Monday, February 2, 2009

Happy Groundhog Day!

Looks like 6 more weeks of winter...blah! I would be happy to see spring right about now.

We've been doing some renovations to the kitchen. But between work and kids sleeping, Kevin doesn't get a whole lot of time to do it. He's managed to take down our ugly fluorescent box light, paint the ceiling and put up a new light. He took off the wainscoting and is now crackfilling the wall. Then we'll paint and rip up the flooring and replace it with vinyl plank flooring. It's going to take awhile but at least things are getting done. Oh, and to top off the fun, our dishwasher broke last week and it won't be fixed until Wednesday. So I've been doing dishes in the chaos :)

ZAP!! Heehee, just kidding. No Dads were harmed in the documenting of our kitchen reno...yet.

After :)

The kids are all doing well, though Bridget has started crying if I put her down to bed awake. She never used to do that :( She is getting some more teeth and has been sick, so I'm hoping to reprogram her and get her back on track! Kieran is also fighting a cold. I think he's doing better today. Riley is Riley, cute, crazy and funny. I forgot to tell a cute story last time so I'll tell it today for those of you who look forward to the "Riley stories".

The weekend before last we went to a b-day party. Kevin had picked up a few small gifts. While at the store he saw a toy at the store that was a remote controlled mouse that you could put a marker in so that when you drove it around it would draw. So, he tells us about this cool toy at the supper table. Well, I swear it was 15 or 20 minutes later and Riley, being Riley is still at the table eating (Kieran long since gone!) and he says, "mouse, remote, marker" (I may have the words wrong, but it was something like that). He says them to me like they're out of thin air. I worried he was having a seizure or other words, just mouse? (pause) remote? (pause) marker? (or maybe it was draw...either way). I said, "Riley, what are you talking about?" and Kevin pipes in from the kitchen, "He's talking about that toy I told you about." It was like it had JUST registered in his little brain 20 minutes after the fact. He really is Daddy's little boy!! I swear Kevin does the same thing. Sometimes when I'm talking to him he'll say, "what?" without even really listening. I don't bother repeating myself because I know that sooner or later it will sink in!

Some cute kid pics :)

Winter Sketchfest fun continues over at Paws. I must say, at least it has me getting some LOs done :) Every Friday there is a 6x12 sketch posted so I'm doing a cute little brothers album. Plus I've gotten a few 12x12's done.

The next couple weren't sketches, but just for fun LOs :) I love the one of B with her tongue sticking's a new fave of mine. The quilt one is one of my Nana with the journaling being all things that remind me of her. I worked on this one for quite awhile since all the stitching was done by hand!

For my DT work at Paws for January I received a Cosmo Cricket mini blackboard album and have decided to make a mini of all the kids cakes that I have made for their birthdays. I wasn't super happy with the prints I got so I've only done one cake so far :)

One last scrappy thing and then I'm done :) This month I am a Guest Designer at ScrapLovers. I get to issue a couple of challenges and design four projects with the kit I will receive. I'm really looking forward to working with their talented Design Team! The first challenge I issued was to use your neglected punches. I used my quilt LO as an example since I punched all the squares are punched. I also get to do a bonus challenge on the 15th so I'm putting my thinking cap on :)

Must get back to my laundry and dishes, sigh. At least supper is in the slow cooker :)

(ok, I just realized that the pictures are in backwards order...which only really matters for the cake album..but you get the idea :))


Anonymous said...

Another Riley story that I forgot to tell you. Last night as I drove Riley home after supper I wasn't sure if he ate enough supper to get dessert so I asked him if he had pie. He said "Yes, and it was delicious. That is my favourite pie." (strawberry & rhubarb) Then he went on to say that the pie was "..jammy. Pumpkin pie is mucky - it looks like muck and feels like muck so I call it mucky. Strawberry and rhubarb pie is like jam so I call it jammy." Just one of the many topics of conversation during the four minute drove :)


TraceyT said...

LOL @ post above. too cute.

Lots of gorgeous work here, Amanda. Glad to hear you've started on your renos.

Shirley said...

Love that quilt layout! Your Riley stories are pretty funny!

Dolores said...

love the layouts, and your kids are just adorable

just lisa said...

THat one of your grandmother is my absolute favorite! It's so beautiful and touching and so much detail!

Good luck with renovations!!

AbbieTorroll said...

WOW you have been busy!!! LOVE all your new pages~ especially the quilted looking one!!