Thursday, July 1, 2010

Happy Canada Day and Tadpole news!!

Happy Canada Day to all my fellow Canucks! We had a fun day taking in some local festivities and having a barbecue with family. The kids came home full of sugar, tired, and dirty! They had a great day and so did I!

As for the tadpoles...they're getting legs! I don't have a picture yet. To be honest, even if I did take a picture, I don't think you could tell since you have to look pretty close. Kevin is not nearly as excited by this as I am. I think he's convince I'm a little crazy. I might just turn our broken kiddie pool into a tadpole oasis, lol! It's so exciting to me to see them turn into little frogs. Kevin says, "you know, we have kids..." I said, "yeah, but by the time I saw them they were already little people. Pretty much the same as now, only smaller. It's not like I got to watch their tails fall off!" LOL! Exciting! Look deep down (deep, deep, deep down) and you'll admit it's pretty exciting too. The kids and I check on the darn things all the time! I'll keep ya posted. I know there's nothing else you'd rather do with your summer than hear about Taddy, Maddy and Haddy!

And, as if that wasn't fun enough, there's a lot of scrappy fun going on at LCOM!! 28 days of it! There are lots of fun challenges and prizes to be won, so make sure you head over and check it out!

Stay tuned for my fun scrappy news to be announced tomorrow! Tadpoles, scrappy fun, life is good :)

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emilysue said...

i miss you!!!

the tadpoles sound pretty exciting,

i think you should make a mini about all the cute things your kids say regarding the little tadpoles :)