns into a whole cart full! Thankfully, the kids were pretty well behaved. Got them all bundled back into the car along with all the groceries. It was about 10:45 and Riley gets done school at 11:15. So I had some time on my hands. I thought I would just drive back to the school anyway and figured the kids would fall asleep in the car. Anyway, when I was waiting to turn at the intersection 2 fire trucks drove by me in the direction of our house (and yes, LOTS of other houses, lol). Well, all paranoid me could think was what if they're on their way to our house (we do have a wood stove so really, it's not out of the question). So, since I had time on my hands, I had to drive back past our house. As you probably guessed, since I'm writing this, my house WASN'T on fire, LOL! The kids did have a much needed nap though, so that was nice.

Riley had an assessment at his elementary school yesterday. Just him and a teacher. I wasn't in the room (not that he would ever care about that). He did well, of course...I think he's been ready for school for 2 years. Though I do worry about his lack of focus. He'll still be changing his sneakers at lunch time. He's a very poor multi-tasker. He can't talk and do anything at the same time. Guess that's why his stories are so good....he puts so much into them that it's his entire focus :)

Well, I have a list a mile long of stuff to do around the house. Laundry, cleaning, etc. The kids are driving me batty today, so thanks to mom for inviting us for supper! Must do some tidying before we leave and hopefully I'll get a chance to do some scrapping tonight :)

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Cin Cin said...

I read this yesterday but forgot to tell you I LOVE your new background (for the record-I'd have swung by to check that my house wasn't on fire too.)