Wednesday, July 7, 2010

Tadpoles, Kids, Cards

Tadpoles...still alive! Woohoo! Two of them have back legs now. I must take a picture, but believe me, they are all still alive. I'm as shocked as you are, trust me :)

Kids...still alive! Woohoo! Week 2 of summer vacation and we haven't killed each other yet. It was iffy at the beginning of the week, but they've been pretty good the past two days. Riley has them playing a new game. Animal Rescue League. He gathers all his stuffed animals and takes care of them and tries to find them homes. He has dogs, alligators, snakes, an armadillo, a donkey, a monkey in case you are interested :) He gets the other two involved too and they actually played for a really long time yesterday. The down side was he tried to wake Kieran up this morning so he could go in and feed the animals. I mean, Kieran is the only kid who actually sleeps so I hate to ever wake him. We were actually fighting over it and I had to break it to him that it really was only pretend, lol. He takes his games very seriously, always very in character :)

We went picking strawberries today with Mom and Dad. Always one of my favourite days of the summer. The picking wasn't great but I have 8 boxes of strawberries in my fridge and that makes me happy. I think biscuits are on my to do list for tomorrow, yum!

Here are two birthday cards that I've made recently. I put them in the mail yesterday so I may be ruining a surprise or 2 but, oh well, lol. They served a dual purpose since I also did them for challenges for LCOM's 28 Days of Summer Fun.

Ok, finally time to relax after a long day. With a bowl of strawberries and yogurt topped with All Bran buds, yummy!! I just had to lie down with Bridget so she would go to sleep. She was asking for Mommy to lie with her for a 'long time ago' :) How can I resist that?

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